Business of Events

Money-saving, revenue-raising, and risk-management strategies for meetings and trade shows of all sizes. And we look at the logistics of international meetings, from cultural concerns to business practices around the globe.

Coronavirus’ Impact on Events

The Singapore Airshow will take place as planned this month, but other events in Asia are being rescheduled or canceled.

BY Convene Editors February 4, 2020

Contracts: The ‘Quiet Enjoyment’ Clause May Disappoint

If you want to protect your meeting from a noisy neighboring event, the typical contract language will not cover you. Here’s how to address that potential problem.

BY David McMillin January 31, 2020

How Do You Make Your Annual Event a Success?

Here are the top five things you can do to position your annual event to thrive, with aspects from registration to design.

BY Don Neal January 30, 2020

How to Use Debate to Boost Audience Engagement

Events produced by the nonprofit Intelligence Squared U.S. (IQ2US) demonstrate that formal debates can boost audience engagement and sway opinions. But the format is more exacting than you might think.

BY Barbara Palmer January 30, 2020

What Event Planners Can Learn From ‘Zombie Malls’

One brick-and-mortar retailer is defying the odds in the otherwise crumbling mall landscape. What can event planners learn from its strategy?

BY Michelle Russell January 30, 2020

How California’s AB5 Law Affects Independent Meeting Planners

California signed into law a contentious piece of legislation that could dramatically reshape the future of independent workforces in that state and beyond. What does that mean for the business events industry?

BY Nancy Mann Jackson January 9, 2020

PCMA Expands New Education Programs to Belfast and Melbourne

This February, PCMA expands its reach to Belfast and Melbourne with education programs that drive home the power of business events to lead social and economic transformation.

BY David McMillin January 9, 2020

PCMA Press Conference Highlights New Directions for 2020

PCMA President and CEO Sherrif Karamat announced new services and partnerships during a press conference yesterday, while underscoring PCMA’s commitment to helping business events transform global economies and societies.

BY Curt Wagner January 6, 2020

What Meeting Trends We’ll Be Watching in 2020

The editors of Convene looked back over 2019, asking this question: What’s one meeting and event trend on my radar in 2020?

BY Convene Editors January 6, 2020

PCMA and CEMA: ‘The Synergy Is There’

The new alliance between the two organizations includes collaboration on education and research.

BY Michelle Russell January 6, 2020

Catching Up With the Original Class of PCMA’s 20 in Their Twenties

PCMA launched the 20 in Their Twenties program in 2014 to create more opportunities for rising stars in the industry. Convene is following up with members of the inaugural class to learn about their career paths.

BY Convene Editors January 3, 2020

How the Annual Destination Wedding Planners Congress Marries Business With Pleasure

Approximately 500 wedding planners from 75-plus countries are expected to attend the 7th Annual Destination Wedding Planners Congress (DWP) in Rhodes, Greece, this April, marking a return to the country that hosted the inaugural DWP in Athens in 2014.

BY Casey Gale January 2, 2020