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Tip Sheet for Eliminating Single-Use Plastics from a Conference

After creating a near plastic-free annual conference, the Australian Marine Sciences Association and event management organization Encanta created a tip sheet for other groups hoping to reduce the use of plastics at meetings. They share what they did, what they missed, what they learned, and what challenges remain.

August 18, 2019

ASH Annual Meeting Gets Artsy for Attendee Wellness

The American Society of Hematology asked health-care practitioners, whose own wellness often takes a back seat, to answer the question, “What Keeps Your Heart in Medicine?”— through an art installation at its annual meeting.

BY Michelle Russell August 15, 2019

Inscribed with Care: Dear World’s Storytelling for Events

Dear World’s mission is to create experiences through the sharing of personal stories. Here’s what that looked like at PCMA’s Education Conference

BY Curt Wagner August 12, 2019

Best in Show 2019: Inspiring Examples of Meeting Design

There’s no shortage of creativity when it comes to professionals designing their events. For this year’s annual Best in Show, Convene shares how some organizers’ innovative initiatives have set their events apart.

BY Convene Editors August 12, 2019

International Literacy Association Goes Back to School for Event

The International Literacy Association met the challenge of delivering an exceptional professional development experience on a limited operational budget by holding its conference in a unique — and yet entirely fitting — setting.

BY Cristi Kempf August 12, 2019

Innovative World Tunnel Congress Program Digs into Naples Locations

For the 2019 World Tunnel Congress, organizer AIM Group International mined unusual off-site locations in Naples — including, you guessed it, in tunnels — to both educate and create a strong sense of place.

BY Curt Wagner August 12, 2019

IBA’s Welcome Party Entices All 5 Senses

AIM Group International created a gala dinner that wowed 4,000 International Bar Association conference participants. How? For starters, with the setting, a villa outside of Rome, where construction work began in 1598 and the views go on forever.

BY Curt Wagner Lane Nieset August 12, 2019

Having a Heart for Financially-Challenged, International Attendees

The Heart Rhythm Society lowered registration fees for conference participants coming from lower- and lower-middle income countries in order to spread electrophysiology education to developing economies.

BY David McMillin August 12, 2019

Community Activities Build Connections Among Conference Participants

Sustainable Brands chose Detroit to host its conference, and used interactive experiences in parts of the city as ways to showcase how to respond to sustainability challenges.

BY Barbara Palmer August 12, 2019

Workshop Battles Boredom by Dropping Lectures for Experiences

The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers declared war on boring lectures with a two-day leadership workshop held at the National World War II Museum.

BY Barbara Palmer August 12, 2019

Climate Debate: Caring for the Planet vs. Flying to Conferences

Climate activists are looking to ground air travel — which has a direct impact on the business events industry.

BY David McMillin August 9, 2019

Not Your Average Survey: The UN Wants to Hear from Meetings Industry

Meeting professionals are invited to help the United Nations understand how to better include the industry in achieving its global sustainability goals.

BY Barbara Palmer August 9, 2019