Social Impact

See how event organizers and others are using meetings and events to make a difference.

‘Profound’ Impact at AIME

Dialogue in the Dark pop-up at AIME let attendees experience blindness. It ‘was problem solving, team building, and personal development at its finest.’

BY Lane Nieset February 25, 2019

Leaving a Positive Footprint

When ESSKA met in Glasgow last year, the event contributed £5 million in direct benefits to the city. That alone can be considered a worthy legacy. But ESSKA wanted to do more. Here’s a look at what steps it took.

BY Rémi Dévé February 22, 2019

Events Executive Becomes Change Agent in Cleveland

How one Convening Leaders attendee took what he heard on stage in Pittsburgh to heart.

BY Curt Wagner February 4, 2019

Barcelona Convention Bureau Takes CSR Project to IMEX America

For the Barcelona Convention Bureau and its partners, sustainability is top of mind when they host events in their city. Here’s how they put that ethos into action during IMEX America while in Las Vegas.

BY Curt Wagner January 16, 2019

Inspired to Take Action, Events Executive Gives Back

One Convening Leaders 2019 attendee took what he heard on stage so much to heart that he immediately raised funds to provide meals for furloughed TSA agents.

BY Curt Wagner January 14, 2019

Pemberton, Okamoto on Overcoming Adversity, Championing Others

Shifting your mindset from adversity to ambition isn’t an easy thing to do, but at Tuesday’s PCMA Convening Leaders Opening Main Stage, executive Steve Pemberton and social activist Nadya Okamoto showed it’s not impossible.

January 8, 2019

Events Industry Takes on Homelessness, Sex Trafficking

How business-events industry can help solve our toughest problems.

BY Barbara Palmer January 8, 2019

Hospitality Helping Hands Volunteers Build Newborn Care Packages

Many Hospitality Helping Hands volunteers plan events, but their efforts Jan. 6 at Convening Leaders 2019 led to a celebration of a whole different kind: an epic baby shower for 20 local families in need.

January 6, 2019

PCMA, Beverly’s Birthdays Giving Back at Convening Leaders 2019

PCMA and Attendees will assist Pittsburgh families by teaming up with Beverly’s Birthdays to create essentials kits for newborns.

BY Curt Wagner December 17, 2018

Brands Taking Stands: 3BL Forum Explores Corporate Activism

Corporate activism is having a transformative moment. The 3BL Forum explored the movement with a new, flexible format and an impressive roster of speakers that broached critical topics from all angles.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst December 7, 2018

Switzerland Pioneers Cleantech

What does that mean for events taking place in the eco-friendly nation?

November 28, 2018

Hague CVB Spotlights Groups’ Earth-Friendly Initiatives

The Hague CVB showcases its commitment to sustainability — and local innovators — with its own awards programme.

BY Curt Wagner October 27, 2018