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Current Events Bring Guarded Optimism for Industry Recovery

Business events professionals and their suppliers responding to the November Recovery Dashboard survey indicated they were both more and less hopeful about the future — depending on which question they were answering.

BY Michelle Russell November 23, 2020

How a Virtual Vaccinology Conference Catalyzed the Scientific Community Around COVID

A digital edition of a canceled in-person vaccinology conference helped to bring scientists from around the world together in June to focus their efforts on the coronavirus pandemic and continues to live online.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst November 23, 2020

Who Are the Most Popular Speakers and Why?

A U.K-based speakers bureau has crunched the numbers: Here are the most-searched TED speakers on YouTube.

BY Casey Gale November 23, 2020

The Environmental Case for Hybrid Events

Even before the pandemic, scientists were experimenting with meeting models that reduce the environmental impact of travel, while retaining the benefits of in-person communication.

BY Barbara Palmer November 20, 2020

#TwitterPoster Sessions Go Viral

As scientific meetings move to digital platforms, organizers are experimenting with new ways to retain interaction between researchers by tweaking how they present their work.

BY Barbara Palmer November 19, 2020

Webinar: Maintaining Key Connections

How can you continue to connect with others, reduce your own stress, and be an advocate for all your colleagues in the industry? In this session, Michael Levin will explore the stress you are experiencing and how to curb its negative effects. Michael will also discuss techniques to successfully network and continue to connect with others through this time of technology-based connections.

BY Michael Levin November 18, 2020

PCMA Refresh Session: Breathe. Stretch. Refresh.

Join global wellness expert Angela Gaffney for a quick refresh break in your day. The goal of these sessions is to inspire, ignite momentum and provide a quick refresh break to focus on your health, resilience and happiness. In this hands-on virtual experience you’ll enjoy practicing various breathing techniques and stretches to leave your body feeling calm, relaxed and refreshed. No experience necessary!

BY Angela Gaffney November 18, 2020

Why Virtual Events Require More Planning Time

The American Society for Radiation Oncology’s 2020 annual meeting offers a case-study example of how giving yourself enough time to plan a virtual event is critical to its success.

BY Casey Gale November 18, 2020

Webinar: How Indy is Successfully Hosting Live Events Right Now

Indy has welcomed over 50,000 attendees, across 21 live events and 65-days, with no known COVID cases. Through a five-tier approach, learn how Visit Indy, Indiana Convention Center, and Marion County Public Health Department are working together to successfully host live events in a safe and effective way. Indy officials will discuss their $7 million in safety enhancements, tactics towards devising a strong health mitigation plan, and a case study on a successful event from start to finish.

BY Krysten Douglas Daren Kingi Monique Wise November 17, 2020

Webinar: Successful Virtual Event Case Study: ACEP

A Case Study on the American College of Emergency Physicians’ highly successful virtual event. ACEP’s exhibitors had a wealth of sponsorship and booth options available, bringing them out of the virtual exhibit hall and integrating them into the overall experience. It’s time to redefine the virtual exhibitor experience, strengthening your event and expanding your revenue streams.

BY Donna Sanford Jodi Talia November 12, 2020

Virtual Events: 4 Ways to Raise the Bar

In the second half of 2020, many virtual conferences grew attendance, attracting global and non-member participants. Part of this growth — which improves reach and brand for organizers — can be attributed to significantly reduced registration pricing. 

BY Dave Lutz, CMP November 12, 2020

Get to Know: Explore St. Louis

Join Kitty Ratcliffe, President of Explore St. Louis for a virtual tour of the burgeoning and dynamic St. Louis convention package including a preview of the $175 million expansion and enhancement of the America’s Center Convention Complex. Attendees will learn about many of the new additions to St. Louis’ tourism line-up including the transformation beneath the iconic Gateway Arch, Ballpark Village at Busch Stadium, St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station as week as several new branded and boutique hotels. In addition, Kitty will highlight the health safety protocols in place to ensure a safe and enjoyable attendee experience.

BY Kathleen Ratcliffe November 11, 2020