PCMA is pleased to introduce an upgraded volunteer process that seeks to provide a richer experience for its audience, supports the organization’s vision and provides targeted content and resources to our stakeholders.

Let us know if you are interested in volunteering by completing the form.

The new process allows you to participate for the full year or for six months and in topic areas that most interest you. This allows you to maximize your engagement based your availability and interest. Future projects will be for a specific period of time (from one day to 6 months) with clear goals, delivery, metrics and PCMA team member.

This revised process will help PCMA’s volunteer program better align with the organization’s vision of:

  • Driving global economic and social transformation through business events.
  • Creating meaningful experiences where passion, purpose and commerce intersect.
  • Stimulating personal and professional development.

Find the topics you are most passionate about and then specify the time of year you are able to volunteer for that topic. A PCMA team member will contact you during your available time with project details and confirm your participation. Projects can vary from days to months and may be in the form of providing content ideas/review, product testing, surveys, focus groups, etc. This detail will be included when the projected information is shared.

Contact Laura Malone at lmalone@pcma.org with any questions.

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