Digital Events

Best practices and case studies for pulling off exceptional virtual and hybrid meetings.

Petal Power Brings Participants Together

Zoom & Bloom takes virtual attendees through a shared sensory experience that may connect them to places and times in their lives — and leaves them with a skill for the future.

BY Barbara Palmer March 30, 2021

3D Technology Helps Transport Event Attendees Elsewhere

A real-life location in Chicago anchored the Uber Freight Deliver Conference in fall 2020. Here’s how event designers took online participants there.

BY Barbara Palmer March 30, 2021

Virtual ‘Field Trips’ to Bring City to Meetings’ Participants

Two online events are making Richmond, Virginia, central to their education — and diversity and inclusion — programs.

BY Michelle Russell March 30, 2021

Global Virtual Event Customizes Content for Regional Attendees

Ingram Micro’s first-ever digital conference for participants from around the world created a shared experience that felt local at the same time.

BY Michelle Russell March 30, 2021

Digital Event Strategist Spotlight: Maria Dempsey, Wine Educator, Director of Hospitality and Events, Gen7 Wines

Wine, digital events and the hospitality industry – normally not a mixture you would find but as it turns out, it is a true recipe for success. Maria Dempsey, CMM, DES, CSW, Wine Educator and Director of Hospitality and Events for Gen7 Wines recently completed the Digital Events Strategist course, offered by PCMA.

March 30, 2021

Helping Attendees Experience a Destination Digitally

Austin had been a big draw for 2020 American College of Toxicology’s annual meeting registrants. Organizers needed to figure out a way to bring as much of the destination as possible to an entirely online audience.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst March 29, 2021

Walk/Bike/Places Brings Online Attendees ‘Outdoors’

Here’s how an annual conference for placemaking professionals tweaked its mobile workshops to give virtual tours of its host city. 

BY Casey Gale March 29, 2021

Under One Sky Conference Finds Bright Spot in Move to Digital

International Dark-Sky Association’s first digital event takes global, inclusive approach with diverse speakers presenting from 12 different countries.

BY Casey Gale March 29, 2021

Virtual Art Tour Engages Participants With Scents From the Past

A “see-and-smell” art tour by the Royal Picture Gallery Mauritshuis takes far-flung digital participants on a fragrant trip to the gallery — and back to the 17th century.

BY Barbara Palmer March 29, 2021

The Why and How of Making Eye Contact With a Digital Audience

Seeing eye-to-eye isn’t just a saying, it’s how humans build trust and connections — which can be tricky when presenting onscreen. Simple solutions like placing visual cues around your computer camera can help presenters create the illusion of eye contact with viewers, according learning expert Will Thalheimer.

BY Casey Gale March 26, 2021

Teambuilding for Remote Staff

One way to keep remote workers connected to each other? Virtual teambuilding activities. Here’s how a booking platform for in-person tours pivoted to provide just that. 

BY Jennifer N. Dienst March 24, 2021

Digital Event Strategist Spotlight: Liza Lampi, Owner, Eventive Meetings

What do you do when the pandemic has disrupted the way you conduct business? Do you give up and wait for this to blow over and a sense of normalcy to take place? Or do you re-skill, become nimble and turn your eyes toward the future? Liza Lampi, owner of Eventive Meetings was faced with that exact scenario.

March 19, 2021