Paying Attention to These Two Things Will Boost Your Productivity

Professional development expert Sally Foley-Lewis offers two common-sense tips to maximize your efficiency during hectic workdays.

BY Casey Gale April 9, 2024

The Anti-Diet Movement on Display at an Event for Dietitians

A recent Washington Post article pointed the finger at a nutrition conference as an outlet for misinformation that can contribute to the obesity epidemic.

BY Michelle Russell April 4, 2024

Ending ‘Manels’ — and ‘Mancasts’

How strongly do women’s own biases contribute to their under-representation in places of power?

BY Barbara Palmer March 18, 2024

‘The Radical Act’ of Creating Community

Food is central to my Italian heritage, so of course I gravitated toward food-related trends identified by VML Intelligence, the futurism, research, and innovation unit of global creative agency VML, in its “The Future 100: 2024” report, which identifies 100 trends across industries that will shape our world this year and beyond. 

BY Michelle Russell March 14, 2024

Building Events for Belonging

When it comes to designing for social connection, event professionals are ahead of the futurists.

BY Barbara Palmer March 14, 2024

When Wellness Is a Work Ambition

One trend in VML Intelligence’s “The Future 100: 2024” report is “Well Ambition,” meaning that “wellbeing is no longer sacrificed on the altar of ambition.” It’s an important message for business events professionals.

BY Magdalina Atanassova March 8, 2024

What Can the Events Industry Learn From ‘Emotioneering’?

This top trend for 2024, according to VML Intelligence’s “The Future 100: 2024” report, could be key to fulfilling what your audience most wants to get out of attending your event. They just may not recognize it themselves.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst March 6, 2024

Mayim Bialik Shines a Light on Mental Health

The “Big Bang Theory” star and neuroscientist caps a week of education at Convening Leaders 2024 by exploring the connection between professional fulfillment and emotional wellbeing.

BY Curt Wagner January 9, 2024

What We’ve Been Reading

Convene’s editors do a lot of reading — to help inform our work and for pleasure. Here are some page-turners we recommend and why.

BY Convene Editors December 20, 2023

Yup, I’m Crocheting During This Zoom Call

I’m also paying better attention, and neuroscience backs up that fact.

BY Michelle Russell April 13, 2023

3 Trends for the Future: Amplifying Diverse Creators, Ritualistic Apps, The Artisan Wave

Digital Editor Curt Wagner examines how three trends from Wunderman Thompson’s annual “The Future 100” forecast connect to the events and hospitality industries.

BY Curt Wagner March 21, 2023

3 Trends for the Future: Earth as a Stakeholder, Accessible Commerce, and Revolutionary Rest

Managing Editor Casey Gale examines three trends from Wunderman Thompson’s annual “The Future 100” forecast and how they connect to the events and hospitality industries.

BY Casey Gale March 3, 2023

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