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See how event organizers and others are using meetings and events to make a difference.

Medical Group Takes Training Workshops on the Road

To better support physicians’ soft skills development, the American College of Chest Physicians launched a country-wide tour of its empathetic listening training workshops, focused on the critical first five minutes of clinician/patient interaction.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst September 1, 2023

Adjusting Strategies to Changing Business Models

A European medical association has found that its pre-pandemic site-selection strategy, which prioritized a legacy engagement project, has not proven to be viable in the current environment.

BY Michelle Russell August 16, 2023

Why Future Event Planning Will Include Sustainability by Design

This year, PCMA created a standalone full-time position for the first time: head of global sustainability, recently filled by Carolina Goradesky. Convene spoke with her about debunking sustainability misconceptions, and how to move from fear into action.

BY Magdalina Atanassova July 17, 2023

SocialOffset: An Alternative to Destination Boycotts

The new initiative enables groups meeting in destinations whose policies don’t align with their values to offset their spending in that state by supporting charities that do.

BY Michelle Russell April 7, 2023

Beyond the Event: Leaving a Legacy for Liver Health

The Iceberg video series shares how the International Liver Congress extended the impact of its London event last year.

BY Michelle Russell March 22, 2023

Business Events and Air Travel — a Climate Conundrum

At a sustainability session at PCMA Convening Leaders 2023, a climate scientist and a panel of events professionals grappled with how to address the business events industry’s largest single contributor to global warming. 

BY Michelle Russell February 24, 2023

Acquisition of a Fan Expo Opens Doors for Nonprofit

When Pop Culture Classroom’s main fundraising event, Denver Comic Con, was acquired by Informa Connect in 2021, it freed up the organization to focus on its primary mission.

BY Casey Gale January 31, 2023

How Volunteers Can Move Your Event Closer to Your Sustainability Goals

At Greenbuild, Team Human’s person-to-person communication helped educate participants about event sustainability practices, which helped prevent recycling errors.

BY Barbara Palmer January 13, 2023

Tipster: A Simple Sustainability Swap for Your Events

The managing director of an Australian-based PCO offers an easy-to-implement checklist of 12 sustainability swaps for more environmentally friendly events.

BY Michelle Russell December 19, 2022

The Neu Project: Creating Neuroinclusive Events

The Neu Project community is focused on creating neuroinclusive events. And its leader, Megan Henshall, is convinced that it can benefit every single person who walks through the door of your event.

BY Barbara Palmer December 12, 2022

A Virtual Event for Alzheimer’s Family Caregivers Evolves

Hilarity for Charity, comedian Seth Rogen’s nonprofit in support of Alzheimer’s family caregivers, continues to improve its online event to strengthen that community.

BY Curt Wagner December 12, 2022

A Tech Solution to Food Waste

Atlanta-based startup Goodr has delivered 30 million meals and diverted nearly 5 million pounds in total of food waste from landfills.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst October 31, 2022

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