Pandemic Pastimes: How Hobbies Help Us Deal with Stress

Many have turned to hobbies as a way to cope with quarantining. And that, neuroscientists and mental health professionals tell us, provides many lasting benefits beyond serving as a distraction during the crisis.

BY Curt Wagner September 2, 2020

Will the Pandemic Change How We Look at Mental Health?

As more studies show that Americans are experiencing feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression caused by the COVID-19 crisis, some hope it will bring mental health issues into the spotlight.

BY Casey Gale September 1, 2020

Change Is Hard, But Is It Easier During the Pandemic?

Wharton professor and author Jonah Berger on why you should feel more comfortable making big changes now, and others may be more receptive to new ideas.

BY Michelle Russell August 13, 2020

Why LinkedIn May Be Good for Your Mood, Not Just Your Career

Mental health experts are warning against spending too much time scrolling on your smartphones. Here’s why time spent on LinkedIn is a little different.

BY Barbara Palmer July 9, 2020

Lactation Pods Provide Space for Working Moms to Nurse at Events

Phoenix Convention Center recently added Mamava lactation pods — private spaces for nursing mothers — to its North and West buildings. 

BY Casey Gale February 19, 2020

NostalgiaCon: Like Comic Con, With a Decades-Themed Twist

What do The Goonies, Val Kilmer, and big shoulder pads have in common? They’re all from the ‘80s and were featured at NostalgiaCon — a Comic Con-esque event that brought 2,500 pop culture enthusiasts together at the Anaheim Convention Center last September.

BY Casey Gale January 30, 2020

How Event Professionals Stay Focused on the Job

Respondents to a recent Convene survey about distractions at work shared some of their strategies and tips for staying focused in the face of multiple distractions.

BY Convene Editors January 2, 2020

MetMUnch Shows It’s Okay to Play With Your Food

Manchester’s MetMUnch, which combines teaching and cooking, started as a way to get students excited about sustainability and health. It expanded to events, where it’s getting attendees excited about networking and experiences.

BY Barbara Palmer January 1, 2020

Helping Attendees Avoid Distractions at Events

Indistractable author and speaker Nir Eyal tells you how to keep attendees’ attention on the session — without asking them to put away their phones.

BY Michelle Russell November 25, 2019

First-Ever Plant Pop-Up Hotel Grows in Chicago

An online travel agency, a botanical conservatory, and a Chicago hotel teamed up to give travelers what they really want: plant life.

BY David McMillin October 23, 2019

Grape Skins, the Faulty Bra Assumption, and WTF: A Guide to Critical Thinking

The founder of a foundation to promote critical thinking shares three tips on how to make it a regular practice. 

BY Michelle Russell August 25, 2019

Start Your Day With This Simple Routine

Most of us check our phones as soon as our eyes open. Here’s a better alternative to that routine — and some advice for a less stressful afternoon and evening, too.

BY David McMillin July 26, 2019