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With a membership of 7,000 professionals and students and a global audience of over 100,000 business event stakeholders, PCMA has influence in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. We have 17 chapters throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico with members in more than 40 countries and regional offices in Ireland, Australia and Singapore.  PCMA’s award-winning publication, Convene Magazine has 36,000+ subscribers and a 34-year history.


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have at least a decade of industry experience.


identify as key decision-makers in their roles.

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Territories: USA & Canada
Contact: +1 312-423-7212 | [email protected]

Claudia Urrutia, CMP, Strategic Business Development Director

Territories: USA & Canada
Contact: +1 312-423-7257 | [email protected]

Stephanie Geddis, Marketing & Partnership Manager

Territories: EMEA
Contact: +44(0)7756 400040 | [email protected]

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Territories: Asia Pacific
Contact: +65 9680 4953 | [email protected]

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Territories: LATAM
Contact: +52 5532814041 | [email protected]

JAN / FEB• Medical Meetings
• PCMA Convening Leaders 22 highlights
• Second-tier Cities
• Convention Connections
• Special Two-page Editorial Profile (no ad) 
• Atlantic City
• Texas
Space: 12/13/2021
Editorial: 12/13/2021
Material: 12/30/2021
Publishes: 2/07/2022
MAR / APR• Hotel Update
• Medical Meetings
• Top 10 Reasons to Meet In...
• Florida Supplement
• Las Vegas
Space: 2/01/2022
Editorial: 2/04/2022
Material: 3/01/2022
Publishes: 4/07/2022
• PCMA EduCon Preview 2022
• DMOs Today
• Resort, Golf, & Spa Meetings
EXTENDED Space: 4/20/2022
Material: 5/02/2022
Publishes: 6/07/2022
JULY • Corporate Meetings
• Exhibitions
• Convention Centers
• Unique Venues 
• DMA West Supplement
Space:  5/02/2022
Editorial: 5/06/2022
Material: 6/01/2022
Publishes: 7/07/2022
AUG• Second-Tier Cities
• Medical Meetings
• ANNUAL DIRECTORY - Annual Directory begins on "REVERSE BACK COVER"
Editorial: 6/06/2022
Material: 7/01/2022
Publishes: 8/07/2022
SEPT• Global Meetings
• Independent Meeting Planner
• DMO's Today
• Corporate Event Marketing
Space: 07/01/2022
Editorial: 7/05/2022
Material: 8/01/2022
Publishes: 9/07/2022
OCT• Convention Centers
• Incentive Meetings
• Medical Meetings (NEW)
Space: 8/01/2022
Editorial: 8/05/2022
Material: 9/01/2022
Publishes: 10/07/2022
NOV• Annual Meetings Industry Forecast
• Renovations, Expansions, New Buildings
• Gaming Destinations
Space: 9/01/2021
Editorial: 9/06/2021
Material: 10/03/2021
Publishes: 11/07/2021
DEC• PCMA 2023 Convening Leaders Preview
• Mexico, Caribbean and Latin America
• Canada
Space: 10/03/2022
Editorial: 10/07/2022
Material: 11/01/2022
Publishes: 12/07/2022

Editorial Guidelines: Convene on Location site-visit, production, design, editorial, and printing by Convene editorial begins 6-7 months prior to issue date. Advertising Supplements produced, designed, written, and printed by Convene editorial requires 3-4 months lead-time prior to issue date.

Editorial Profiles produced by Convene editorial — including Urban Planner, What’s Happening In, Cityfile, Reverse Cover — requires 2-months lead-time prior to issue date.

Contact Convene Production Specialist or your Director, Business Development for further Editorial Guidelines.

Reprints and Additional Copies: Convene will provide complimentary PDF reprints for advertiser purposes.

Convene will provide a quote for additional copies/printed reprints based on quantity and specifications.

It is recommended that additional copies/reprint orders be included on advertiser insertion order. Advertiser is responsible for shipping charges.

