Meeting Management

Capitol Hill Addresses Visa Wait Time Issue

Convention attendees and exhibitors from some non-U.S. destinations have been contending with visitor visa processing times as long as 800 days, negatively impacting international participation at U.S.-based events. New legislation targeting the issue offers some hope.

BY Casey Gale September 22, 2023

Should You Break the Bank to Hire a Celebrity Speaker?

More seats remain empty at keynote and main sessions. Here’s why featuring celebrities probably isn’t the answer to filling them — and what audiences care about instead, according to research from Freeman.

BY Barbara Palmer June 12, 2023

How Event Destinations Are Facing the Crime Challenge

With meeting professionals making safety and security a top priority for their events, destinations are finding innovative solutions to augment public safety programs.

BY Barbara Palmer March 20, 2023

Transforming Your Events Business Model

At a Convening Leaders 2023 session, three event leaders shared how their business model has evolved to include digital opportunities.

BY Michelle Russell February 24, 2023

Finding Event Registration Patterns

One group of planners shared their registration pickup data for their 2022 events vs. their pre-COVID events to identify trends that may continue in the short term.

BY Christine Shimasaki, CDME, CMP February 20, 2023

How to Open — and Close — a Meeting

In our latest Meetings and Your Brain column, we look at why the first and last 5 percent of a meeting “really matters,” as conflict resolution facilitator Priya Parker says.

BY Barbara Palmer November 28, 2022

Looking Forward — and Planning for More Uncertainty in Business Events

While the worst of the pandemic may be behind us, one event organizer sees the fallout as affecting business events into the “near future,” and is preparing for more uncertainty.

BY Curt Wagner November 21, 2022

Investing in Company Culture Brings Employees Together in Tough Times

In the third in a series about dealing with uncertainty, the CEO of photo and video company Snapbar shares how four business pivots in two years has taken a toll, but the entire team stepped up to meet the challenge.

BY Barbara Palmer November 7, 2022

‘History Starts Now’ for Business Events Industry

Heather Seasholtz, CMP-Fellow, DES, was laid off from her job at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the two years since, she’s learned to harness uncertainty in ways she never anticipated.

BY Casey Gale October 31, 2022

‘There’s no Obstacle Too Big’ to Derail Association’s Annual Event

CEO of the Insurance Accounting and Systems Association reflects on what she learned from her experience navigating a double whammy — a COVID surge and hurricane — happening at the same time as her annual in-person conference.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst October 24, 2022

3 Shifts in Event Sustainability

Meeting professionals aren’t going back to planning exactly the same events they held in 2019, and they aren’t returning to the same conversations about sustainability they were having before the pandemic. Here are three ways industry experts in sustainability say the landscape is changing.

BY Barbara Palmer October 10, 2022

Prescribing a Hub-and-Spoke Approach

A medical conference in Italy was broadcast from a main studio to more than a dozen sites throughout the country, giving participants both a broad and localized learning experience.

BY Michelle Russell August 4, 2022

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