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Two for One: How Organizers Combined a Food Writers Conference With a Food and Music Festival

When Hanna Raskin, food editor and chief critic for Charleston, South Carolina’s Post and Courier newspaper, was elected board president of the Association of Food Journalists (AFJ) last year, she accepted under one condition: that AFJ suspend its multi-day conference. AFJ’s executive director, Amanda Miller, agreed. The national conference held Sept. 25–28, 2018, in Phoenix,

BY Kinsey Gidick December 2, 2019

How the International Baking Industry Exposition’s Marketing Strategy Keeps the Event Fresh

The International Baking Industry Exposition’s marketing strategy has been the yeast that makes the event rise to the top in a highly challenging environment.

BY Kate Ammerman Jacquelyn Wells December 2, 2019

How to Create Impactful Learning Experiences at Your Events

Christine Renaud, CEO of e180, shares what she has learned about collaborative and peer-to-peer learning from how professionals interact using the company’s Braindate platform — including how to flip the traditional teacher/student model.

BY Christine Renaud December 2, 2019

Creating a Safe Space for Failure

Most conference programs focus on success stories and examples of leaders who have taken the right path to get positive results. Those kinds of case studies make sense. After all, attendees want to recreate those positive outcomes for themselves and their organizations. “Everyone enjoys talking about successes and how great they are,” Wayan Vota, a

BY David McMillin December 2, 2019

Summit of Minds: ‘Great People, Great Content, and the Great Outdoors’

Now in its sixth year, Summit of Minds draws 300 thought leaders across different disciplines to the French Alps to explore weighty issues of the day — and the surrounding awe-inspiring terrain.

BY Nancy Mann Jackson November 27, 2019

How EDUCAUSE’s 2019 Annual Conference Made Inclusivity a Priority

EDUCAUSE made inclusivity a priority at its 2019 annual conference — in the forms of simple, handwritten notes of encouragement, an AI translation program, and an indoor park.

BY Jennifer Dienst November 27, 2019

Recycling and Repurposing? The NARA Is on It

The rendering industry’s role in the fuel industry was a hot topic among the attendees of the North American Renderers Association Annual Convention.

BY Casey Gale November 26, 2019

Prepping Industry Speakers for Your Events

You may think you do a good job of preparing your presenters, but there’s a lot at stake. Here are tips to help them do their best and provide the greatest value to your audience.

BY Dave Lutz, CMP November 25, 2019

Why We Like WCIT 2019: IT Leaders, Lightning Rounds, and Kim Kardashian

The 23rd World Congress on Information Technology convened for the first time in Armenia, bringing together tech giants — and others — for an innovative, ever-improving program to challenge the industry.

BY Casey Gale November 22, 2019

Shoptalk’s All-Women Speaker Lineup Is Bold. Is It Fair?

Shoptalk’s decision to go with female-only speakers at its 2020 event was applauded widely as a bold move, but not uniformly seen as a good idea. Here are two things to consider.

BY Barbara Palmer November 22, 2019

Can Creativity Be Learned? Allen Gannett Thinks So

The author of The Creative Curve, who will present an Event Strategy and Design studio session at PCMA Convening Leaders 2020, shares four steps event organizers can take to approach their events with greater creativity.

BY Cristi Kempf November 21, 2019

Managing Speaker Info Overload

What’s the most effective way to share the volume of information your event speakers will need? Planners on PCMA’s Catalyst forum offer expert advice.

BY Convene Editors November 14, 2019