Audience Acquisition & Engagement

Strategies for getting the right attendees to your meeting and keeping them engaged while they are there and after.

An Events Industry Leader’s Strategies for Managing Stress

Here’s what changed SITE CEO Annette Gregg’s mind about workplace mental health.

BY Barbara Palmer June 10, 2024

Drawing People Together

New research shows that visual art can do more than add beauty to your events — it can help build connections.

BY Barbara Palmer May 13, 2024

edUcon 2024 Preview: ‘People Really Crave Connection’

Charlie Todd, founder of the comedy collective Improv Everywhere, will talk about creating joyful shared experiences for conference attendees on the edUcon 2024 Main Stage in Detroit.

BY Curt Wagner April 29, 2024

Rethinking Early-Bird Pricing — and Other Time-Honored Registration Strategies

A new “Registration Insights Report” from Maritz draws on more than 360,000 attendee registration records over a three-year period to identify new registration booking behaviors, yielding surprising findings about who spends more — early birds or latecomers — at events.

BY Michelle Russell April 15, 2024

Survey Explores Speaker and Planner Dynamics

The “2024 Speaking Industry Benchmark Report” offers insights into the current state of the relationship between planners and speakers — and how speaker selection factors into an event’s success.

BY Curt Wagner April 15, 2024

How Your Brain Values an Experience

Neuroscientist Paul Zak on how immersion is created — and how to make the most of it.

BY Barbara Palmer April 10, 2024

4 Ways to DIY a Speaker Coaching Program

Even if planners don’t have the resources to hire a professional coach, there are ways they can improve their speakers’ effectiveness.

BY Barbara Palmer April 9, 2024

Inside WorldatWork’s Speaker Coaching Program

WorldatWork’s Courtney Mesmer developed a speaker coaching program to improve the participant experience at her organization’s annual conference. That initiative not only transformed the conference but rippled throughout the organization.

BY Barbara Palmer April 8, 2024

Creative Thinking and the Future of Event Marketing

Event marketers can take a page from content creators, says Kobe Global Technologies CEO Evangeline Leong, keynote speaker at PCMA APAC’s The Business of Events.

BY Curt Wagner March 25, 2024

10 Fun Social-Media Trends to Try

We’ve got two handfuls of easy ways to generate engagement for your event on social media.

BY Sara Fellows March 8, 2024

20 Bright Ideas for Personalizing Attendee Experiences

Real-world examples of ways to make sure your event attendees don’t get lost in the crowd at large events.

BY Barbara Palmer February 7, 2024

What Event Attendees Want Now

A new Freeman Trends Report looks at what attendees want from events in 2024 — and it is not more of the same.

BY Barbara Palmer January 16, 2024

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