Ascent: Inclusion & Diversity

Ascent strives to motivate and to educate decision-makers on the business case and best practices for inclusive workplaces and events. Learn more about this initiative.

Building a More Diverse Tourism Industry Through Apprenticeships

Tourism Diversity Matters’ apprenticeship program coordinator Deedra Mills-Hall has come full circle, supporting apprenticeships in the industry because of the role that experience played in launching her own career.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst April 11, 2021

‘Never Accept a Ceiling That Someone Else Might Create for You’

After 30 years in the travel and meetings industry, Elliott Ferguson, president and CEO of Destination DC and a PCMA Groundbreaker, is carving a path for a new generation of leaders to follow.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst March 30, 2021

Focusing on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Travel and Events

Mike Gamble, founder of Tourism Diversity Matters, discusses the impetus for starting the initiative, and its goals for the future.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst March 29, 2021

Putting Social Activism on the Program

Organizations and companies are making social justice part of their event platform — and their identity.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst March 15, 2021

Which Women Inspire You?

PCMA staff members and the business events community share the women who inspire them most in honor of Women’s History Month.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst March 7, 2021

From a College Stint as Bellman to CEO: Cleo Battle’s Career Path

This July, Cleo Battle will take over as president and CEO of Louisville Tourism after eight years as the bureau’s executive vice president and COO. Battle shared highlights of his 34-plus-year career working at DMOs and hotels around the country — and how he’s trying to do his part to make the industry better and more diverse.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst March 4, 2021

What’s Often Missing From the Diversity and Inclusion Conversation

In a recent Quartz webinar, an inclusivity activist and technology evangelist for accessibility discussed how to make workplaces more inclusive for employees with disabilities.

BY Casey Gale March 3, 2021

‘Returnships’ and Other Job Search Strategies During the Pandemic

Returnships may open some doors for women returning to the workforce during the pandemic. Plus, here are three tips to keep in mind while job searching as the health and economic crisis persists.

BY Michelle Russell February 19, 2021

Creating an Antiracist Meetings Industry

A candid and soul-searching conversation on racism and white supremacy at Convening Leaders points out the role business events can play in creating positive change on a global scale.

BY Barbara Palmer February 18, 2021

Richmond Embraces Its Painful Past During Black History Month

Here’s how one city with a history in the slave trade in North America has made the Black experience in America central to its identity.

BY Convene Editors February 11, 2021

Tokyo Olympics Chair’s Comments About Women Spark Age-Old Debate

Yoshiro Mori, president of the Tokyo Olympics organizing committee, recently resigned amid controversy over comments he made that women talk too much during meetings. Research proves that he couldn’t have been more wrong about who speaks the most.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst February 9, 2021

Making Virtual and Hybrid Events Look Like TV

Long Beach’s director of creative initiatives, Tra Jones, said the brand-new role is designed to bring live events into the convention center while elevating the experience for those watching online.

BY Casey Gale January 28, 2021