CMP Series Required Reading

Our series dives deep into essential meeting planner skills that align with the CMP Blueprint. Read the article and supplemental material and test your understanding and you could earn one clock hour toward CMP certification — our gift to you.

Practicing Empathy at Work and Events

Empathy is not just a soft skill that’s necessary to cultivate to lead teams and design events post-pandemic, it’s practical and effective.

BY Michelle Russell Barbara Palmer June 8, 2023

Meeting in the Metaverse

How the events industry is exploring the metaverse’s current and future potential.

BY Convene Editors March 31, 2023

The Transformation of Business Events

What event organizers have learned about what their audiences want now.

BY Convene Editors February 6, 2023

Designing Events That Create a Sense of Belonging

Now that in-person events have resumed, organizers can reignite among participants the sense that a common purpose bonds them together. Here’s how, according to experts across different fields.

BY Convene Editors December 16, 2022

Convene’s Events Industry Forecast for 2023

We’ve brought back the industry forecast, curating research and trends in travel, hospitality, events, event tech — and, new this year, hybrid work — to offer a (somewhat) clearer picture of where we may be headed.

BY Convene Editors December 6, 2022

3 Shifts in Event Sustainability

Meeting professionals aren’t going back to planning exactly the same events they held in 2019, and they aren’t returning to the same conversations about sustainability they were having before the pandemic. Here are three ways industry experts in sustainability say the landscape is changing.

BY Barbara Palmer October 10, 2022

Salary Survey 2022: Calculating the Pandemic’s Effect on Event Organizers’ Compensation, Day-to-Day Work

Planners may be better compensated than before COVID but there’s also a sense of unrest over the continuing uncertainties in the business events industry, according to the latest Convene Salary Survey.

BY Michelle Russell September 8, 2022

Is the Talent Challenge Choking the Business Events Industry’s Recovery?

The events industry, hit particularly hard by the pandemic, is feeling the sting as business returns with a lack of talented professionals — on the planning and supplier sides — to pull off events.

BY Convene Editors August 12, 2022

Using Event Data to Chart a Path Forward

Collecting data about events is critical, but planners need to communicate those stats and numbers through a compelling story that helps stakeholders take action. Here’s how to get started. 

BY Michelle Russell Barbara Palmer July 6, 2022

Mental Wellness: How the Business Events Industry is Coping

It’s about time we have a conversation about mental health and wellbeing in the business events industry — how we foster it for each other in our workplaces and our participants at our events.

BY Michelle Russell Barbara Palmer June 9, 2022

How Convention Centers Are Evolving in a New Events Landscape

In the wake of the pandemic’s disruptions, convention centers are going all in on human-centered needs — plus broadcast capabilities, nature, and outdoor spaces — to bring back groups.

BY Convene Editors April 5, 2022

How Event Professionals Can Think Like Futurists

Amid continuing uncertainty around planning events during COVID’s wild ride, we turned to professional futurists to help put us on the path to envisioning business events going forward. Here’s a shorthand guide to thinking like a futurist.

BY Michelle Russell January 31, 2022

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