Ascent: Inclusion & Diversity

Ascent strives to motivate and to educate decision-makers on the business case and best practices for inclusive workplaces and events. Learn more about this initiative.

Ascent Webinar: In Need of a Change: Understanding Perspectives to Lead

Through meetings and events, we are always striving to include as many different perspectives as we can to expand our education and satisfy our audiences. With the industry growing throughout the years and perspectives differing per generation, how do we expect everyone to open their minds and possibly shift their mindset?

BY Elliott Ferguson Ed Simon August 4, 2020

Tech Tools to Measure and Increase Racial and Gender Diversity

Two nonprofit initiatives have strengthened their focus to fight gendered racial inequities on conference stages and elsewhere — and lead transformation.

BY Barbara Palmer July 13, 2020

National Coalition of Black Meeting Professionals’ Virtual Event Uplifts Spirits During Pandemic

The National Coalition of Black Meeting Professionals recently hosted the Be Inspired Speaker Series: A Night at the Museum, a five-night virtual event that showcased African-American achievements through the lens of five different cultural institutions dedicated to the Black experience in America.

BY Casey Gale June 17, 2020

Virtual Pride Events Will Focus on Black Lives Matter

Organizers of Pride virtual events this month say the social unrest and protests over the deaths of George Floyd and other Black people by the police will be an important part of their message and programs.

BY Michelle Russell June 16, 2020

Workplace Diversity and Inclusion: ‘It’s Time to Change Your Approach’

A human resources expert shares her perspective on ‘welcome and appropriate ways to signal your support to those who regularly face systemic, racially motivated injustice’ and what we need to do beyond that to make changes at our own organizations.

BY Michelle Russell June 15, 2020

Black CVB Leaders Write an Open Letter to Colleagues

This week, black industry leaders representing destinations around the United States released an open letter to their colleagues and the world reflecting on systemic racism in the travel industry and beyond.

BY Convene Editors June 11, 2020

Diversity and Equity in the Business Events Industry: A PCMA Community Conversation

During yesterday’s Community Conversation, PCMA board members led a thoughtful discussion around the national Black Lives Matter movement and how the business events industry can address systemic racism and promote diversity and inclusivity.

BY Michelle Russell June 10, 2020

8 Ways to Make Your Conference More Racially Diverse

There has been a lot of talk about why all-male panels are a problem, Ruchika Tulshyan, the founder and CEO of Candour, a diversity consulting company, wrote last fall. “But less attention has been paid to how too many events also lack racial diversity.”

BY Barbara Palmer June 10, 2020

7 Steps to Creating an Inclusive Digital Event

The most obvious way to make your digital event more diverse and inclusive is in your speaker lineup. But there are other simple things to keep in mind as well.

BY Michelle Russell June 8, 2020

5 Voices to Listen to Now About Race

Five thinkers, scholars, and advocates for racial justice who are leading the way toward change.

BY Barbara Palmer June 3, 2020

How a Racially Charged Incident Led to a Digital Event for Black Birders

A University of Georgia grad student was motivated to launch a weeklong digital event for Black birders after a video altercation went viral.

BY Michelle Russell June 3, 2020

During Social Unrest, Why We Should Aim to Be ‘Good-ish’ People

Author and business professor Dolly Chugh on how thinking of ourselves as ‘good’ people can hold us back from growth, and why we need both light and heat in social movements.

BY Michelle Russell June 3, 2020