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Money-saving, revenue-raising, and risk-management strategies for meetings and trade shows of all sizes. And we look at the logistics of international meetings, from cultural concerns to business practices around the globe.

PCMA Webinar: What Does Hybrid Mean to PCMA?

PCMA has held a virtual component to their major annual meetings, Convening Leaders and EduCon, for years. However, this year, hybrid took on a new meaning for our organization.

BY Tonya Almond Stacey Shafer Justin Hartman September 21, 2021

How the Great Resignation is Impacting Business Events

Workers are quitting their jobs in droves. A recent SHRM survey finds that more than two out of five U.S. workers are actively searching for a new job or plan to soon. We’ve mined Convene’s latest Recovery Dashboard results for insights about the Great Resignation and the business events industry.

BY Michelle Russell September 20, 2021

Vaccine Spotlight Webinar: Insights from the Event Industry

Now that we’ve heard about the science from Dr. Patel, let’s look at how our industry has been directly affected. We have brought together a panel of industry experts to discuss the different ways COVID has impacted themselves and their teams. The panel will discuss their own journeys since March 2020, and how they intend to move forward, including vaccination requirements, as the uncertainty of the future in the meetings and events industry continues.

BY John S. Gonzalez, CMP Desiree A. Knight Matthew G. Laws Anthony Maggiore September 16, 2021

Vaccine Spotlight Webinar: Understand the Science

The COVID-19 vaccines have been out for months, but some are still skeptical. Misinformation surrounds us at every turn, so returning to face-to-face events with confidence can be difficult. That is why we have asked Dr. Robin Patel, the Director of the Infectious Diseases Research Laboratory, back for a PCMA webinar.

BY Robin Patel, M.D. September 9, 2021

Webinar: Power, Voice, & Choice: A Discussion of Self-Exploration & Equity

Tanya Gibson the VP of JEDI & HR for BBBSA, explores how to build your awareness and equity “muscles” in this guided discussion about diversity, inclusion and impact. Become a better ally, advocate, and activist through self-discovery, honesty, and some hard truths….that will build you up without tearing you down.

BY Tanya Gibson August 31, 2021

7 Change Actions Webinar: Measure and Deliver Value Through the Power of Data

Analytics and insights can help you discover and understand your key audiences. It can also help you create memorable, targeted, and successful events, experiences and other solutions that answers their needs, boosts your brand, and ultimately delivers revenue and brand loyalty.

BY Johna Burke August 24, 2021

Webinar: How Hybrid & Virtual Can Dramatically Boost Event Revenues

Keeping your events on a prosperous growth track can be challenging, yet hybrid and virtual offer outstanding opportunities to protect and grow revenues. In this webinar, three industry leaders reveal proven strategies and tips to help you minimize event expenses while maximizing revenues.

BY David Lutz Brooke Passy James Parker August 12, 2021

Negotiating Post-Pandemic Event Contracts

How may the pandemic affect event contracts in the long term? Here’s one legal view.

BY Tyra Warner, PhD, Esq, CMP August 11, 2021

What Changes Caused by the Pandemic Will Stick?

The pandemic’s effects were so profound and far-reaching that not changing ceased to be an option for almost everyone on the planet. But which changes will be permanent, and how will they transform events?

BY Convene Editors August 11, 2021

Tips for Scaling Event Budgets in Uncertain Times

At EduCon 2021, Todd Schwartz, CMP, offered ideas on building budgets and adapting them quickly when in-person meetings change at the last minute.

BY Curt Wagner July 12, 2021

Help Wanted: Worker Shortage Challenges Events Industry

Leisure and hospitality industry struggles with 1.6 million unfilled job positions just as in-person events begin returning, creating another hurdle for business events recovery.

BY David McMillin July 9, 2021

‘A Marathon to Transform’ the Business Events Industry

PCMA, Singapore Exhibition & Convention Bureau, Singapore Tourism Board, and UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, have jointly launched a white paper that provides a roadmap for the industry’s recovery.

BY Michelle Russell June 30, 2021

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