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Nothing can color a meeting more than your choice of destination and venue. A global look at destinations, venues, and their relationships with meetings and events.

On Site in Orlando: Familiar Venues, New Adventures

Roughly 7.5 million business event attendees flocked to Orlando in 2018, proving the destination has a lot to offer groups.

BY Curt Wagner July 2, 2019

A Not-So-Welcoming World for LGBTQ Travelers

Pride Month shined a light on those corners of the world that still have a ways to go when it comes to welcoming LGBTQ travelers — something that event organizers need to keep in mind when selecting host destinations.

BY David McMillin July 1, 2019

Postcards From Montreux: Accor Hotels’ Global Meeting Exchange in Switzerland

Sights — and sounds — from Accor Hotels’ Global Meeting Exchange in Switzerland included jazz, wine-tasting, and even a palace.

BY Barbara Palmer June 26, 2019

World’s First 100-Percent Organic Michelin-Starred Restaurant

Not surprisingly, you’ll find it in a destination that makes being green a top priority for both residents and events.

BY Jasmine Zhu June 24, 2019

Reimagined JFK Terminal Hosts First Event as TWA Hotel

JetBlue For Good, an event recognizing crew members who had completed 150-plus hours of volunteer service in the past year, christened the new TWA Hotel. Convene touched down for a look around.

BY Jasmine Zhu May 28, 2019

Denmark’s Latest Strategy: A National Alliance of Tourist Groups

Four of the nation’s leading tourism groups unite to raise Denmark’s profile on the global meetings map.

BY Lane Nieset May 28, 2019

Caveman Special: Group Dining in a Lava Tube

At Pronghorn Resort in Bend, Oregon, special-event venue options include group meals served in a lava tube, formed by ancient volcanoes.

BY Curt Wagner May 28, 2019

Paris Tops ICCA’s City Rankings for Meeting Destinations

The French capital is once again the world’s No. 1 city for international association meetings, with 2017’s opening of the Paris Convention Centre helping fuel the events surge.

BY Lane Nieset May 20, 2019