Audience Acquisition & Engagement

Strategies for getting the right attendees to your meeting and keeping them engaged while they are there and after.

Powered by a Multi-Channel Marketing Approach

WindEurope is leveraging its platforms, including its face-to-face events, to move the needle on wind power in Europe and around the world.

BY Michelle Russell April 3, 2023

How a DMO Took the TED Stage

Destination Canada partnered with TED on a first-of-its-kind initiative tied to the DMO’s global brand strategy to put Canada on the map as a destination that inspires openness.

BY Michelle Russell March 10, 2023

Finding Event Registration Patterns

One group of planners shared their registration pickup data for their 2022 events vs. their pre-COVID events to identify trends that may continue in the short term.

BY Christine Shimasaki, CDME, CMP February 20, 2023

How to Use Social Proof to Market Your Event

There’s a reason why the average consumer reads 10 online reviews before making a purchase decision — people trust recommendations from other people, and that also goes for whether to attend an event.

BY Kimberly Hardcastle-Geddes February 13, 2023

Understanding ‘How Belonging Can Be Built’

Event personalization helps create inclusive spaces built for everybody where ‘all roads lead to belonging,’ says Naomi Clare Crellin, founder of Storycraft Lab.

BY Barbara Palmer December 12, 2022

How to Help Event Attendees Feel Like They Belong

Psychologist Geoffrey L. Cohen, author of Belonging: The Science of Creating Connection and Bridging Divides, offers insight into why belonging is vital to our wellbeing — and how to cultivate it at events so attendees keep coming back.

BY Michelle Russell December 12, 2022

How to Cultivate Connection at Events

A networking expert and a meeting organizer share their ideas about networking at events, and how to make everyone comfortable while doing it.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst December 5, 2022

Top Social Media Channels for Event Organizers

Sara Fellows, director of social media at mdg, shares her thoughts on the top social media sites to promote events for Convene’s annual Events Industry Forecast.

BY Curt Wagner November 28, 2022

Cracking the Code on Hybrid

A breakout session at CEMA (Corporate Event Marketing Association) Summit shared topline takeaways from a recent study among event marketers on the next iteration of events. Here’s a deeper dive into the results.

BY Michelle Russell August 29, 2022

Meetings and Your Brain: Drawing a Joy Connection

In an experiment, a meeting session using the Piccles online drawing platform generated the greatest amount of happiness, validating research that connects drawing to decreased stress.

BY Barbara Palmer August 2, 2022

Where to Start on Your Event Data Journey 

Whether it is digital, hybrid, or in-person, an event’s content is an abundant source of data, says the CEO of an events analytics company.

BY Michelle Russell July 6, 2022

Using Event Data to Chart a Path Forward

Collecting data about events is critical, but planners need to communicate those stats and numbers through a compelling story that helps stakeholders take action. Here’s how to get started. 

BY Michelle Russell Barbara Palmer July 6, 2022

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