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The Trouble With Davos: World Economic Forum’s Delegate ‘Rankings’

As the World Economic Forum concludes this week, here are some unusual perspectives about the way it is organized and its outcomes.

BY Michelle Russell January 27, 2020

This Event Community Wants to Talk About F*!#ups

The full name of FUN may offend some, but the movement to celebrate screwups resonates with many professionals and organizations seeking to eliminate the stigma of failure.

BY David McMillin January 27, 2020

Three Tips for Telling Effective Data Stories

With the human brain wired to process stories, storytelling is crucial to getting a message across — and that includes narratives about data, says author Nancy Duarte, who shares three ways to do that.

BY Barbara Palmer January 27, 2020

Doing the Math on Exhibitor/Attendee Ratios

What’s the right number to aim for at an event with a mix of vendors and attendees? The PCMA Catalyst community weighs in.

BY Convene Editors January 23, 2020

MetMUnch Shows Its Okay to Play With Your Food

Manchester’s MetMUnch, which combines teaching and cooking, started as a way to get students excited about sustainability and health. It expanded to events, where it’s getting attendees excited about networking and experiences.

BY Barbara Palmer January 7, 2020

What Meeting Trends We’ll Be Watching in 2020

The editors of Convene looked back over 2019, asking this question: What’s one meeting and event trend on my radar in 2020?

BY Convene Editors January 6, 2020

Hands-on Help at Convening Leaders 2020

Hospitality Helping Hands volunteers sorted and packaged food donations to serve people in need.

BY Casey Gale January 5, 2020

Conference Brings Blockchain’s Possibilities to Life

With scannable food, helicopter-ride fares paid with cryptocurrency, and an on-site Bitcoin ATM, the 2019 Blockchain Futurist Conference walked and talked the block(chain).

BY David McMillin January 5, 2020

How the Annual Destination Wedding Planners Congress Marries Business With Pleasure

Approximately 500 wedding planners from 75-plus countries are expected to attend the 7th Annual Destination Wedding Planners Congress (DWP) in Rhodes, Greece, this April, marking a return to the country that hosted the inaugural DWP in Athens in 2014.

BY Casey Gale January 2, 2020

Breaking up With Exhibit Booths

Following years of declining satisfaction with its exhibition hall, the Warehousing Education and Research Council has eliminated old-school booths. Here’s a detailed look at the learning environment WERC is launching at its conference in May instead.

BY David McMillin January 1, 2020

DEI: Post-Event Reporting – Who Gets What?

Post event reporting can be complicated, especially when reporting to multiple stakeholder groups. As digital event producers, we need to report out event successes, failures and useful statistics to the right people. Download this resource now for examples of stakeholders groups and the reports that mean the most to each particular group.

December 19, 2019