Digital Edition of Convene: All regular advertisements appearing in Convene Magazine will appear within the Digital Edition. For advertisers running inserts and/or onserts, submit high resolution PDF to Production Specialist by material close date for inclusion in the Digital Edition. Advertisements, inserts, and onserts posted on the Digital Edition cannot be changed or altered once posted.


  • Desktop: 970 x 90 (Expands to 970 x 415. Close button image at top right corner on expanded pushdown, initiated by click)
  • Mobile: 320 x 50
  • Max file size: 60k at initial load
  • Formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF; HTML 5 (Please note for HTML5 files: We cannot accept banners with <head> or <body> tags within them. The entire ad must be in straight HTML/JavaScript/CSS without the use of those HTML tags.)
  • In-banner video can’t be set to auto-play
  • Expanding pushdown option and clearly distinguishable from normal webpage content (i.e. ad unit must have clearly defined borders and not be confused with normal page content) and framed within 15 px border width
  • Logo max: 239 x 68 px or 239 x 46 with brand copy height = 22 px below logo
  • Logo location: top left (15 px from each edge)


  • Desktop: 970 x 90
  • Mobile: 320 x 50
  • Max file size: 40k at initial load
  • Formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF; HTML 5 (Please note for HTML5 files: We cannot accept banners with <head> or <body> tags within them. The entire ad must be in straight HTML/JavaScript/CSS without the use of those HTML tags.)
  • In-banner video can’t be set to auto-play
  • Expansion not allowed


  • Desktop: 728 x 90 (resized proportionally for mobile)
  • Max file size: 46k @ 72dpi
  • Format: JPEG only, no animation


  • Medium Rectangle: 300 x 250
  • Leaderboard: 728 x 90
  • Wide Skyscrapper: 160 x 600
  • Format: JPEG or GIF
  • Max file size: 150k @ 72dpi
  • Animation: Animated ads are restricted to a maximum of 30 seconds (at a 15-20 fps frame rate), after which point automated animations must come to a complete stop. You are permitted to give the viewer the option to restart animation.
  • Border: Any ads featuring a white or black background are required to have a 1 px border of a distinguishing color around the perimeter of the ad in order to separate it from page content.
  • Destination URL: Web banners are not permitted to use redirecting URLs. Track campaign analytics with UTM tracking codes instead.
  • Artwork must be submitted ad PDF/X-1a standard (No trapping applied)
  • Outline fonts
  • Color (CMYK mode) and grayscale graphics should be 300 dpi
  • PDF must be created in QuarkXPress or InDesign
  • Ads created in Illustrator must be saved as EPS vector files, placed in InDesign or QuarkXPress and exported as PDF
  • Line art should be in the bitmap mode and at least 900 dpi
  • The total area ink density should not exceed 300 percent

*BLEED ADS ONLY: Crop marks needed at trim size and extend bleed to final bleed size

Full Page Bleed*7.875 x 10.520 x 26.78.125 x 10.7520.6 x 27.37.125 x 9.7518.1 x 24.8
Full Page7 x 9.7517.8 x 24.8
2 Page Spread Bleed*15.75 x 10.540 x 26.716 x 10.7540.6 x 27.315 x 9.7538.1 x 24.8
2 Page Spread15 x 9.7538.1 x 24.814.625 x 9.37537.1 x 23.8
2/3 Page Bleed*4.875 x 10.512.1 x 26.75 x 10.7512.7 x 27.34 x 9.7510.160 x 24.765
2/3 Page4.5 x 9.2511.4 x 23.54 x 8.7510.160 x 22.225
1/2 Page Spread Bleed*15.75 x 5.2540 x 13.316 x 5.37540.6 x 13.715 x 4.538.100 x 11.430
1/2 Page Spread15 x 4.37538.1 x 11.114.5 x 3.87536.830 x 9.843
1/2 Page Horizontal Bleed*7.875 x 5.2520 x 13.38.125 x 5.37520.6 x 13.77.125 x 4.518.097 x 11.430
1/2 Page Horizontal7 x 4.37517.8 x 11.16.5 x 3.87516.510 x 9.843
1/2 Page Island4.5 x 711.4 x 17.84 x 6.510.160 x 16.510
1/3 Page Square4.5 x 4.511.4 x 11.44 x 410.160 x 10.160
1/3 Page Vertical2 x 9.255.1 x 23.51.625 x 8.754.128 x 22.225
1/4 Page3.25 x 4.58.3 x 11.42.75 x 46.985 x 10.160



