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The Best Way to Send Texted Emergency Alerts During Events

Mass alerts about an emergency situation might actually incite panic at an event. Here’s a more strategic — and safer — way to send text notifications. 

BY Casey Gale January 16, 2019

Barcelona Convention Bureau Takes CSR Project to IMEX America

For the Barcelona Convention Bureau and its partners, sustainability is top of mind when they host events in their city. Here’s how they put that ethos into action during IMEX America while in Las Vegas.

BY Curt Wagner January 16, 2019

Inspired to Take Action, Events Executive Gives Back

One Convening Leaders 2019 attendee took what he heard on stage so much to heart that he immediately raised funds to provide meals for furloughed TSA agents.

BY Curt Wagner January 14, 2019

AIME Puts Focus on Education

As PCMA continues to spread roots in the Asia Pacific region, the organization will act as the exclusive strategic education partner at one of APAC’s biggest events.

BY David McMillin January 13, 2019

Andrew Sykes’ 4 Habits of Magnetic Events

The author, entrepreneur, and founder of Habits at Work gave Convening Leaders 2019 attendees a glimpse of the 11 habits among employees who craft magnetic personalities, and, as a result, successful businesses, but with a twist that zeroed-in on the personality of events.

BY Casey Gale January 11, 2019

Pemberton, Okamoto on Overcoming Adversity, Championing Others

Shifting your mindset from adversity to ambition isn’t an easy thing to do, but at Tuesday’s PCMA Convening Leaders Opening Main Stage, executive Steve Pemberton and social activist Nadya Okamoto showed it’s not impossible.

January 8, 2019

Events Industry Takes on Homelessness, Sex Trafficking

How business-events industry can help solve our toughest problems.

BY Barbara Palmer January 8, 2019

Make Change Happen: Seth Godin Stresses Importance of Innovation

Do work that matters for people who care. Create change. That’s the role of business events professionals, according to marketing guru Seth Godin. Godin captivated the crowd Monday at Convening Leaders Main Stage presentation, “You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn to See.”

January 7, 2019

Hospitality Helping Hands Volunteers Build Newborn Care Packages

Many Hospitality Helping Hands volunteers plan events, but their efforts Jan. 6 at Convening Leaders 2019 led to a celebration of a whole different kind: an epic baby shower for 20 local families in need.

January 6, 2019

Warren Berger: ‘Events Should Be All About the Questions’

Master questionologist and “The Book of Beautiful Questions” author Warren Berger on using questions to build a better event.

BY Michelle Russell January 3, 2019

Andrew Sykes: Think of Your Event as a Person

Andrew Sykes, founder of the Behavioral Research Applied Technology Laboratory, previews his Jan. 9 Convening Leaders 2019 session, “High Performance Habits of Magnetic Human Beings,” and how events, like people, have personalities.

BY Michelle Russell January 2, 2019

Group Interactions, By the Magic Numbers

Communications expert and author Priya Parker says there are a few sweet spots for group dynamics — it all depends on your desired outcomes.

BY Barbara Palmer December 31, 2018