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More Women Participated in Virtual Than In-Person Events

Two separate studies reveal that online events held during the pandemic resulted in increased participation among women as both as attendees and speakers, compared to their in-person, pre-pandemic versions.

BY Michelle Russell May 17, 2022

Calling for a Regenerative Business Events Industry

It’s now or never. That stark assessment comes from the scientists who authored the most recent update to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, released by the United

BY Barbara Palmer May 16, 2022

Conference Shares Prague Congress Centre With Ukraine Refugees

World Environmental Education Congress organizers had no time to plan a formal community service project for the Ukrainian refugees housed in the Prague Congress Centre during the time of their conference, but participants found ways to demonstrate their support. 

BY Michelle Russell May 13, 2022

Experience Columbus’ Return on (Diversity) Investment

Why a diversity apprenticeship program in Columbus, Ohio, is going all in on expanding access to management positions for people of color in the hospitality, travel, and events sectors.

BY Barbara Palmer May 9, 2022

3 Trends and Events: Rewilding Spaces, Foraged Cocktails, and Metawork

Wunderman Thompson’s recent trend report, “The Future 100: 2022,” identifies 100 trends across industries. Three of those — rewilding spaces, foraged cocktails, and metawork — already are evident in the events landscape but could become even bigger influences in the future.

BY Curt Wagner May 2, 2022

PCMA EduCon Speaker Andrew Davis on Innovating for the Future of Events

At PCMA EduCon 2022, marketing expert Andrew Davis will share his theory on why you need a box to think outside the box.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst April 13, 2022

Monterey Convention Center Ready for its Close-up

Monterey Convention Center’s immersive studio with a wrap-around video wall delivers facility’s customers with a solution for hybrid and virtual meetings.

BY Barbara Palmer April 11, 2022

The Future of Mask Mandates at Meetings

Mask mandates have been lifted in most parts of the United States, but the potential for another COVID-19 surge lingers. Should associations with in-person meetings this spring and summer maintain the mask mandates they previously had in place? Event organizers in the PCMA Catalyst community discussed the topic.

BY Convene Editors April 8, 2022

10 Timely Insights for Producing an Event in 2022

What to keep in mind — and what to ignore — as you plan your in-person events this year.

BY Kimberly Hardcastle-Geddes April 6, 2022

Making CSR Part of the Event’s Fabric

The American Quilter’s Society’s QuiltWeek events make it possible for participants to give back to the local community in the best way they can.

BY Michelle Russell April 4, 2022

Hybrid Events: They Don’t Need to ‘Be Parallel’

The idea that hybrid events can or need to connect two live audiences is one of the “5 Greatest Myths About Virtual and Hybrid Events,” a new PCMA e-book available for download.

BY Michelle Russell March 31, 2022

3 Trends Shaping Events: Immersive Sound, Microadventures, and ‘Reformatted’ Department Stores

Wunderman Thompson’s recent trend report, “The Future 100: 2022,” identifies 100 trends across industries. The Convene team has hand-picked more than a dozen of these trends that we think will have an impact on the business events industry. Here are three.

BY Barbara Palmer March 31, 2022