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Money-saving, revenue-raising, and risk-management strategies for meetings and trade shows of all sizes. And we look at the logistics of international meetings, from cultural concerns to business practices around the globe.

Hybrid Events Bring Back FOMO

Digital events have eliminated the fear of missing out from attendees’ minds, according to MeetingPlay CEO Joe Schwinger. But hybrid events are a way to reintroduce FOMO.

BY Casey Gale March 31, 2021

Risk and Recovery Concerns of Event Organizers and Suppliers

As organizers work through pre-pandemic contractual commitments, they are finding their supply-chain relationships tested like never before.

BY Dave Lutz, CMP March 26, 2021

Enforcing Mask Mandates at Events

The heated debate over wearing face masks in public is carrying over to in-person business events, raising the question: Who is in charge of enforcing COVID-safe attendee behavior? Organizers or venues?

BY David McMillin Michelle Russell March 26, 2021

Business Events Recovery: ‘We Have a Human Need to Meet’

Digital events can never fully replace face-to-face events, says Juliano Lissoni, MCI Group Canada’s managing director, who shares the biological, emotional, and economic reasons why we need to gather in person.

BY Michelle Russell March 19, 2021

Webinar: Let’s Get Hybrid! How to Create Successful Events In a Post-Pandemic World

We’re all gearing up for Hybrid Events. This expert panel will bring multiple perspectives to the table about how to define hybrid events, ways to create exceptional experiences for all your audiences, and what’s needed to define and implement a successful hybrid strategy.

BY Joe Felperin Lisa Block Deborah Stokes Tyra Dyson Meghan Gowen March 17, 2021

Digital or In-Person? Gen Z’s Surprising Pick for Future Events

PCMA didn’t ask generational experts to theorize what the next generation entering the workforce values about business events. Instead, PCMA asked them themselves. Here’s what they had to say.

BY Michelle Russell February 26, 2021

What LEGO, Economic Development, and Events Have in Common

Economic Development Winnipeg found a way to use a team member’s pandemic pastime and LEGO sets to help explain in simple terms how tourism and business events are integral to economic development.

BY Curt Wagner February 25, 2021

Webinar: Business Relationship Best Practices for Meeting Planners and Suppliers

What are the best ways to handle RFPs? Who is responsible for what once the contract is signed? How can buyers and suppliers get the most out of their relationships? Join this exclusive panel led by CadmiumCD Business Development Director, Joe Felperin, to explore these questions and more.

BY Dharmesh Dayabhai Joe Felperin February 17, 2021

Webinar: Proven Content Strategies to Boost Online Audience Engagement

Discover how one organization cracked the code to continuously grow their online audience (and revenue). In this webinar, Celess Tyrell, Director of Online Learning & Innovation at the American Nephrology Nurses Association (ANNA) reveals content tips and strategies your organization should execute.

BY Donna Kastner Celess Tyrell Brian Zambotti February 11, 2021

How to Rebuild Your Business Model from Square One

Convening Leaders speaker and innovation coach Shamira Miller on getting the wheels of inspiration spinning.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst January 20, 2021

Updated Business Events Compass Reveals a Big Bounce

Hope for a better 2021 surged among business event planners and event participants in the latest installment of the Business Events Compass, although challenges remain.

BY Michelle Russell January 14, 2021

An Easy Way to Remember the 5 Rules for Better Negotiations

Convening Leaders speaker and expert on collaborative business relationships Kate Vitasek offered a framework for event professionals to rethink their transactional approach to contracts.

BY Curt Wagner January 14, 2021