Becoming a volunteer is a great way to meet other PCMA members and contribute your talents to the business events community. The volunteer program is a member benefit and allows individuals to sign up for projects based on their interests and availability.

Open project details are listed below. Make sure to review these carefully, as each role has different schedules, commitments and requirements. Volunteer opportunities are available for PCMA members only. Join or renew here.

If you would like to volunteer for an open project, please complete the interest form. Can’t find an opportunity that interests you below? New projects will be added monthly. Contact Madeline Schimeck at with any questions.



Opportunity for: PCMA members to review and score applications for the 20 in Their Twenties Class of 2023.

Description: This committee will review and score the applications received for the 20 in Their Twenties Class of 2022.

Responsibilities: Select the 20 in Their Twenties Class of 2023 based on the review and scoring results of the application and supporting materials submitted.

Positions Available: 15-20

Time Commitment: ~ 6 hours, July – October

Communication Type: 2 – 3 video calls and email

Opportunity for: PCMA members interested in supporting fundraising for the PCMA Foundation

Description: This committee supports the Auction to meet or exceed budgeted revenue goals through securing packages for the Fall Online Auction

Responsibilities: Secure at least 3 packages for the Fall online auction

Positions Available: 10-15

Time Commitment: April – Nov

Communication Type: 3 – 5 calls

Opportunity for: Past PMCA EduCon attendees

Description: Have you attended EduCon in the past and are attending again this year? Assist first-timers onsite as they navigate through the program and daily activities.

Responsibilities: Lead a small group of first-timers through their EduCon experience. This will include various meet-ups, sharing tips and tricks, and being a source of connection.

Positions Available: 10-15

Time Commitment: June

Communication Type: one pre-conference call

Opportunity for: EduCon attendees

Description: Conversation Starters are an opportunity for attendees to come together with other business events industry leaders for topic-based 45-minute discussions. Participants will have a chance to share ideas, challenges and collaborate to find innovative solutions.

Responsibilities: Conversation leaders will be tasked with facilitating discussion with a small group during one of the Conversation Starters. Conversation leaders should be prepared with questions to spark discussion and encourage participation within the group. Collect and gather insights to share back with PCMA.

Positions Available: Open

Time Commitment: 1 hour and 45 mins (30 minutes developing questions pre-event, 45 minutes facilitation at the event, 30 minutes post-event recap)


Claire Abrams
Kim Allison
Rory Archibald
Mara Craft
Maria Davis
Rachel Dillon
Lisa Donnarumma
Jennifer Erney
Frenita Fullwood
Melissa Goodman
Kimberly Greene
Mary Pat Heftman
Rose Horcher
Lisa Jeller
Joy Kang
Annie Korsmo
Leah Lewis
John Loveless
Tarshi McCoy
Gary Murakami
Gladys O’Mahony
Tracey Pierce
Phillip Ridley
Henry Rosales
Margaret Schoeff
Mark Sergot
Lindsey Shimizu
Dale Shuter
Robert Smith
Annette Suriani
Annie Tebow
JR Treto
John Truran
Danielle Urbina
Lindsay Williams
Joy Womack