Digital Events

Best practices and case studies for pulling off exceptional virtual and hybrid meetings.

Solving a Networking Issue at Hybrid Events

Can virtual and in-person attendees interact at hybrid events? Members of the PCMA Catalyst community discussed the topic in a recent thread.

BY Convene Editors April 16, 2021

Hybrid Meetings: One Size Does Not Fit All, Survey Respondents Say

Business event organizers are creating hybrid events as varied as the organizations they serve. Respondents to Convene’s latest COVID-19 Dashboard share how theirs will look.

BY Curt Wagner April 13, 2021

Meeting in a Pandemic, Part Two: Back to Face-to-Face

The Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin’s business conference returns to an in-person format — and keeps the benefits of digital.

BY Barbara Palmer April 12, 2021

Two Perspectives on the Same GMID Event

Global Meetings Industry Day was celebrated in New York City with a hybrid event and Convene was there, online and in-person. Here are accounts of our experiences.

BY Michelle Russell Barbara Palmer April 12, 2021

5 Ways to Please Virtual Exhibitors, According to Attendee Data

Virtual and hybrid events platform company Swapcard has published actionable insights gleaned from nearly 500 events the company has hosted to help organizers provide their exhibitors and sponsors with ROI.

BY Michelle Russell April 9, 2021

4 Tactics for Hybrid Events

According to the recently published Derse white paper, hybrid should be thought of as “an infinity loop” — not just a one-off mix of an in-person event with a digital component.

BY Michelle Russell April 7, 2021

6 Questions to Consider While Planning Your Hybrid Future

While event organizers are preparing for a return to in-person events, they still must decide if they will or won’t provide audiences digital options. These important considerations can help guide them.

BY Kimberly Hardcastle-Geddes David Saef April 5, 2021

Hybrid Events Bring Back FOMO

Digital events have eliminated the fear of missing out from attendees’ minds, according to MeetingPlay CEO Joe Schwinger. But hybrid events are a way to reintroduce FOMO.

BY Casey Gale March 31, 2021

Digital Event Experiences That Go Places

After months of limited in-person social engagement, many in the business events industry are ready to experience real things, places, and spaces. Some organizations are doing just that, even through digital events.

BY Michelle Russell March 31, 2021

Virtually There: Connecting Digital Event Attendees to Physical Places

These digital gatherings connect participants to the physical world, transporting them to real places and engaging their senses and emotions.

BY Convene Editors March 31, 2021

Taking a Fundraising Auction and Gala Online

A case-study snapshot of how a local Humane Society exceeded expectations by changing up the format of its traditional in-person gala and auction to a live telethon-style broadcast.

BY Michelle Russell March 31, 2021

Petal Power Brings Participants Together

Zoom & Bloom takes virtual attendees through a shared sensory experience that may connect them to places and times in their lives — and leaves them with a skill for the future.

BY Barbara Palmer March 30, 2021