7 Change Actions Webinar: Thinking beyond the Room: Creating enduring and valuable content from your experiences

7 Change Actions Webinar: Thinking beyond the Room: Creating enduring and valuable content from your experiences
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Business event strategists tend to create experiences for audiences who are engaging in real time, resulting in fleeting content for a one-time use. What if we thought about events and experiences as content generators that produce enduring, engaging content that can be used for other purposes such as content marketing? Join Joe Lovett, Strategic Marketing Consultant and 7 Change Actions Contributor in this fun, interactive workshop where you will learn how to use your experiences to create content for your marketing initiatives. This is not a sit back and relax session – You will be an active contributor, responding to polls, submitting ideas, and connecting with peers using an online audience interaction platform called Vervo. Join us and learn how you can generate content that drives value long after your event has ended.

Learner Outcomes:

Know: Experiential generated content can be used for your content marketing initiatives.
Do: Collaborate with peers and contribute ideas to come up with the right content that addresses a target audiences’ needs at specific stages of their buyer’s journey.
Believe: Experiential content can be captured and re-purposed to reach a larger audience long after the event ends.

The 7 Change Actions is a seven-module learning experience that delivers mindsets, skillsets, and capabilities to confidently solve complex business challenges with innovation-driven strategic solutions. Design thinking has been a mainstay in other industries for years, but now PCMA has customized a framework, practice, and toolkit specifically for the Business Events Industry. Click here to learn more.

EIC Status: Approved
Domain I: Marketing
Clock Hours: 1.0

7 Change Actions Program Sponsor:

PCMA is an Approved CAE Provider & CMP Preferred Vendor.


  • Duration: 00:56:07
  • Date: 06/23/2021
  • Speaker:

CMP Certification

  • EIC Status: Submitted
  • CMP-IS Domain: G. Meeting or Event Design
  • Clock Hours: 1.0

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