Wake-Up Call for Airbnb’s Business Model

Cities are tightening rules around short-term rentals. Will it level the playing field between Airbnb and the rest of travel industry?

BY David McMillin January 17, 2019

Pemberton, Okamoto on Overcoming Adversity, Championing Others

Shifting your mindset from adversity to ambition isn’t an easy thing to do, but at Tuesday’s PCMA Convening Leaders Opening Main Stage, executive Steve Pemberton and social activist Nadya Okamoto showed it’s not impossible.

January 8, 2019

PCMA Putting Aromatherapy into Action at Convening Leaders 2019

PCMA aims to boost Convening Leaders 2019 Content Studio learning by tapping into the power of scent.

BY Curt Wagner December 30, 2018

A More Authentic Way to Connect Attendees With Exhibitors

Forget the immediate sales pitch. Perhaps trade-show organizers should suggest that exhibitors give attendees a more surprising conversation-starter: one of their favorite books.

BY David McMillin December 19, 2018

What Will Personalized Nutrition Plans Mean for Group F&B?

As genomics and artificial intelligence help consumers make smarter choices for their stomachs at home, they may expect to find menus at meetings tailored to individual biological needs, too.

BY David McMillin December 13, 2018

Gamble on These Fun Things to do in Atlantic City

If you find yourself in Atlantic City, New Jersey, with some time but little change to spare, don’t worry — hitting up casinos isn’t the only way to pass the hours in the resort town. Here’s how Convene suggests having a great day in Atlantic City. Morning To start your day off feeling, enjoy a leisurely

BY Casey Gale December 10, 2018

Bellhop Bar by Loews Hotels Unpacks Craft Drinks, Nostalgia

Loews Hotels is getting nostalgic this holiday season, serving locally-inspired cocktails from The Bellhop Bar by Loews Hotels. The concept pays homage to “the golden age of the cocktail era” with its use of an oversized steamer trunk retrofitted as a bar and antique, apothecary-style bottles.

BY Curt Wagner December 4, 2018

Kati Quigley on Bold, Unbiased Leadership

Senior director of marketing at Microsoft and former chair of PCMA’s Board of Directors shares her perspectives on reducing stress, trusting her team, and learning to be a better leader.

BY David McMillin November 16, 2018

Steve Pemberton: Defying the Odds

Steve Pemberton, author and Convening Leaders Main Stage speaker, shares insights on transcending circumstances.

BY Barbara Palmer November 2, 2018

Walk/Bike/Places Conference in New Orleans

Event Details Sept. 16–19, 2018 Sheraton New Orleans Hotel New Orleans What It’s All About Produced by Project for Public Spaces, Walk/Bike/Places is a biennial professional-development conference that gathers together city planners, placemakers, transportation engineers, community leaders, public health professionals, elected officials, and professional walking and bicycling advocates to discuss how “great streets, shared spaces,

BY Casey Gale October 31, 2018

Lessons Learned After Life-Changing Event

Microsoft’s Kati Quigley, the former chair of PCMA’s Board of Directors, shares what a scare taught her, and how it changed her outlook on her professional and personal lives.

BY Kati Quigley October 26, 2018

Don’t Dress to Impress

A recent study finds that wearing high-end items associated with status actually makes strangers less interested in meeting and getting to know you at social events.

BY Michelle Russell October 9, 2018