Audience Acquisition & Engagement

Strategies for getting the right attendees to your meeting and keeping them engaged while they are there and after.

On Belonging: Does Your Event Create Meaningful Human Connections?

Life-changing events are about more than the bacon donuts. People come back to an event when they feel like they belong.

BY Christine Renaud November 6, 2019

Conference Brings Blockchain’s Possibilities to Life

With scannable food, helicopter-ride fares paid with cryptocurrency, and an on-site Bitcoin ATM, the 2019 Blockchain Futurist Conference walked and talked the block(chain).

BY David McMillin November 5, 2019

CEIR Research Shows ‘Vibrant Market’ for Sponsorships

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research’s new study finds that eight out of every 10 exhibitors have invested in sponsorships in the past two years.

BY Michelle Russell October 28, 2019

How One Conference Sponsor Achieves High ROI

One sponsor at the Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society medical conference has experienced a consistently high ROI for eight years. The meeting manager shares how they did it.

BY David McMillin September 30, 2019

How Destinations International Put Attendees in the Spotlight

The destination marketing industry may speak with one voice, but it sings with many. Here’s how Destinations International debuted its own house band at its 2019 Annual Convention.

BY Michelle Russell September 24, 2019

Car Wash Show’s Shiny, New Approach to Event Marketing

At 9,500 participants and 400 exhibiting companies, The Car Wash Show 2019 was International Carwash Association’s (ICA) largest show ever. It didn’t get there by staying stuck in neutral.

BY Kimberly Hardcastle-Geddes September 20, 2019

Help Attendees Maximize On-Site Experiences — Before They Even Pack

Your attendees are likely too busy to preplan their experience at your event. To ensure their ROI, consider taking a cue from Dreamforce’s weekly broadcast approach to pre-conference engagement.

BY David McMillin September 16, 2019

The Coolest — And Hoppiest — Way to Print a Program?

Everyone wants to go paperless, but some attendees still want to hold a schedule in their hands. One music festival solved that dilemma with a daily program provided in a most unusual place.

BY David McMillin September 10, 2019

Word Up: Takeaways from Destinations International 2019

As its member CVBs battle funding issues and face media scrutiny, Destinations International shared at its annual convention a new lexicon for them to use to help transform their public positioning.

BY David McMillin August 28, 2019

Four Tips to Include in Your Event Marketing Plan

While there’s room in an event marketing plan for the standard press release and reputation management tactics, it’s becoming increasingly important to stay on top of trends that are at the height of PR fashion.

BY Kimberly Hardcastle-Geddes Kate Blom-Lowery August 23, 2019

BMES Engineers Registration Fee Savings for Student Attendees

Each year, a volunteer program at the Biomedical Engineering Society Annual Meeting gives student attendees an opportunity to work off their registration fee.

BY Cristi Kempf August 12, 2019

RIMS’ Conference Exhibitors Face Off in Start-Up Stadium

Six emerging start-up exhibitors at RIMS Conference demonstrated their technologies during a “Shark Tank”–style showdown judged by an expert panel of risk professionals.

BY Barbara Palmer August 12, 2019