Audience Acquisition & Engagement

Strategies for getting the right attendees to your meeting and keeping them engaged while they are there and after.

20 Bright Ideas for Personalizing Attendee Experiences

Real-world examples of ways to make sure your event attendees don’t get lost in the crowd at large events.

BY Barbara Palmer February 7, 2024

What Event Attendees Want Now

A new Freeman Trends Report looks at what attendees want from events in 2024 — and it is not more of the same.

BY Barbara Palmer January 16, 2024

What Do the World’s Simplest Brands Share With Events?

At PCMA’s Convening EMEA in Copenhagen in September, a global brand strategist explored how the most memorable brands embrace simplicity.

BY Michelle Russell November 1, 2023

Registration Is Down and It’s Almost Show Time?

Attendees are registering later in the event cycle. Here are three steps event marketers can take to fully maximize conversions in the final weeks to reach their goals.

BY Kimberly Hardcastle-Geddes October 9, 2023

The New Language of Events Spoken by Today’s Audiences

Commonly used industry terms like “hybrid” and “plenary” aren’t resonating with event attendees, and some terminology even makes attendees cringe, according to a Freeman analysis. Here’s how to replace traditional industry lingo with words that today’s audiences want to use so we can better engage them.

BY Barbara Palmer October 5, 2023

Taking a Lesson From Lego

Lego has successfully tapped into the creativity and passion of its fans to bring innovative new products to market. Here’s how associations can follow their lead by leaning into their member community.

BY Juliano Lissoni September 22, 2023

Bridging the Generation Gap at Events

An intergenerational session at an annual medical conference benefits both junior and senior participants.

BY Curt Wagner August 4, 2023

How to Engage Next-Gen Members

Kenes Group’s Louise Gorringe opens the event-planning company’s idea book for helping association clients engage with their early-career members.

BY Curt Wagner August 4, 2023

Want to Future-Proof Your Events? Delight a Gen Z Audience.

Freeman’s recent Gen Z Report suggests tactics to start cultivating this growing attendee base.

BY Magdalina Atanassova July 21, 2023

International Marketing in a Post-Pandemic World

Three practical ways to adapt your marketing to international audiences in a changing global environment.

BY Anjia Nicolaidis July 21, 2023

A Fresh Crop of Exhibit Managers

The results of a recent survey among 1,500-plus exhibitors/sponsors presents a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” to make brand-new exhibit managers fans of the events industry, said ECEF’s Sam Lippman, who offered additional insights about the state of the convention industry at his recent Exhibition & Convention Executives Forum (ECEF).

BY Michelle Russell July 19, 2023

4 Ways to Help Attendees Navigate Your Event

For many annual meetings, the Great Resignation has resulted in erosion of loyal, regular attendees and an increase in first-timers whose experience can be improved with guidance on the best course for them to follow during your program. 

BY Dave Lutz, CMP July 17, 2023

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