  • 7 7/8″ (20 cm) wide x 10 1/2″ (26.7 cm) deep
  • Include crop and bleed marks for all bleed ads
  • Printed on 10% recycled stock


  • Convene — perfect bound.
  • Supplements/onserts — saddle-stitched.
  • Magazine jogs to head.


  • Contact Print Advertising Manager


  • 3” (7.6 cm) wide x 4” (10.2 cm) deep
  • Live area should be 3/8” (1 cm) on all four sides.
  • 3M Canary Yellow, White, or 4-color stock


  • Live Area: 16 1/2” (41.91 cm) wide x 4 1⁄2 “ (11.43 cm) deep
  • Trim Size: 17” (45.72 cm) wide x 5” (12.7 cm) deep
  • Bleed Size: 17 1⁄4“ (43.815 cm) wide x 5 1⁄4“ (13.335 cm) deep
  • Paper/Stock: 80# Satin text


  • A sample of the production piece must be provided prior to production to the Print Advertising Manager to confirm piece meets specifications.
  • All inserts, onserts, bellybands, or similar affixed advertising must be supplied by the advertiser unless printing from Convene/Lane is requested and included on the insertion order.
  • Convene has the right to limit the number of inserts per issue.
  • Insert in the first signature may not be larger than 12-pages depending on size of book.
  • An advertiser insert may not be heavier than the publication itself.


  • Minimum: 4″ (10.16 cm) wide x 4″ (10.16 cm) deep
  • Maximum: 7 1/8″ (18.0975 cm) wide x 10 1/8″ (25.7175 cm) deep
  • Minimum Thickness: 0.0035″ (0.009 cm)
  • Maximum Thickness: Determined/approved on an individual basis
  • Placement: At spine or up to 1 1/2″ (3.81 cm) from spine; live matter should be 1/4″ (0.635 cm) from trim and 3/8″ (0.953 cm) from gutter


  • Minimum: 4 1/4″ (10.8 cm) wide x 6″ (15.2 cm) deep
  • Maximum: 7 7/8″ (20.0025 cm) wide x 10 1/2″ (26.67 cm) deep
  • Minimum Weight: 80#
  • Maximum Weight: Determined/approved on an individual basis


  • Onserts that are polybagged with the magazine must not be larger than the magazine trim size — 7 7/8″ (20 cm) wide x 10 1/2″ (26.7 cm) deep.


  • 35,000 required per issue, with the exception of December issue that requires 40,000 pieces.


  • Inserts/onserts/bellybands are accepted a maximum of three months prior to issue date. Pieces received more than three months prior to issue date or held for longer than three months are subject to storage fees that will be billed to the advertiser.
  • Maximum skid size is 39 1/2″ (100.33 cm) x 48″ (121.92 cm)
  • Face all pieces on the skid the same side up
  • Stack product bundles neatly on sturdy skids in interlocked layers with chipboard between the layers; then band/or stretch wrap to prevent damage If multiple versions are provided, each version must be placed on separate pallets
  • All boxes/skids must include the following: magazine name, issue month and year, page count, load count, load weight, load number, and sample of piece affixed to outside of load


Jodie Lafaille
The Lane Press
87 Meadowland Drive
South Burlington, VT 05403
Customer Service Phone: 800.733.3740

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