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Cisco Shows How to Party Online

Wondering how to help your attendees celebrate while they’re sitting at their computers? The closing festivities of Cisco Live offered some inspiration.

BY David McMillin June 19, 2020

Planning In-Person Exhibitions During COVID-19: ‘Tough Times for Us All’

In a recent intimate exhibition industry conversation, organizers discussed what measures they would consider putting in place to protect the safety of their participants, and what cities they thought were best prepared to host them later this year.

BY Michelle Russell June 18, 2020

National Coalition of Black Meeting Professionals’ Virtual Event Uplifts Spirits During Pandemic

The National Coalition of Black Meeting Professionals recently hosted the Be Inspired Speaker Series: A Night at the Museum, a five-night virtual event that showcased African-American achievements through the lens of five different cultural institutions dedicated to the Black experience in America.

BY Casey Gale June 17, 2020

What We’ve Learned About the Value of Digital Events

Entrepreneur Xiaoyin Qu, the co-founder of the event-tech startup Run the World, shares how organizers are getting savvier about ways to provide engagement, revenue, and connection online.

BY Barbara Palmer June 17, 2020

Virtual Pride Events Will Focus on Black Lives Matter

Organizers of Pride virtual events this month say the social unrest and protests over the deaths of George Floyd and other Black people by the police will be an important part of their message and programs.

BY Michelle Russell June 16, 2020

Webinar: Security Considerations For Your Next Event

Security measures have increased in every aspect, so we have brought in the experts. Join us as we move through protocols and procedures to keep everyone, from attendees to VIPs, safe when they step back into face-to-face events.

BY Michael Wigent Nick Willis June 16, 2020

How One Virtual Fundraising Event Made Socializing a Priority

Girls Inc. of Metropolitan Dallas used Zoom breakout rooms to replicate the experience of sharing a table with others at a gala — and the virtual event ended up exceeding an ambitious fundraising goal.

BY Casey Gale June 15, 2020

Engaging Attendees in a ‘Two-Dimensional World’

Derrick Johnson and Gregg Talley of Talley Management Group discuss the importance of changing live-event engagement tactics to capture the attention of a digital audience.

BY Michelle Russell June 10, 2020

Making Sure Your Digital Event Is ADA Compliant

In the PCMA Catalyst community, two event planners asked what ADA requirements they need to meet in order to hold an inclusive digital event.

BY Convene Editors June 9, 2020

7 Steps to Creating an Inclusive Digital Event

The most obvious way to make your digital event more diverse and inclusive is in your speaker lineup. But there are other simple things to keep in mind as well.

BY Michelle Russell June 8, 2020

ASTRO Plans for the ‘Best Possible Virtual Meeting,’ Including a VR-Style Exhibit Hall

ASTRO’s early decision to move its in-person meeting to a virtual setting has given the organization time to plan a highly immersive attendee experience.

BY Casey Gale June 5, 2020

5 Ways to Move Forward, From the Design-Thinking Community

A report from the iconic design firm IDEO provides a framework for recovery. We’ve applied their business-continuity principles to the business events industry.

BY Michelle Russell June 5, 2020