The design thinking framework for the business events industry.

The 7 Change Actions is a seven-module learning experience that delivers mindsets, skillsets, and capabilities to confidently solve complex business challenges with innovation-driven strategic solutions. Design thinking has been a mainstay in other industries for years, but now PCMA has customized a framework, practice, and toolkit specifically for the Business Events Industry.

We have hand-picked the most vanguard thinkers, innovators, creators, doers and change makers from innovative organizations around the globe to be contributors to the 7 Change Actions curriculum and online course. It’s time to change the game from the inside out with outside-in thinkers guiding you along the way. Are you ready to be the architect of the bold future of Business Events?

The 7 Change Actions modules are a sequence and a system for business innovation, evolution, growth and change. Its approaches and frameworks build off of and reinforce one another. The result individuals and organizations are equipped to be Change Champions and lead the Business Events Industry’s 2.0.

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After experiencing each of The 7 Change Actions, you will gain:

  • Skills and capabilities to create new value for your audiences and customers
  • Pathways to Create sustainable growth for your organization
  • New tools and models to lead collaboratively and effectively
  • An arsenal of ideas, inspiration, problem solving and change readiness frameworks
  • Confidence to bring creative and valuable new offerings to market
  • A future-fortified mindset


The 7 Change Actions are for anyone who has asked themselves these questions:

  • How do I remain relevant in my career?
  • How can I add new value to my organization?
  • Where do I find new ways to drive revenue?
  • What are new ways I can provide value for my audience?
  • How can I keep my audience engaged through new experiences and channels?
  • How do I spark innovation amongst my teams, peers, organization, and the industry?



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1. Purpose


What For/Who For


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Knowing your customer; what are ​their motivations, needs, pains, and ​what they solving for. How your ​value proposition (product/service) ​aligns with the customer and ​satisfies their needs.

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1. Purpose


What Happens Next ​​

(Reality Checking & Future Casting)

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Iterating on existing business models and how an organization ​will transform to meet accelerated ​change with accelerated ​solutions.

1. Purpose


With Who ​​​

(All Hands-on-deck Solutioning)​

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Committing to engaging in ​traditional/non-traditional collaboration ​to expose new ways to partner ​and innovate​.

1. Purpose


Give The People What They Want ​

(Human-centered Experience Design)​

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Delivering experiences oriented for ​customer individuality, empowerment ​and choice​.

1. Purpose


Keep It Real ​​​

(The Three T’s – Trust, Truth ​& Transparency)

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$119 $79 for members*

Shifting from production value to ​ meaningful content, designing for ​ substance, creating messages, experiences and stories that reflect with who you are, what your organization stands for, and what your customers need and care about.

1. Purpose


Keep It Generating ​​​​

(Make Cool Shit & AMPLIFY It)​

$149 $95 for non-members
$119 $79 for members*

Marketing mindset; treating your ​value proposition as source material ​for campaigns, creating urgency, ​right-sizing experiences to facilitate ​two-way communication.

1. Purpose


Rubber Meets The Road ​​​​

(Where Content, Commerce & Community Meet)​

$149 $95 for non-members
$119 $79 for members*

DELIVERING: The aggregate of all six previous change ​actions – what is the new value proposition, ​how does it answer the needs and ​requirements of the market and customers, and how does it ​generate revenue: also known as The Two-Sided Solution​.

CREATING: Measurement, ROE (Return on Events), the impact of Two-Sided Solutions and the Seven Change Actions…. In Action!



I’m having trouble logging in to the course. How do I troubleshoot?

Make sure that when you access the course, you are logging in to, navigating to your My Purchases page, and selecting the Access Now link. Any attempts to log in from a sub-page of PCMA or the LMS directly are not recognized by the system.

If you are experiencing issues, we recommend clearing your browser’s cache, or logging in on a different browser. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us at [email protected].

I’d like to put my entire team/organization through the course, do you have any enterprise pricing or packaging options?

Yes, see below:

Group Size/Discount

  • 3 – 25 students: 10% off
  • 26 – 100 students: 20% off
  • 101 – 250 students: 30% off
  • 252 – 500 students: 40% off
  • 501+ students: custom

What is the time commitment of the course?
The course is self-paced and each module is built to be completed in one week (around 30 mins to 1 hour per day). However, since we invite you to go at your own pace, you are welcome to spread out the material in a way that works within your schedule.

Are there any live components or mandatory meetings/events?
No. The course is designed for independent completion and can be done 100% on your own time.

When will I have access to the full course?
The full course will be released in Fall 2021. However, you are able to pre-purchase the full course now and receive the modules as they are released. Please see below for release cadence.

I’ve completed all available modules, when can I access the next one?
Modules are scheduled to release at a consistent cadence throughout Summer 2021 with a new module released every 2-3 weeks. Be sure to register your interest at to stay in the loop on releases and other exciting 7CA activities.

Is it required to take all of the modules or can I pick and choose the ones I want?
You are welcome to choose the modules that interest you but to get the full 7CA educational experience, we recommend that you complete all modules.

Do I need to complete the modules in order?
We strongly recommend you complete the modules in the order designed as it was developed to be consumed in this fashion.

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