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Nothing can color a meeting more than your choice of destination and venue. A global look at destinations, venues, and their relationships with meetings and events.

Meeting Face-to-Face: ‘It’s Who We Are as a Species’

Neil Brownlee, VisitScotland’s head of business events, on why there will always be a place for face-to-face events, even as we become more used to meeting online — and how in-person events are critical in helping to shape the communities that host them.

BY Neil Brownlee July 14, 2020

How CVBs Are Helping Destinations Safely Reopen

As destinations have started to lift stay-at-home orders and businesses are reopening their doors, CVBs are helping to ensure their communities stay safe as they ready to welcome visitors once again.

BY Casey Gale June 28, 2020

What Will the Hotels in Your Room Block Look Like in the Future?

COVID-19 is forcing hotel properties to rethink the guest experience. Here’s a preview of three differences you and your attendees will find during your next stay.

BY David McMillin June 19, 2020

Hamilton Hotel Employees Work From Home — and Learn

Instead of layoffs and furloughs, one Washington D.C. hotel is offering its employees online training during the COVID-19 pandemic.

BY Curt Wagner June 16, 2020

Hotels Start Selling ‘Bonds’ to Make It Through COVID-19 Crisis

As hotel rooms sit empty, some properties are offering deals for future guests with a “Buy Now, Stay Later” initiative.

BY David McMillin May 6, 2020

Hotels: The Case for Independents and Chains

The big hotel brands and the small independents both have advantages for groups, depending on what’s important to them.

BY David McMillin April 8, 2020

Food Recovery Efforts Are Always on the Menu

Venues and food-service businesses don’t just think about food recovery efforts in a time of crisis. But here are standout examples of how some are helping others during the COVID-19 pandemic.

BY Barbara Palmer March 25, 2020

Truck Tour Spreads Word About New CAESARS FORUM

As Caesars prepares to open the doors to a new 550,000-square-foot conference center in Las Vegas, the company is taking a surprising spin around the country to showcase the new facility.

BY David McMillin March 3, 2020

AAA Updates Its Diamond Program for Hotels, Restaurants

The 80-year-old hotel and restaurant approval program now offers professional analysis instead of user-driven ratings.

BY Curt Wagner February 10, 2020

Discovering the Palm Beaches

Southeast Florida’s collection of several dozen communities offers a singularly memorable experience for groups.

BY Casey Gale January 31, 2020

Video-Game Properties: A New Player in the Hotel Industry

When gamers take a break from the screen and leave home, they will be able to continue the competition at Atari Hotels — a new concept in the works that offers further proof of the hospitality industry’s push for immersive experiences.

BY David McMillin January 30, 2020

Resilient Puerto Rico is Open for Visitors

Convene visits with a Puerto Rico hotel exec for a firsthand account of how most tourist and event destinations remain unaffected by recent earthquakes and the recovery efforts that are underway for those who have been displaced.

BY Barbara Palmer January 22, 2020