Food & Beverage

The way that we think about food has changed everywhere — including in the meetings world. Here’s how to manage everything from menu planning to cutting costs.

Crunching Numbers: Which Cities Have the Best Food Scene?

Resonance Consultancy mines online data to give National Geographic Traveler’s ’21 Best Food Cities’ index some real bite.

BY Curt Wagner May 21, 2019

Trend That Might Define Drinking at Your Next Event

A growing number of consumers want to fill their glasses with something other than alcohol. That category is attracting enough attention that it’s earned its own name: sober curious. Are you making sure that you can slake their thirst at your own events?

BY David McMillin May 20, 2019

Ditch the Buffet for Family-Style Event Meals

New research indicates that sharing plates leads to better negotiations and improved teamwork. Here’s how changing up your meal format could result in better outcomes at workshops and team-building activities.

BY Curt Wagner May 20, 2019

What the Stock Market Can Tell You About Your F&B

What will your attendees want to see on the menu soon? Recent Wall Street activity offers a good clue.

BY David McMillin May 15, 2019

Cream of the Crop: James Beard Foundation Honors Chefs

The James Beard Foundation on May 6 presented what is considered to be the most prestigious awards in American cuisine during an event in Chicago. What can the winning choices tell us about event F&B?

BY Cristi Kempf May 9, 2019

How to Create Instagrammable Cocktails for Your Event

From drinks in a bag to carrot cocktail stirs, “everybody is looking for that wow factor, for that Instagrammable cocktail,” chef and mixologist Kathy Casey tells Convene. And that includes your attendees. Here’s how to create magic in a glass.

BY Curt Wagner May 1, 2019

A Better Way to Serve Special Meal Requests

This one rule of thumb makes special food requests less awkward for attendees at seated meal events.

BY Molly Petrilla April 22, 2019

3 Ways to Speed Up Your Event Beverage Service

Seattle-based chef, mixologist, and entrepreneur Kathy Casey said efficiency at bars is key to providing guests with a better overall experience at your next reception or meal event.

BY Curt Wagner April 22, 2019

Ditch the Doughnuts to Boost Attendee Wellness

Doughnut wall? No. ‘Sweatworking?’ Yes, says Tourism Vancouver’s Rachael Riggs, who helped organize the Health and Wellness Forum in Chicago, devoted to helping planners create healthier events.

BY Cristi Kempf April 11, 2019

How Event Strategists Keep F&B, AV Costs Down

Here’s how event professionals are creating memorable attendee experiences without busting their budgets.

BY Nancy Mann Jackson April 1, 2019

2 Programs Refine Recipe to Reduce Homelessness

Community culinary education programs help participants secure jobs and housing — and offer event organizers ways to support their efforts.

BY Barbara Palmer March 1, 2019

CHEFS Training Program Goes Beyond Knife Skills

Culinary program for the unsheltered teaches students kitchen — and life — skills.

BY Barbara Palmer February 26, 2019