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DEI: Social Media Tools for Online Events

Extend the connections of your digital event with social media tools. Online participants are looking for content and updates in real time, so give the people what they want! Download this resource for some tips on using social media in your digital events.

August 8, 2019

Changing Regulations Affect Independent Planners

Advice for independent planners about navigating the changing worker compliance landscape — plus some tips for standing out from the competition.

BY Jasmine Zhu August 7, 2019

How the Australian Marine Sciences Association Went Plastic Free at Event

The Australian Marine Sciences Association members know all too well how single-use plastic is polluting the world’s oceans — which meant they had to do more than talk about it at their annual event. Here’s how they pulled off a plastic-free conference.

BY Cristi Kempf August 6, 2019

Currency Research’s Event Team Faces Trial by Fire

After a California wildfire forced the evacuation of their host venue last November, the organizers for the Americas Cash Cycle Seminar had to scramble to find a new location for the international event. Here’s how they did it.

BY Cristi Kempf August 6, 2019

Exploring the New Q&A

Looking for ways to freshen up its meeting for nearly 8,000 attendees, the European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology dropped the Q&A and opted for C&I. Here’s what that stands for and how it went over.

BY Casey Gale August 1, 2019

How the World Congress of the World Federation of the Deaf Fosters Inclusivity for Its Attendees

The WFD Congress is organized by one of the oldest international organizations for people with disabilities, so making it inclusive and accessible to all attendees is a priority. At this year’s event, organizers ensured that the venue was physically accessible, and gave significant considerations to language access.

BY Casey Gale August 1, 2019

Four Tips to Include in Your Event Marketing Plan

While there’s room in an event marketing plan for the standard press release and reputation management tactics, it’s becoming increasingly important to stay on top of trends that are at the height of PR fashion.

BY Kimberly Hardcastle-Geddes Kate Blom-Lowery July 30, 2019

Women Deliver Conference Tries ‘to Shake Up Power Dynamics’

When the largest conference on gender equality, Women Deliver, gathered in Vancouver last month, they explored one question in particular: How are you going to use your power for good?

BY Jennifer N. Dienst July 9, 2019

Challenge Organization, Attendees with Wisdom Conferences Sessions

Looking for a way to differentiate your conference? Drop the ‘something-for-everyone’ program approach and use your event as a setting to deliver wisdom, says Dave Lutz of Velvet Chainsaw Consulting. Here’s what that looks like.

BY Dave Lutz, CMP July 9, 2019

Have You Traced Every Footstep in the Attendee Journey?

There is a good chance you are missing opportunities that arise from the time they consider registering for your event until after they take their leave.

BY David McMillin July 2, 2019

Experiential Marketing and the ‘Future of Meeting and Events’

Two striking examples of how to pull off immersive events: Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked, and from a venue standpoint, the ways the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center delivers on the experiential trends identified in the PCMA Foundation/Marriott future of events study.

BY Nancy Mann Jackson Barbara Palmer July 1, 2019

5 Trends That Will Define Events for Years to Come

By paying close attention to the relationship between creativity, collaboration, and community, the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center has evolved to embody five trends that will define events for years to come.

BY Barbara Palmer July 1, 2019