Digital Events

Best practices and case studies for pulling off exceptional virtual and hybrid meetings.

How One Event Company Leveled Up Its Exhibitor Sales Strategy

At an ECEF session, the president of the Americas at Reed Exhibitions shared how the pandemic forced the company to change the way it provides value to exhibitors, which starts with its new approach to hiring and retaining sales talent.

BY Michelle Russell July 31, 2023

Webinar: Engage Your Audience Everywhere: Onsite, Online, On Demand

Everyone’s busy. So busy, in fact, that they’re registering later than ever for events. How do you make your events more engaging? So your audience can’t afford to miss them? How do you make them engaging onsite, online, and on demand? To maximize your event ROI and deliver great results for your sponsors.

BY Joshua Butler Brian Monahan June 21, 2023

How the Metaverse Can Solve the Limitations of Physical Events

Yaron Lipshitz, CEO of event-tech company Allseated, on the business application of the metaverse to events.

BY Convene Editors March 31, 2023

What Exactly Is the Metaverse? Here’s One Expert’s Take.

Entrepreneur and academic Tommaso Di Bartolo, speaking at Convening Leaders 2023, tackled the metaverse questions many in events are asking.

BY Barbara Palmer March 31, 2023

Strategies to Boost Your Event’s Digital Revenue

At Convening Leaders 2023, two industry pros debated how to make digital events more profitable — here are their best ideas.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst March 13, 2023

Back to the Future: Revisiting Event Planner Predictions From 2012

A decade ago, a group of meeting planners predicted what the year 2022 would look like for the business events industry. They weren’t too far off base. 

BY Barbara Palmer February 20, 2023

A Master Class on Forgiveness — and How to Hold a Virtual Session

The inaugural Global Scientific Conference on Human Flourishing was held entirely online, attracting 4,000 viewers. Here’s how one session kept participants engaged.

BY Michelle Russell February 13, 2023

Science Group’s Hybrid Meetings Improve Access and Affordability

The Genetics Society of America’s hybrid format, pricing structure, and content strategy gives global participants a chance to share the science.

BY Barbara Palmer February 3, 2023

Event Organizers Need Some New Measuring Sticks

Having changed so many things about how we design our events over the past three years — including fresh ways of delivering content, connecting communities, and new pricing models — it’s also time to take a new look at how we measure success.

BY Beth Surmont February 3, 2023

Finding the ‘Sweet Spot’ for Anesthesiologist Group’s Annual Meeting

In November 2020, the American Society of Anesthesiologists took its annual meeting entirely online. Here’s what its digital event strategy looks like now.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst February 2, 2023

Breaking Through the Mindset of Digital vs. In-person Events

It’s time to experiment more with hybrid event formats, says Annalisa Ponchia Baccara, director of international congress development at AIM Group International.

BY Barbara Palmer January 30, 2023

AMDA’s Journey to Meeting Back In Person

The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine’s annual conference has undergone several transformations since 2020.Here’s what the society’s meetings manager, Kristin Pichon, has learned about her members as a result.

BY Casey Gale January 30, 2023

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