PCMA Board Nominating Committee

Call for Volunteers

In 2021, there will be two co-chairs of the Nominating Committee who are the past presidents of PCMA Board of Directors and Foundation Board, and these positions are already confirmed. This will leave up to nine (9) open positions to be filled. Qualified candidates will be assessed and confirmed by the the Governance Committee.

Positions Available: 9
Time Commitment: February – April
Deadline to submit: February 19, 2021

To be considered for this opportunity we require you to provide your resume, as well as answer the following questions:

  • Could you provide a summary of your connection to/with the business events industry? For example, what is your geographical reach, what sectors within the industry are you connected with etc.
  • Could you please outline your approach for recruiting applicants for the PCMA Board?
  • What are the top five attributes you feel would make for the ideal PCMA Board member?
  • Do you have previous experience recruiting for a Board or participating on a Board? Provide details

Qualifications of Nominating Committee Members

  • Applicants must have significant knowledge of the industry or skills in helping evaluate Board candidates.
  • Applicants must have:
    • Commitment to the organization, and an understanding of the vision to help inform decisions.
    • Understands growth and fix mindsets.
    • Have a keen understanding of the Industry pulse and PCMA’ commitment to leading the global industry through recovery and beyond.
    • Has a high level of emotional intelligence and able to work collaboratively to achieve committee goals.
    • A good appreciation for cultural and business operating norms around the world.
    • The ability to access and identify a diverse range of candidates based on board requirements, and an appreciation for the importance of Diversity adhering to the matrix developed by the Governance Committee.
    • An unbiased commitment to finding the most qualified candidates based on established criteria by the Governance Committee.

The Nominating Committee:

  • Is responsible for selecting a diverse board that is balanced in skill sets, knowledge and experience.
  • Understands PCMA’s vision, plans for the future, and how to determine the evolving needs of the organization from a board criteria perspective.
  • Continuously seeks to identify future board members.
  • Values and promotes consensus, cooperation, and participation among all members and as individuals, should not represent any particular segment or constituency group of the membership, representing instead the interests of the entire association.

If you agree to be considered as a member of the Nominating Committee with PCMA, you should be aware of the following criteria and time commitment:

  • It is an intensive commitment to serve for approximately 9 months. While the nominating committee is selected in April 2021, the call for potential Directors and Trustees does not start in earnest until May 2021.
  • The months of June and July will be spent on perspective candidate written evaluations and video interviews. The exact, amount of time is usually based on the number of candidates that are applying.
  • In August (exact date TBD with the Nominating Committee) the committee will meet for final evaluation and selection of the slate. The preference for this meeting is face-to-face, however digital options can be made available as needed. Attendance at this meeting is mandatory. Limited funding for airfare and lodging is available, if requested.
  • The Co-Chairs and members of the Nominating Committee will be responsible to notify the successful candidates as well as those that were not selected.
  • Once the slate has been established, the Committee’s work is mostly completed unless the slate is challenged by the membership.

Selection Timeline

PCMA has established the following timeline for the nominations process:

  • February 19th 2021 at 5pm Central Time Deadline for the applications.
  • Month of March 2021 Video conference interviews are conducted. Two members of the committee will interview shortlisted candidates.
  • By Week of April 5th 2021 Chair of the Governance Committee notifies the selected applicants of their appointment to the Nominating Committee.

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