4 Tips for Selling Sustainability

Paul Salinger, vice president of marketing for Oracle, on how he builds a business case for sustainable events.

BY Jasmine Zhu June 25, 2018

The Game of Sustainable Event Planning

Decisions about sustainable event solutions can be clarified with a deck of cards and a few rubber bands, using a game demonstrated by Yalmaz Siddiqui, vice president of sustainability at MGM Resorts. 

BY Jasmine Zhu June 8, 2018

How Being Kind to Yourself Helps You Keep Your Edge

We are hardwired to be hard on ourselves, but research shows that self-criticism does more harm than good. Why not give yourself a little compassion instead?

BY Casey Gale June 6, 2018

Why You Should Give Attendees a Little Time to Reflect

Do you give your attendees time to reflect on what they have learned at your events? It’s a practice that can — combined with sharing with others — has been shown to boost learning by 25 percent.

BY Barbara Palmer June 1, 2018

How A Little Discomfort Can Boost Performance

Tim Harford, author of “Messy: The Power of Disorder to Transform Our Lives” on embracing the challenging process of seeking input from people who are different.

BY Barbara Palmer June 1, 2018

What is Mindful Meditation (And How Do You Do It)?

An attitude of non-judgement is key, according to mindfulness expert Leah Weiss.

BY Convene Editors May 30, 2018

Beating Burnout

Feeling overworked? Overtired? Over work in general? Here are a few quick tips to get your groove back.

BY Casey Gale May 15, 2018

Meet Two Visionaries

We have the backstory on two winners at the PCMA Education Foundation 2018 Visionary Awards — Community Advocate of the Year Jeff Chase and Event Designer of the Year Phelps R. Hope.

BY Convene Editors May 2, 2018

The Good News About Procrastination

According to author Adam Grant, procrastination is a normal part of the creative process.

BY Convene Editors May 1, 2018

Gender Pay Gap in the Events Industry

On Equal Pay Day, we take a look at gender wage inequity in the events industry. Help us update that data by participating in this year’s Annual Salary Survey.

BY Michelle Russell April 9, 2018

Ideas Worth Spreading — and Funding

TED has just announced The Audacious Project, which will apply a startup funding model to bold, new philanthropic projects each year, and the big unveil will take place at TED2018.

BY Michelle Russell April 5, 2018

Sourabh Kothari on Event Strategists’ Most Valuable Resource

‘Do what you love today, and let it guide your tomorrow.’

BY David McMillin April 2, 2018