July/August 2021

Cover illustration by Daniel Liévano

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Dzidra Junior: ‘The Hybrid Workforce Helps With Work-life Integration’

Earlier this year, Dzidra Junior left her long-term and high-level position at MGM Resorts International for a new role at the charitable nonprofit YMCA of the Rockies. She spoke with Convene about her time in the industry and her big career move.

BY Casey Gale August 18, 2021

‘Bill to Require Gender Equality in Dummies’

We were about to sail through an intersection but we never made it to the other side. Last fall, my daughter, Megan, was driving me and her infant daughter to

BY Michelle Russell August 11, 2021

Keeping Your Members and Attendees In Mind

Imagine a dartboard with your customer in the bullseye. That’s the picture you need to envision as you design multichannel events amidst continued uncertainty.

BY Sherrif Karamat August 11, 2021

How Our Relationship with Public Spaces Changed During the Pandemic

Indoor and outdoor public spaces have become only more valuable to us after the pandemic — and flexibility in both environments has become more critical. Two experts share why.

BY Barbara Palmer August 11, 2021

The Pandemic’s Effect on Fashion Industry Is Bigger Than a Switch to Sweatpants

Fashion changed when people stopped going out, and not just because we were all wearing comfy clothes. A professor from the Fashion Institute of Technology provides an analysis of what that means for the fashion business and fashion-focused events.

BY Convene Editors August 11, 2021

When the Whole World Gets Sick, What Does That Mean for Wellness?

Here’s what the future of wellness, health, and safety looks like from the perspectives of experts in two different fields.

BY Nancy Davis Steven A. Adelman August 11, 2021

Four Views on How the Pandemic Will Change How We Meet

One thing is clear: The pandemic demanded that we think deeply about how — and where — we meet. Four events industry experts weigh in on lessons learned and where we’re headed.

BY Bill Grusich Ben Goedegebuure David Audrain Don Welsh August 11, 2021

Has the Pandemic Changed How Planners Think About Event Technology?

Event technology has exploded over the last year — here are two views on what new tools will mean for planners in the future.

BY Barbara Palmer August 11, 2021

Negotiating Post-Pandemic Event Contracts

How may the pandemic affect event contracts in the long term? Here’s one legal view.

BY Tyra Warner, PhD, Esq, CMP August 11, 2021

9 Questions for Event Professionals to Ponder

Innovation expert and questionologist Warren Berger offers a list of questions event organizers should weigh while planning their upcoming events in a new world.

BY Warren Berger August 11, 2021

More Contactless Technology in Hospitality — But More Social Interaction

Three hospitality executives share short- and long-term views of what is happening next for hotels.

BY Tammy Routh Derek DeCross Asad Ahmed August 11, 2021

The Push to Digital Gave Trade Shows a New Business Model

No matter what their customer base, every trade show should now be based on creating valuable content, argues trade-show expert Francis Friedman.

BY Francis Friedman August 11, 2021

Meetings and Your Brain: How Physical Spaces Change How We Pay Attention

Changes in physical space, not just ideas or images, help determine how much attention our brains pay to new information.

BY Barbara Palmer August 5, 2021

Vaccine Mandates Are Gaining Some Ground at Events

With COVID cases rising due to the Delta variant, the question of making proof of vaccination a requirement to attend events is popping up more often. We asked a lawyer to weigh in on the potential legal ramifications for host organizations — and it’s more straightforward than some may think.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst August 2, 2021

Humor Association Gets Down to Funny Business

The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor — listening to members interested in pursuing humor-based businesses — holds its first two-day, in-person Funny Business Boot Camp in August.

BY Casey Gale August 2, 2021

Since Pandemic, ‘Employees Have Become a Company’s Most Valuable Asset’

The rise of human capital as a company’s single-most important asset for value creation has been happening for decades, but the pandemic has helped us see that putting human capital first is just good business.

BY Barbara Palmer August 2, 2021

On Site in Baltimore, Where Past and Present Meet

Ahead of Destinations International’s annual conference in July, Convene Managing Editor Jennifer N. Dienst participated in a media trip, walking where American history took place and learning how to pick crabs like a local.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst July 28, 2021

‘Be Yourself, and Everybody Else Can Adjust to You’

PCMA Groundbreaker Ashlee Ammons, president and co-founder of event tech company Mixtroz, on how she and her mother found funding — and their way — in a white, male-dominated industry.

BY Casey Gale July 26, 2021

Baseball Stadium Pinch Hits as Convention Site

Petco Park, home of MLB’s San Diego Padres, was turned into a winning replacement site for Warrior West 2021, a military resource and training expo attended by 2,000 participants and 200 exhibitors.

BY Barbara Palmer July 21, 2021

How Gender Equity Saves Lives

Including women as inventors and scientific and technical collaborators isn’t just a nice idea, it has a direct effect on women’s health and safety. And conferences have a role to play.

BY Barbara Palmer July 19, 2021

Writing a ‘Resilience Resume’

Reflecting on what we’ve overcome will help us see future possibilities, according to brain expert Sara Ross.

BY Barbara Palmer July 13, 2021

More Associations Are Sounding the Climate Alarm

Solving the climate crisis used to be part of the mission statement of only those associations focused exclusively on the environment, but that’s changing. 

BY David McMillin July 9, 2021

Help Wanted: Worker Shortage Challenges Events Industry

Leisure and hospitality industry struggles with 1.6 million unfilled job positions just as in-person events begin returning, creating another hurdle for business events recovery.

BY David McMillin July 9, 2021

Reconnecting in Person After the Pandemic: It’s Complicated

Convene spoke with Sara Ross, a neuroscience-trained leadership strategist, about the conflicting emotions people may feel as they return to in-person events. Good news from a Virginia Tech neuroscientist: It should be temporary.

BY Barbara Palmer July 6, 2021

Expect Hesitancy and Anxiety When We Meet Again

As in-person events — like PCMA EduCon, starting tomorrow — begin to resume, we will need to find patience and empathy for one another and ourselves, says Sara Ross, a neuroscience-trained leadership strategist.

BY Barbara Palmer July 2, 2021

The Why and How of HIMSS’ Vaccine Requirement

This August, HIMSS’ Global Health Conference & Exhibition will become one of the first large meetings in the health-care industry to mandate that all participants provide proof of vaccination in

BY Jennifer N. Dienst June 30, 2021

If You’re Preparing to Host a Hybrid Event, Stop!

There is no such thing as a hybrid event — there are digital events and in-person events.

BY Don Neal June 27, 2021

5 Ways to Use Influencer Marketing to Drive Attendance

You should be cultivating influencer marketing to promote participation at your next event. Here’s how.

BY Connor Stewart June 11, 2021

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