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10 Ways to up Your Event Planning Game

We find ourselves in a unique position — we can still explore new ideas, but the window of opportunity is closing fast.

BY Beth Surmont August 10, 2023

5 Ways to Use AI to Help Spark Event Session Ideas

Artificial intelligence is the new power tool for events, but keep in mind its limitations — and be ready to verify and edit the information it gives you.

BY Beth Surmont June 12, 2023

Creating Empathetic Events

Empathy in design is what takes audience experience to the next level.

BY Beth Surmont April 7, 2023

Event Organizers Need Some New Measuring Sticks

Having changed so many things about how we design our events over the past three years — including fresh ways of delivering content, connecting communities, and new pricing models — it’s also time to take a new look at how we measure success.

BY Beth Surmont February 3, 2023

What Should Your Hybrid Event Strategy Be?

When planning your hybrid events, start by determining what you want to accomplish. Here are four important questions for planners to consider.

BY Beth Surmont January 23, 2023

Four Ways to Level up Your Event Potential

If you want people to travel to your in-person event, you must give them a compelling reason to come. Aim to make them active participants in the program and its outcomes.

BY Beth Surmont November 14, 2022

Easy as Pie: 3 Strategies to Refresh Your Events

Changed audiences need changed events to meet them where they are.

BY Beth Surmont October 12, 2022

5 Ways to Turn Uncertainty Into New Opportunities

Those who embrace uncertainty — or at least get more comfortable with it — will be better positioned to survive and thrive. Here’s how.

BY Beth Surmont September 22, 2022

Cross-team Collaboration — the Most Overlooked Event Strategy

Working together across all your teams and partners can help you attract more attendees. Here are some proven tips to create a unified effort.

BY Bill Zimmer July 8, 2022

Confessions of a Conference Spy

There is only one feedback question about your events that really matters.

BY Beth Surmont July 1, 2022

5 Lessons for Planners From the SXSW In-Person Experience

Attending this year’s SXSW in person gave Beth Surmont, vice president of event strategy and design at 360 Live Media, some ideas that any organizer can adapt to optimize their events.

BY Beth Surmont March 24, 2022

Looking at In-Person Events With a Fresh Lens

The Four Dimensions hold the secret to creating engaging experiences for a new era of events.

BY Beth Surmont February 14, 2022

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