Event Technology

When it’s imperative that you keep your attendees connected, here’s what you need to know about Wi-Fi, video feeds, simulcasts, apps, social media, and more. We look at what works and what doesn't, and talk to meeting professionals about their favorites.

How AI Can Bring Ideas to Life

These imaginary brand collaborations illustrate how AI can amplify human creativity — and make us wonder: What’s possible in the business events industry?

BY Barbara Palmer June 2, 2023

Shaving Carbon Usage to Zero, Via Data

Organizers of the MIT Sustainability Summit 2023 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology used a food categorization tool to help ensure the event was carbon neutral.

BY Corin Hirsch May 1, 2023

A Guide to New Technologies for Event Professionals

Emerging tech — Web 3.0 and the metaverse, AI and ChatGPT, and artificial reality among them — will have an impact on business events. Here’s a primer to help you understand them.

BY Kimberly Hardcastle-Geddes April 20, 2023

Is AI Putting Our Humanity at Risk?

As thousands of tech leaders urge a pause for the development of advanced artificial intelligence, we look back at an earlier call for prioritizing human connection.

BY Barbara Palmer April 7, 2023

Is Event Technology Prepared for Another Pandemic?

Three event executives discuss strategic challenges for international business events — including whether event technology is better positioned to handle another public health crisis that requires events to return to digital-only experiences.

BY Casey Gale April 5, 2023

The Metaverse and Events, According to ChatGPT

Convene asked ChatGPT, a generative artificial intelligence released by OpenAI in 2022, how the metaverse will improve business events. Here’s what it told us.

BY Convene Editors March 31, 2023

What Does an Event in the Metaverse Look Like?

The World Economic Forum, along with partners Microsoft and Accenture, gave us a preview of the possibilities at its Annual Meeting in January 2023.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst March 31, 2023

A Virtual Tour Through Atlanta’s Convention Offerings

Atlanta Meta World, launched in 2022 by the Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau, aims to attract real-life meetings and tourism through its lifelike virtual platform. Managing Editor Casey Gale took the platform for a spin.

BY Casey Gale March 31, 2023

Un-Remote Work in the Metaverse

The most popular use-case scenario for the metaverse today, according to the CEO of 3D virtual and hybrid event platform MootUp, is a direct result of our hybrid work world.

BY Michelle Russell March 31, 2023

How the Metaverse Can Solve the Limitations of Physical Events

Yaron Lipshitz, CEO of event-tech company Allseated, on the business application of the metaverse to events.

BY Convene Editors March 31, 2023

What Exactly Is the Metaverse? Here’s One Expert’s Take.

Entrepreneur and academic Tommaso Di Bartolo, speaking at Convening Leaders 2023, tackled the metaverse questions many in events are asking.

BY Barbara Palmer March 31, 2023

Meeting in the Metaverse

How the events industry is exploring the metaverse’s current and future potential.

BY Convene Editors March 31, 2023

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