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Can Creativity Be Learned? Allen Gannett Thinks So

The author of The Creative Curve, who will present an Event Strategy and Design studio session at PCMA Convening Leaders 2020, shares four steps event organizers can take to approach their events with greater creativity.

BY Cristi Kempf November 21, 2019

Conference Attendees Mentor Budding Entrepreneurs

In the weeks leading up to a children’s business fair, marketing professionals at Newell Brands summit helped youngsters develop a business strategy and learn important life skills.

BY Casey Gale November 5, 2019

Conference Brings Blockchain’s Possibilities to Life

With scannable food, helicopter-ride fares paid with cryptocurrency, and an on-site Bitcoin ATM, the 2019 Blockchain Futurist Conference walked and talked the block(chain).

BY David McMillin November 5, 2019

Taking Aim at Guns and the Events Industry

The threat gun violence poses to society — and specifically to face-to-face events — led Event Leadership Institute’s Howard Givner to spearhead an industry-wide campaign for reform.

BY Michelle Russell November 4, 2019

Living the Dream at the Furniture Today Bedding Conference

Annual Furniture Today Bedding Conference explored ‘rest’ in show ideas for dealing with a rapidly changing sales model in the bed industry.

BY Casey Gale November 3, 2019

Convening Leaders LIVE Puts Virtual Attendees Up Front

PCMA is preparing for the next Convening Leaders LIVE, the livestream event that gives meeting professionals who cannot be part of the face-to-face program a glimpse of the action.

BY David McMillin November 1, 2019

Can Events Help Solve the Global Food Crisis?

To safeguard the planet and feed a growing population, the world’s food systems will need to drastically change. The business events industry has an opportunity to lead by example, and here’s how some organizations and venues are doing just that.

BY Barbara Palmer November 1, 2019

Your Best Life Conference Defies Ageism Stereotypes

The organizers of the YBL — Your Best Life — conference put the spotlight on the contributions of the 50-plus demographic and imagined a world where ageism doesn’t exist.

BY Cristi Kempf October 28, 2019

Using Influencer Marketing to Drive Attendance

As influencer marketing grows, the events industry will get more comfortable with it and use it more regularly to attract new audiences, says an internet marketing specialist.

BY Cristi Kempf October 24, 2019

New CWT Trends Report: Event Sustainability Is Critical to Attendees

Sustainability is no longer just a ‘feel-good’ issue says CWT, which spotlights how climate change is at the forefront for millennials and the generation coming up behind them.

BY Cristi Kempf October 24, 2019

Avoiding Sales Pitches for Books at Your Conference

If you have speakers who are authors, they may request that they be given the opportunity to sell their books at your event. Even if those books contain content that would benefit your attendees, how do ensure they don’t see it as a hard sell?

BY Convene Editors October 21, 2019

DES Spotlight: Samantha Lazo

The DES Spotlight highlights a specific Digital Event Strategist graduate that has been transforming digital and hybrid events to benefit not only their organization, but also their audience. Samantha Lazo is currently the Manager of Production & Event Technology for the Institute of Internal Auditors.

October 16, 2019