CMP Series Required Reading

Our series dives deep into essential meeting planner skills that align with the CMP Blueprint. Read the article and supplemental material and test your understanding and you could earn one clock hour toward CMP certification — our gift to you.
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CMP Series: How to Negotiate Better With Hotels

It may be tough to negotiate in a sellers’ market, but hotels don’t hold all the chips. Successful negotiators share their tactics for reaching a fair deal.

BY Ellen Ryan October 31, 2018

‘Something We Have to Fix’

How the meetings industry is responding to homelessness.

BY Barbara Palmer September 26, 2018


Daniel Pink applies the scientific insights in his bestselling book “When” to the scheduling of event programs.

BY Michelle Russell June 26, 2018

Mindfulness: Working With Your Emotions

Meditation is a powerful tool for increasing focus and reducing stress, but who has time to sit on a cushion at work? Leah Weiss teaches business students and organizations the skills to bring mindfulness into the fray of the workplace.

BY Barbara Palmer June 1, 2018

Design Thinking: An Event Strategist’s Toolkit

Does design thinking sound like a warm and fuzzy approach to meeting planning? Warm, yes, because it’s human-centered. But considering our handful of clear strategies, there’s nothing fuzzy about it.

BY Barbara Palmer May 1, 2018

Is Science Under Fire?

Amid stories of a drop in the participation of U.S. government–funded scientists at conferences and uncertainty over international travel to the U.S., three experts weigh in on the pressures on international scientific meetings.

BY Convene Editors March 1, 2018

How the Radiological Society of North America Created a Hybrid Success

The Radiological Society of North America stages a huge in-person conference and an increasingly robust hybrid meeting. Participation in both is only growing.

BY Casey Gale February 1, 2018

Playing Around: What Event Strategists Can Learn From Esports

Yes, there’s an entire industry dedicated to people who play video games competitively. It’s called esports — and there are things it can teach you about compelling online content.

BY Jasmine Zhu February 1, 2018

Let the Games Begin: The Olympics and the Future of Live-Streaming

NBC is planning to live-stream a record-breaking amount of programming from the Winter Olympics this month. What can event organizers learn from that?

BY David McMillin February 1, 2018

Creating Compelling Digital Experiences

The art and science of combining digital and face-to-face experiences in your meetings strategy.

BY Convene Editors February 1, 2018

Can Social VR Transform Events?

Putting on a headset can be antisocial — unless it connects an attendee with millions of other users.

BY Barbara Palmer January 30, 2018

Designing Digital Events That Work

Jennifer Kingen Kush, DES, executive director of the Digital Experience Institite talks about the current best practices for digital meetings — and their very bright future.

BY Christopher Durso January 26, 2018