Digital Events

Best practices and case studies for pulling off exceptional virtual and hybrid meetings.

Prescribing a Hub-and-Spoke Approach

A medical conference in Italy was broadcast from a main studio to more than a dozen sites throughout the country, giving participants both a broad and localized learning experience.

BY Michelle Russell August 4, 2022

Meetings and Your Brain: Drawing a Joy Connection

In an experiment, a meeting session using the Piccles online drawing platform generated the greatest amount of happiness, validating research that connects drawing to decreased stress.

BY Barbara Palmer August 2, 2022

4 Design Options That Can Amplify Conference Content

As live conferences return, event organizers need to make complex decisions about how to incorporate digital product extensions into their business model. Here’s a framework to consider.

BY Dave Lutz, CMP June 27, 2022

Beer Company Steps up Game With Digital Meeting

The Boston Beer Company partnered with Van Wagner, a sports production company, to create a virtual corporate event that captured their employees’ attention more than their in-person annual meeting. 

BY Michelle Russell May 20, 2022

More Women Participated in Virtual Than In-Person Events

Two separate studies reveal that online events held during the pandemic resulted in increased participation among women as both as attendees and speakers, compared to their in-person, pre-pandemic versions.

BY Michelle Russell May 17, 2022

3 Trends and Events: Rewilding Spaces, Foraged Cocktails, and Metawork

Wunderman Thompson’s recent trend report, “The Future 100: 2022,” identifies 100 trends across industries. Three of those — rewilding spaces, foraged cocktails, and metawork — already are evident in the events landscape but could become even bigger influences in the future.

BY Curt Wagner May 2, 2022

PCMA EduCon Speaker Andrew Davis on Innovating for the Future of Events

At PCMA EduCon 2022, marketing expert Andrew Davis will share his theory on why you need a box to think outside the box.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst April 13, 2022

Monterey Convention Center Ready for its Close-up

Monterey Convention Center’s immersive studio with a wrap-around video wall delivers facility’s customers with a solution for hybrid and virtual meetings.

BY Barbara Palmer April 11, 2022

Hybrid Events: They Don’t Need to ‘Be Parallel’

The idea that hybrid events can or need to connect two live audiences is one of the “5 Greatest Myths About Virtual and Hybrid Events,” a new PCMA e-book available for download.

BY Michelle Russell March 31, 2022

How a Pandemic Problem Helped Innovate a GMID Program

After a year off due to COVID-19 in 2020, PCMA’s Capital Chapter switched its Hill Day advocacy event last year to virtual appointments with lawmakers and invited other PCMA chapters to lead the meet-ups — thereby increasing the number of participants and appointments. The chapter is building on that momentum for this year’s virtual Hill Day.

BY Curt Wagner March 10, 2022

Don’t Make Your Tech Tool Your North Star

Crafting a successful digital or hybrid attendee experience goes deeper than the technology you use. It’s about developing a foundational process that frees you up to be creative.

BY Joe Faulder February 24, 2022

Rethinking Marketing Personas for Events

The human dimensions that meeting participants bring to an event are too rich and multi-faceted to be contained within a set of personas, brand and engagement expert Tim Simpson told the Convening Leaders 2022 audience.

BY Barbara Palmer February 14, 2022