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Nothing can color a meeting more than your choice of destination and venue. A global look at destinations, venues, and their relationships with meetings and events.

Resilient Puerto Rico is Open for Visitors

Convene visits with a Puerto Rico hotel exec for a firsthand account of how most tourist and event destinations remain unaffected by recent earthquakes and the recovery efforts that are underway for those who have been displaced.

BY Barbara Palmer January 22, 2020

The Broadmoor Resort: Runway to the Stars

With a major new expansion underway, the Colorado Springs resort will be able to continue to accommodate the growing annual Space Symposium — and attract larger groups to the property year-round.

BY David McMillin January 15, 2020

London Tops World’s Best Cities List for 3rd Year in a Row

This year, a U.S. city came in second in Resonance Consultancy’s annual list of the World’s 100 Best Cities, based on a wide variety of factors — a number of which overlap with event site selection.

BY Curt Wagner January 15, 2020

Manchester Buzzes with New Ideas, Innovations

The world’s first industrialized city, Manchester is in renaissance mode, humming with breakthroughs in life sciences and advanced material manufacturing.

BY Barbara Palmer January 9, 2020

Interactive Installation is ‘a Mirror of San Francisco’

One of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art’s interactive art installations — French artist known as “JR” — offers insights from a mosaic of people who have helped shape the city’s future.

BY David McMillin January 5, 2020

What’s New at the Moscone Center?

A lot, following a multimillion-dollar expansion. Here are some highlights.

BY Cristi Kempf January 4, 2020

Island-Hopping in Japan

A recent fam trip to Osaka — for the jointly held VJTM 2019 and Tourism EXPO Japan (TEJ) 2019 — and the island of Hokkaido revealed two very different faces of Japan.

BY Jasmine Zhu January 3, 2020

How the Annual Destination Wedding Planners Congress Marries Business With Pleasure

Approximately 500 wedding planners from 75-plus countries are expected to attend the 7th Annual Destination Wedding Planners Congress (DWP) in Rhodes, Greece, this April, marking a return to the country that hosted the inaugural DWP in Athens in 2014.

BY Casey Gale January 2, 2020

How Technology Can Help Fight Overtourism

Technology gets a lot of the blame for fueling overtourism — can you say Instagrammable moments? But some destinations are finding they can use technology to help lessen the problem of crowded sites. Here’s how and what that means for events.

BY Jennifer Dienst January 2, 2020

How Eclectic Aspen Plays as an Event Destination

A walkable downtown and a range of venue and accommodation options put this mountain resort known as a playground for the wealthy within reach for events, Convene discovers on a recent fam trip.

BY Barbara Palmer December 2, 2019

Irving: Two Texas Destinations in One

A fam trip to the Las Colinas area of Irving, Texas, showcased the city’s new walkable convention district near hotels, the convention center, and the Toyota Music Factory entertainment complex.

BY Curt Wagner November 26, 2019

Finding Serenity — and Activity — in Thailand

From bustling marketplaces to serene resorts, Thailand offers a range of experiences for groups.

BY Jennifer Dienst November 5, 2019