Forward Thinking

Rethinking Award Presentations

It’s important to recognize those who make significant contributions to our communities — and engage our audiences while doing so.

BY Dave Lutz, CMP July 8, 2024

Help Out Your Exhibitors

The Exhibitor Advocate recently released its 2023 Annual Survey of Exhibition Rates. This report compares material handling, labor, and equipment costs across 24 major U.S. destinations. Here are two takeaways you should consider.

BY Dave Lutz, CMP May 9, 2024

Conference Metrics That Matter

“What gets measured, gets managed,” is a phrase coined by management guru Peter Drucker. For annual conferences, this is best accomplished by identifying and adopting a combination of leading and lagging performance measures.

BY Dave Lutz, CMP March 4, 2024

Clear Roles, Effective Collaboration With the RACI Matrix

Here’s a simple project-management tool that can help streamline internal communications — and clarify accountability — for annual meetings. 

BY Dave Lutz, CMP January 22, 2024

Identifying Key Conference Attendees for Growth

In his book Customer Centricity, Wharton’s Peter Fader writes that “in the world of customer centricity, there are good customers — and then there is pretty much everybody else.” He recommends focusing on and investing in retaining the former, while not ignoring the latter.

BY Dave Lutz, CMP November 19, 2023

Time to Audit Your Sponsor Offerings

A number of associations have found a lag between their annual convention attendance, which has recovered since the pandemic, and exhibit space sales, which have not. If your sponsorship menu and prospectus look similar to 2019, a refresh can help you seize this growth opportunity. 

BY Dave Lutz, CMP October 10, 2023

Tactics to Help Resolve Competing Priorities in Planning Your Event

According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), the business-to-business exhibition industry is still in recovery mode, which has been challenging on many fronts for event organizers.

BY Dave Lutz, CMP September 7, 2023

4 Ways to Help Attendees Navigate Your Event

For many annual meetings, the Great Resignation has resulted in erosion of loyal, regular attendees and an increase in first-timers whose experience can be improved with guidance on the best course for them to follow during your program. 

BY Dave Lutz, CMP July 17, 2023

Looking for Solutions to Supplier Woes and Planner Frustrations

Key vendors who service the events industry lost a great deal of experienced talent during the pandemic and they haven’t fully restaffed. Here’s how event organizers can ensure they are still getting the service they require.

BY Dave Lutz, CMP May 8, 2023

The Third-Most Stressful Job in the World

Before the pandemic, one could argue that jobs with life-and-death consequences were surely more stressful than planning an annual conference. But things have changed.

BY Dave Lutz, CMP March 6, 2023

4 Ideas to Consider When Making Main Stage Contingency Plans

As event professionals hope for a full return to in-person events amid continued uncertainties, having speakers agree to contingency plans is a wise move.

BY Dave Lutz, CMP January 27, 2023

3 Formats for the Next Generation of Panel Sessions

It’s time to bring back panels — but not in the same tired format. Here are three ideas to mix things up. 

BY Dave Lutz, CMP October 24, 2022

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