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Accessibility Training for On-Site Event Staff logo

After completing this training, event staff will adeptly implement best practices in event accessibility, providing a seamless and inclusive experience. Armed with a compassionate approach and problem-solving skills, they will confidently recognize and address accommodation requests, while also sharing knowledge to create an environment where individuals with disabilities feel fully supported and welcomed throughout the event.

Advanced Event Design & Strategy Certificate logo

This advanced certificate course is designed to equip experienced event and meeting managers with the tools, resources, and business savvy to serve as a strategic advisor in designing, planning, and executing programs.

With self-paced content to complete each week, weekly live online class meetings, a peer-based community forum, and access to on-demand videos to support additional knowledge retention, ELI’s CMP Exam Prep Course provides comprehensive support for your entire CMP certification journey.

Known for its high-quality content, Convene offers a monthly series of must read articles organized around CMP knowledge areas that, along with an online test and essay, enables readers to easily earn CEs.

Become an authority on live stream and digital events. The DES certification is designed to help you effectively plan, produce and measure the results of your live stream and digital engagement events.

This course goes beyond helping you understand AI. We’ll take you behind the scenes, revealing how to use the most practical AI platforms. These new capabilities will transform how you plan, market, and execute events. Plus, we’ll show you how to analyze your event data like an industry pro.

We designed this course to provide you and your team with the knowledge, skills, and know-how to transform your in-person and digital events so they are welcoming, accessible, and inclusive for every body.

Event DEI Strategist Certificate logo

With self-paced content to complete each week, weekly live online class meetings, a peer-based community forum, and access to on-demand videos to support additional knowledge retention, ELI’s CMP Exam Prep Course provides comprehensive support for your entire CMP certification journey.

Event Entrepreneurship: Growth Strategies Training logo

Are you ready to take your event business to the next level? In this course we’ll discuss strategies on how successful companies, both inside and outside the event industry, manage to grow into larger versions of themselves. We’ll dissect what it is that keeps most business owners from getting their companies to break out of their plateaus and hit that next stage of growth.

Event Measurement & Analytics Certificate logo

This course will provide a step-by-step approach to mastering the art of event measurement, from event conception to post-event debrief.

Event & Meeting Management Fundamentals Certificate logo

If you are new to the events industry, looking to become an event or meeting planner, or you’ve been planning events for a while but never received the proper training, this is the ultimate course for you!

Hybrid & Virtual Event Director logo

Designed for the planner turned occasional (or maybe frequent) “on-site” technical event producer, this course will give planners the understanding and technical insight to build confidence to execute simple virtual and hybrid events.

The Launching Pad: Building Your Event Business Training logo

When starting a company, having a solid foundation in business acumen is crucial for success. By the end of this course, you will learn key competencies that are required for getting your business off the ground, from creating an initial business strategy and actionable goals to drafting budgets and obtaining financing. You’ll also learn about marketing strategies, effective pricing methods, how to obtain your first clients, and much more!

The 7 Change Actions is a seven-module learning experience that delivers mindsets, skillsets, and capabilities to confidently solve complex business challenges with innovation-driven strategic solutions.

Strategic Event Audience Engagement logo

This course is centered around strategic event design and audience engagement, covering key aspects of audience analysis, brand messaging, emotional engagement, budgeting, timelines, and post-event analysis. By practicing these elements of strategic event design with data-driven feedback, participants will enhance their abilities to plan, design, and execute engaging event experiences.

Technical Meeting & Event Production Certificate logo

After the venue, audiovisual is often one of the largest budget items, yet so often planners are unable to make sense of a typical proposal. This course will empower you to understand what kind of gear, staff, and set-up your event actually needs to function properly, look right, and be cost-effective.

Are you looking to increase your venue’s bookings? If so, arm yourself with the strategies and tactics you need to succeed. In this detailed course, we’ll dissect the elements that go into a successful sales strategy for a wide range of event venues.

Virtual Fundraising Event Management Certificate

Virtual fundraisers can be a successful way to bring in essential revenue and continue connecting with donors – if planned strategically. This course is designed to provide non-profit organizations with the knowledge, guidance, and tools required to transition live fundraising events to virtual environments successfully.

Discover the latest on negotiations, meeting design, event tech trends, event strategy and more.

Wedding & Event Design Course logo

Master the art of modern event design with our comprehensive course! Learn to create stunning, budget-friendly concepts that impress even the most experienced attendees. From incorporating diverse elements like floral arrangements, furniture, and technology to identifying unique focal points, elevate your skills and confidently execute your vision within any venue’s constraints.

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