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Money-saving, revenue-raising, and risk-management strategies for meetings and trade shows of all sizes. And we look at the logistics of international meetings, from cultural concerns to business practices around the globe.

Real-Life Examples Show the Importance of In-Person Events

Perhaps we once took for granted the larger role that face-to-face events play in our society, but the past year has shown us that they are far more than economic engines. These case studies show how physical events have given fledgling industries a foot-hold and path to success.

BY David McMillin Convene Editors June 1, 2021

How Events Helped a ‘Fringe’ Diet Lifestyle Go Mainstream

Once considered a counter-culture movement, veganism is now embraced by a worldwide community and has become a multi-billion dollar industry — partly thanks to strategic business event planning.

BY David McMillin May 31, 2021

How Bitcoin Took Off Only After its Champions Met IRL

Recognizing that in-person conversations would be important to the development of the digital financial system, Keynote CEO Moe Levin launched a 2013 event for 300 attendees, some who now are considered pioneers in cryptocurrency. In 2018, 6,000 attended The North American Bitcoin Conference.

BY David McMillin May 31, 2021

Pumping New Life Into Associations’ Online Revenue Streams

The pivot to digital events has constricted many associations’ revenue streams. But the American Society of Hematology bucked that trend by developing a successful new model for sponsors for its virtual 2020 event and a pricing structure for all participants based on a metric that makes sense in an online environment: time.

BY Michelle Russell May 29, 2021

Why In-Person AI Conferences Are Critical to Society’s Future

An article in The New Yorker earlier this year clearly spelled out how conferences serve as the de-facto lens for ethical considerations of artificial intelligence (AI) applications.

BY Michelle Russell May 28, 2021

Behind the Conference That Opened Doors for Airbnb

How the Airbnb Open event, conceived as a ‘World’s Fair for Airbnb hosts,’ demonstrably accelerated the company’s growth.

BY David McMillin May 27, 2021

Webinar: Crafting High Impact, Authentic Stories to Drive Connection

Join Haute Dokimazo’s Liz Lathan and Nicole Osibodu as we break the virtual barrier and collaborate on a story crafting workshop using the Innovator’s Compass! Liz and Nicole are the lead contributors to The 7 Change Actions Module 5, Authenticity.

BY Liz Lathan Nicole Osibodu May 18, 2021

Risk Brings Rewards for Event Production Company

Signature Production Group, previously specializing in live events, leaned into the pandemic shutdown, investing in and expanding its business to include virtual and hybrid production.

BY Curt Wagner May 12, 2021

Same Pandemic, New Challenges

Unemployment among meeting professionals ticked upward this spring, according to a survey conducted by Global DMC Partners, as the challenges around meeting during a pandemic continue to evolve.

BY Barbara Palmer May 11, 2021

Is the Shuttered Venue Operators Grant Open to Exhibition Organizers?

Convene reached out to the Exhibitions and Conferences Alliance for answers about the grant, part of the recently passed American Rescue Plan.

BY Michelle Russell April 30, 2021

Response Room Aims to Solve Planner Challenges

The open platform started by the GCB German Convention Bureau in cooperation with PCMA and the IMEX Group crowdsources ideas to innovate the industry from within.

BY Curt Wagner April 20, 2021

Hybrid Events Bring Back FOMO

Digital events have eliminated the fear of missing out from attendees’ minds, according to MeetingPlay CEO Joe Schwinger. But hybrid events are a way to reintroduce FOMO.

BY Casey Gale March 31, 2021