How Taking a Walking Break Can Help You Think

Wellness entrepreneur Rebecca Thomas says walking outdoors during work hours is not only good exercise, but can help us unlock problem-solving powers. And science backs her up.

BY Barbara Palmer May 27, 2022

A Safe Space to Talk About Work and Mental Health

Why event entrepreneur Janice Cardinale is leading conversations about boundaries and burnout for meeting professionals.

BY Barbara Palmer May 20, 2022

Setting Boundaries for Better Work/Life Balance

Our upcoming May-June issue cover/CMP Series story will focus on mental health in the workplace. Here’s an example of how the pandemic shifted one professional’s priorities to help others focus on wellness.

BY Michelle Russell May 2, 2022

Nice to Meet You, I’m … How to Remember Names

As in-person events return, former U.S. Memory Champ Chester Santos shares science-backed tips for putting names to faces.

BY Barbara Palmer April 7, 2022

Could ScreamCon Be Next?

The ongoing frustration of the pandemic is sparking a new kind of event: the group scream.

BY Barbara Palmer February 28, 2022

‘A Small Window’ to Heal the Planet

Jane Goodall and Bill Gates are hopeful about changing the course of the climate crisis — and the events industry has a big role to play.

BY Michelle Russell November 24, 2021

Business Events and the Planet

The climate crisis must be addressed head-on by the business events industry.

BY Sherrif Karamat November 24, 2021

Authors Urge Humanity to Remain Hopeful

Two newly published books by Jane Goodall and Katharine Hayhoe are meant to guard against despair in the face of the climate crisis and biodiversity loss.

BY Michelle Russell November 23, 2021

Event Planners Talk About Mental Health and the Pandemic

EventMinded, a free digital event organized for event organizers, normalized mental-health struggles both inside and outside of the events industry. 

BY Barbara Palmer November 18, 2021

The Pandemic’s Effect on Fashion Industry Is Bigger Than a Switch to Sweatpants

Fashion changed when people stopped going out, and not just because we were all wearing comfy clothes. A professor from the Fashion Institute of Technology provides an analysis of what that means for the fashion business and fashion-focused events.

BY Convene Editors August 11, 2021

When the Whole World Gets Sick, What Does That Mean for Wellness?

Here’s what the future of wellness, health, and safety looks like from the perspectives of experts in two different fields.

BY Nancy Davis Steven A. Adelman August 11, 2021

More Contactless Technology in Hospitality — But More Social Interaction

Three hospitality executives share short- and long-term views of what is happening next for hotels.

BY Tammy Routh Derek DeCross Asad Ahmed August 11, 2021

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