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Beyond Sustainability Show and Tell

How a venue tour can be used as a tool to create more collaboration between meeting organizers and suppliers around creating more sustainable events.

BY Barbara Palmer June 14, 2024

Rethinking Swag at Events

Honeycomb Strategies has documented the life cycle of swag and its environmental impact. Here are some sustainable alternatives.

BY Michelle Russell June 14, 2024

Addressing Carbon-Intensive Air Travel in the Events Industry

At a PCMA Executive Leadership Summit in January, members of the C-suite explored solutions to current and potential disruptions in the business events industry, including curtailed travel to their in-person events because of sustainability concerns.

BY Michelle Russell June 14, 2024

Meetings and the Maker Movement

How does the maker movement intersect with business events and how can we tap into it for more meaningful experiences for our participants? Convene cast a wide net to find ideas for weaving more of what makes us human into our events.

BY Convene Editors June 13, 2024

Making Space for Makers in Portland

Portland’s My People’s Market has created opportunities for local makers and entrepreneurs who need a platform — and the events, tourism, and hospitality industries are a part of the mix.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst June 12, 2024

Planning for Conflict at Your Events

The policies you create to respond to potential harassment and discrimination at your meetings are a strong foundation for handling a variety of conflicts, says workplace harassment expert Paula Brantner.

BY Barbara Palmer June 12, 2024

Artisans Craft Ribbon Into a Unifying ‘Social Fabric’

A work of crochet that began as a religious offering has put a town in Jalisco, Mexico, on the map, in the Guinness Book of World Records, and center stage at expo events.

BY Michelle Russell June 11, 2024

Cowbells and Woolen Slippers — Cherished Handmade Gifts From Events

Event goers prize the handcrafted amenities they receive at conferences that convey a sense of place or a personal touch — and provide a lasting memory.

BY Magdalina Atanassova June 11, 2024

Taylor Swift: The European Conference Version

Taylor Swift’s globe-trotting Eras Tour continues to attract fans — and spark conferences about the artist’s social, musical, and economic impact. The latest, Tay Day, is being held in Liverpool this week to coincide with the megastar’s concert dates in the city.

BY Casey Gale June 10, 2024

5 Data Points to Attract and Retain Exhibitors and Attendees

At ECEF last month, Sam Lippman culled five main insights from recent Freeman research that should be top of mind for event organizers.

BY Michelle Russell June 10, 2024

Discovering Indigenous Culture Through Crafts and Stories

Marc Forgette, founder of Makatew Workshops, uses Indigenous crafting sessions at meetings and events to help participants focus on the story he shares about his Indigenous heritage.

BY Casey Gale June 10, 2024

How Knoxville Became a Model for Supporting Local Makers

As Etsy’s first official U.S. ‘Maker City,’ Knoxville, Tennessee, is growing the local economy through arts, crafts, and entrepreneurship.

BY Casey Gale June 9, 2024

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