MetMUnch Shows Its Okay to Play With Your Food

Manchester’s MetMUnch, which combines teaching and cooking, started as a way to get students excited about sustainability and health. It expanded to events, where it’s getting attendees excited about networking and experiences.

BY Barbara Palmer January 7, 2020

How Event Professionals Stay Focused on the Job

Respondents to a recent Convene survey about distractions at work shared some of their strategies and tips for staying focused in the face of multiple distractions.

BY Convene Editors January 2, 2020

Helping Attendees Avoid Distractions at Events

Indistractable author and speaker Nir Eyal tells you how to keep attendees’ attention on the session — without asking them to put away their phones.

BY Michelle Russell November 25, 2019

First-Ever Plant Pop-Up Hotel Grows in Chicago

An online travel agency, a botanical conservatory, and a Chicago hotel teamed up to give travelers what they really want: plant life.

BY David McMillin October 23, 2019

Grape Skins, the Faulty Bra Assumption, and WTF: A Guide to Critical Thinking

The founder of a foundation to promote critical thinking shares three tips on how to make it a regular practice. 

BY Michelle Russell August 25, 2019

Start Your Day With This Simple Routine

Most of us check our phones as soon as our eyes open. Here’s a better alternative to that routine — and some advice for a less stressful afternoon and evening, too.

BY David McMillin July 26, 2019

Get Attendees on Their Feet With Walking Sessions

One thing attendees do a lot of at events is sit. Try a walking session to get them to stretch their legs and inject some energy into the program.

BY Casey Gale July 24, 2019

PeopleScience’s Jeff Kreisler Examines Why We Do What We Do

Jeff Kreisler, editor-in-chief of PeopleScience, explains the field of behavioral science and behavioral economics.

BY Michelle Russell June 25, 2019

The Busy Person’s Guide to Emotional Intelligence

The stress of a packed schedule can interfere with the practice of emotional intelligence. BrainAMPED founder Sara Ross has some brain-friendly advice.

BY Barbara Palmer June 24, 2019

Sixth WorldPride Officially Launches June 26 in NYC

New York City rolls out the rainbow carpet for the sixth WorldPride, an international celebration of LGBTQ+ equality hosted, for the first time ever, in the United States.

BY Curt Wagner June 21, 2019

Study Finds Business Travel Boosts Your Creative Brainpower

The results of a new survey reveal that traveling for work paves the way to more than a new destination — it can lead to enhanced creativity and productivity.

BY David McMillin June 18, 2019

What’s Your Airport Practice: On Time Arrival or Delayed Departure?

There are two types of flyers, The Atlantic reports: those who get to the airport early and those who make a mad dash to the gate. Convene’s editors share their approaches. What type of flyer are you?

BY Convene Editors June 4, 2019