Steve Pemberton

Steve Pemberton: Defying the Odds

Steve Pemberton, author and Convening Leaders Main Stage speaker, shares insights on transcending circumstances.

BY Barbara Palmer November 2, 2018
New Orleans bikes

Walk/Bike/Places Conference in New Orleans

Event Details Sept. 16–19, 2018 Sheraton New Orleans Hotel New Orleans What It’s All About Produced by Project for Public Spaces, Walk/Bike/Places is a biennial professional-development conference that gathers together city planners, placemakers, transportation engineers, community leaders, public health professionals, elected officials, and professional walking and bicycling advocates to discuss how “great streets, shared spaces,

BY Casey Gale October 31, 2018
Kati Quigley

Lessons Learned After Life-Changing Event

Microsoft’s Kati Quigley, the former chair of PCMA’s Board of Directors, shares what a scare taught her, and how it changed her outlook on her professional and personal lives.

BY Kati Quigley October 26, 2018

Don’t Dress to Impress

A recent study finds that wearing high-end items associated with status actually makes strangers less interested in meeting and getting to know you at social events.

BY Michelle Russell October 9, 2018

The Downside of Looking on the Bright Side

One hazard with being hopeful things will work out? You can unintentionally eliminate the possibility that they may not.

BY Michelle Russell August 1, 2018

Making Your Vacation Last

Time off is important — but how can you stay relaxed and productive once you get back to the office?

BY Barbara Palmer July 11, 2018

Why Your Downtime Shouldn’t Secretly Be About Work

Author Brigid Schulte on the trend toward linking leisure to increased on-the-job productivity — and why you should resist it.

BY Casey Gale June 27, 2018

4 Tips for Selling Sustainability

Paul Salinger, vice president of marketing for Oracle, on how he builds a business case for sustainable events.

BY Jasmine Zhu June 25, 2018

The Game of Sustainable Event Planning

Decisions about sustainable event solutions can be clarified with a deck of cards and a few rubber bands, using a game demonstrated by Yalmaz Siddiqui, vice president of sustainability at MGM Resorts. 

BY Jasmine Zhu June 8, 2018

How Being Kind to Yourself Helps You Keep Your Edge

We are hardwired to be hard on ourselves, but research shows that self-criticism does more harm than good. Why not give yourself a little compassion instead?

BY Casey Gale June 6, 2018

Why You Should Give Attendees a Little Time to Reflect

Do you give your attendees time to reflect on what they have learned at your events? It’s a practice that can — combined with sharing with others — has been shown to boost learning by 25 percent.

BY Barbara Palmer June 1, 2018

How A Little Discomfort Can Boost Performance

Tim Harford, author of “Messy: The Power of Disorder to Transform Our Lives” on embracing the challenging process of seeking input from people who are different.

BY Barbara Palmer June 1, 2018