CMP Series Required Reading

Our series dives deep into essential meeting planner skills that align with the CMP Blueprint. Read the article and supplemental material and test your understanding and you could earn one clock hour toward CMP certification — our gift to you.

Crowd Control: The Events Industry and Overtourism

As cities around the world recalculate the cost of tourism to their communities, business event organizers have an outsized opportunity to make a positive difference. But that doesn’t mean that it’s business as usual.

BY Jennifer Dienst Barbara Palmer September 3, 2019

Will Automation Put Women Out of Work?

Experts say the gender issues that traditionally have impacted women more than their male counterparts could create even bigger barriers for them as all workers face changes in technology and automation.

BY Barbara Palmer August 22, 2019

Will Automation Make Your Job Obsolete?

A pair of Oxford University researchers calculated the likelihood that jobs across a wide range of industries and professions could be lost to automation. Where do event organizers fall on the list?

BY Barbara Palmer August 1, 2019

Why the Workplace of the Future Is Emotional

Feel like you have to check your emotions at the door when you go to work? In the future, say the authors of a new book, that will no longer be the case.

BY Michelle Russell August 1, 2019

Holding on to What Makes Us Human in an Automated Future 

As AI makes inroads into areas that have traditionally been the domain of humans, the question becomes: Where will people fit in, particularly when it comes to work? Let’s take a peek into the future. You might want to buckle up.

BY Barbara Palmer Michelle Russell August 1, 2019

You Can’t Automate the Care, Skills of Maintainers

What began as a joke between two professors has grown into a movement to further the work of professionals “who keep our world from falling apart.”

BY Michelle Russell July 31, 2019

Keeping the Future Human Against Technology’s Onslaught

We can’t stop technology, author Douglas Rushkoff says, but in our rush to develop AI, we’re in danger of leaving behind the values we prize most as a society. Events have a role to play in addressing that.

BY Barbara Palmer July 31, 2019

These Job Skills Once Topped a Forecast for 2020. Do They Hold Up?

A lot has changed in the last five years, when the business website Inc. published a list of job skills pundits predicted would be critical in 2020. But, although we suggest a few tweaks, much of the advice is holding up.

BY Barbara Palmer July 31, 2019

Experiential Marketing and the ‘Future of Meeting and Events’

Two striking examples of how to pull off immersive events: Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked, and from a venue standpoint, the ways the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center delivers on the experiential trends identified in the PCMA Foundation/Marriott future of events study.

BY Nancy Mann Jackson Barbara Palmer July 1, 2019

The Toll Ageism Takes on People — and Businesses

Here’s what an ageism activist, communications exec, and serial hospitality entrepreneur say about why a truly inclusive and diverse workforce must be multi-generational — and what that looks like and how it benefits society as a whole.

BY Convene Editors June 1, 2019

Ashton Applewhite: Crusader Against Ageism

In general, people are living and working longer than they have at any time in human history. What if, asks Ashton Applewhite, instead of seeing age — and aging workers — in a negative light, we looked at longevity as the asset that it is?

BY Barbara Palmer May 30, 2019

Patti Temple Rocks Hopes Book Will Spark Conversations About Ageism

Her new book, ‘I’m Not Done: It’s Time to Talk About Ageism in the Workplace,’ is as much a personal statement as a sentiment shared by her entire Boomer generation.

BY Michelle Russell May 30, 2019