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Floating Solar Conference Dives Into Pioneering Tech

The first global conference dedicated to floating solar panel technology set sail in Amsterdam in 2019, and the organizers are predicting a bright future.

BY Casey Gale March 1, 2020

Meetings We Like: Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit

With its annual CEO summit, Conscious Capitalism Inc. seeks to build a community of global network of leaders who will elevate humanity.

BY Casey Gale February 28, 2020

Startup #Meet4Impact Helps Groups Measure Their Legacies

As more business events consider the legacy they leave for destinations, this Montreal-based startup is looking to turbocharge its efforts with tools borrowed from the startup culture.

BY Casey Gale February 28, 2020

What Planners Can Do to Make Events More Sustainable

Here are some ways meeting organizers and venues can embrace the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals for more sustainable events.

BY Ken Budd February 27, 2020

Harness 5 Core Traits to Create Resilient Meetings

Has there ever been a live event, conference, or annual meeting without glitches, choke points, or even downright hair-on-fire problems? You can mitigate them by designing your event to follow the path of least resistance.

BY Don Neal February 27, 2020

Event Planners Rank the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Of the 7,000 event professionals who responded to a survey about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, 89 percent said they were committed to choosing small-scale and local food producers for their events.

BY Ken Budd Barbara Palmer February 27, 2020

Sustainable Development Goals Popping Up in Meeting Agendas, More

Here are some recent and upcoming examples of how the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are being incorporated into business events.

BY Barbara Palmer February 27, 2020

Too Many Bags Ordered for an Event?

PCMA’s Catalyst community suggests ways to donate any extra bags, putting them to good use.

BY Convene Editors February 24, 2020

Sustainability on the Menu at AIME

Not only were the food items served at an AIME Hosted Buyer Breakfast sustainable, its focus was on giving ‘back more than we take away.’

BY Cristi Kempf February 19, 2020

The Rise of Esports: Attracting Attendees, Sponsors, and New Venues

With a massive audience and demand for new venues, the fun of competitive gaming is becoming a serious business — and provides lessons for all kinds of event organizers.

BY David McMillin February 13, 2020

This Event Community Wants to Talk About F*!#ups

The full name of FUN may offend some, but the movement to celebrate screwups resonates with many professionals and organizations seeking to eliminate the stigma of failure.

BY David McMillin February 12, 2020

4 Event-Marketing Trends to Try Now

Doing the same old thing may just get you the same old results. Here are four fresh ideas for acquiring attendees.

BY Kimberly Hardcastle-Geddes February 9, 2020