Business of Events

Money-saving, revenue-raising, and risk-management strategies for meetings and trade shows of all sizes. And we look at the logistics of international meetings, from cultural concerns to business practices around the globe.

How One Conference Sponsor Achieves High ROI

One sponsor at the Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society medical conference has experienced a consistently high ROI for eight years. The meeting manager shares how they did it.

BY David McMillin September 30, 2019

Getting Buy-In for Green Events

Mercedes Hunt, the founder and owner of Map & Compass Consulting, is a passionate advocate for event sustainability. Years of experience, as well as years of academic research, have revealed to her the secret of success in the operation of sustainability programs at event venues. “It all comes down,” she said, “to people.” Hunt, who

BY Barbara Palmer September 26, 2019

Reinventing the Health-Care Conference

The Manova summit debuted in 2018 as an experiment in changing conversations about the future of health care. With the second annual summit underway, here’s a look at how organizers are leaning into lessons learned last year.

BY Michelle Russell September 26, 2019

Two New City Partnerships Seek to Improve Tourism and Events

Two recent city partnerships — Ottowa and The Hague, and New York City and Berlin — will create new opportunities for tourism and business events.

BY Jasmine Zhu September 23, 2019

Car Wash Show’s Shiny, New Approach to Event Marketing

At 9,500 participants and 400 exhibiting companies, The Car Wash Show 2019 was International Carwash Association’s (ICA) largest show ever. It didn’t get there by staying stuck in neutral.

BY Kimberly Hardcastle-Geddes September 20, 2019

Will Apple Change Your Attendees’ Expectations About Content Costs?

Apple’s new streaming services — launched at the company’s event Tuesday— could make consumers expect all streamed content to come at a bargain price.

BY David McMillin September 10, 2019

Hotel Fees Under a Legal Microscope

A recent lawsuit filed in D.C. alleges that consumers are misled into thinking that hotel rooms are cheaper than they actually are, once resort and similar fees are added in at checkout. Does it have legal merit? Are the fees becoming more widespread? What can planners do?

BY David McMillin September 9, 2019

‘A Watershed Moment for the Travel Industry’

“There is indisputable evidence of travelers’ preferences for destinations and travel companies that are committed to sustainability,” said Laura Mandala, CEO of Mandala Research, and a former member of the U.S. Department of Commerce Travel and Tourism Advisory Board.

BY Barbara Palmer September 2, 2019

Technology’s Role in Overtourism

Some destinations are finding that they can use technology to help lessen the problem of overcrowded sites and neighborhoods by nudging tourists toward less-traveled locales.

BY Jennifer Dienst September 2, 2019

A Five-Borough Business Events Strategy for Overtourism

To spread the wealth of business travelers, NYC & Company has been working to educate event organizers on opportunities offered by the rest of the city.

BY David McMillin September 2, 2019

4 Reasons Why Global Tourism is Skyrocketing

“Coping With Success: Managing Overcrowding In Tourism Destinations,” a report published by the World Travel & Tourism Council in December 2017, identified four major drivers of the increase in global tourism.

BY Barbara Palmer September 2, 2019

Crowd Control: The Events Industry and Overtourism

As cities around the world recalculate the cost of tourism to their communities, business event organizers have an outsized opportunity to make a positive difference. But that doesn’t mean that it’s business as usual.

BY Jennifer Dienst Barbara Palmer September 1, 2019