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From the physical set-up to the way you orchestrate sessions and interaction, we help you put the latest smart thinking into practice to create environments and experiences that have an impact.

66 Ways to Think About Collaboration

In his new book Harnessing Serendipity, BizBash founder David Adler speaks to 66 accomplished creative individuals who offer philosophical and practical insights for event designers — like Andrew Lacanienta, who shares the five levels of experiences that should help shape events.

BY Michelle Russell July 31, 2023

Want to Future-Proof Your Events? Delight a Gen Z Audience.

Freeman’s recent Gen Z Report suggests tactics to start cultivating this growing attendee base.

BY Magdalina Atanassova July 21, 2023

Why Future Event Planning Will Include Sustainability by Design

This year, PCMA created a standalone full-time position for the first time: head of global sustainability, recently filled by Carolina Goradesky. Convene spoke with her about debunking sustainability misconceptions, and how to move from fear into action.

BY Magdalina Atanassova July 17, 2023

4 Ways to Help Attendees Navigate Your Event

For many annual meetings, the Great Resignation has resulted in erosion of loyal, regular attendees and an increase in first-timers whose experience can be improved with guidance on the best course for them to follow during your program. 

BY Dave Lutz, CMP July 17, 2023

‘Empathy is Everybody’s Responsibility’

Executive Carolyn Dolezal on empathy: How it has made her a better leader and the ways in which she weaves it in event design.

BY Barbara Palmer June 27, 2023

The New Era of Gathering: Embracing ‘Generous Authority’

Get ready for Priya Parker to get to the heart of — and reimagine — what you do for a living.

BY Magdalina Atanassova June 25, 2023

Webinar: Engage Your Audience Everywhere: Onsite, Online, On Demand

Everyone’s busy. So busy, in fact, that they’re registering later than ever for events. How do you make your events more engaging? So your audience can’t afford to miss them? How do you make them engaging onsite, online, and on demand? To maximize your event ROI and deliver great results for your sponsors.

BY Joshua Butler Brian Monahan June 21, 2023

Should You Break the Bank to Hire a Celebrity Speaker?

More seats remain empty at keynote and main sessions. Here’s why featuring celebrities probably isn’t the answer to filling them — and what audiences care about instead, according to research from Freeman.

BY Barbara Palmer June 12, 2023

What the Back-to-the-Office Challenge Has to Do With In-Person Events

We asked The Empathy Advantage: Leading the Empowered Workforce authors Heather E. McGowan and Chris Shipley for their insights on what an empowered workforce portends for events.

BY Michelle Russell June 10, 2023

What Does an Event Designed With Empathy Look Like?

The Empathy Advantage: Leading the Empowered Workforce coauthors and future of work and technology strategists Heather E. McGowan and Chris Shipley — an in-demand speaker and former event organizer, respectively — offer their perspectives on how empathetic design changes the participant experience.

BY Michelle Russell June 9, 2023

Practicing Empathy at Work and Events

Empathy is not just a soft skill that’s necessary to cultivate to lead teams and design events post-pandemic, it’s practical and effective.

BY Michelle Russell Barbara Palmer June 8, 2023

Giving Meeting and Event Participants a Voice

What happened when one organization invited its members to help redesign its annual meeting.

BY Barbara Palmer June 7, 2023

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