Behind the Scenes

Michelle Russell, editor in chief of Convene, offers her perspective on the business events industry through stories in the latest issue of the magazine.

Reframing the Events Industry Narrative

Here’s how social and environmental considerations can play a role in reframing the events industry narrative, according to participants of the recent IBTM World Global Policy & Practice Forum.

BY Michelle Russell January 2, 2020

Do You Suffer From ‘Meeting Recovery Syndrome’?

Organizational psychologists have a term for the toll work meetings take on our psyche — “meeting recovery syndrome,” or MRS. Check if you have any symptoms.

BY Michelle Russell November 22, 2019

Bringing an Idea to Fruition

Through artist Dennis Wojtkiewicz’s paintings, we find a new way of looking at the future — and fleeting present — of food.

BY Michelle Russell November 5, 2019

Are You Allowing Your Multifaceted Attendees to Share Other Talents?

Over the last 16 years here at Convene, I’ve trained my eye to pick up nuggets about conference business in other places outside of our industry channels. There’s a practical element to the little thrill I get — I can usually use what I find as fodder for our content. But I also think: There

BY Michelle Russell September 24, 2019

How the Events Industry Intersects With Overtourism

Here are two issues the world is grappling with, and their connection to the business events industry.

BY Michelle Russell August 26, 2019

How Technology Can Help Tell Deeply Human Stories

Here’s a striking example of using technology — 3D holograms to be specific — to preserve human history, for our benefit. Underscore the benefit part.

BY Michelle Russell August 17, 2019

No Doggy Bag for You: Digging into the Issue of Food Waste

A cooking class — and its no-doggy-bag policy — speaks to the larger issue of how we need to make eliminating food waste a priority at events.

BY Michelle Russell June 17, 2019

Ageism Remains a Problem in the Workforce

A truly diverse workforce embraces all ages and respects what each generation brings to the table. That’s our challenge in the workspace as well as in business event settings.

BY Michelle Russell June 1, 2019

Ethical Tech: Questions Alexa Can’t Answer

Tech ethicist David Ryan Polgar says that we don’t think deeply about how tech is changing ‘how we live, love, learn, and even die.’

BY Michelle Russell April 30, 2019

What’s a (Working) Mother to Do?

Women, recent research says, have to overcome barriers to career advancement once they become mothers. Events shouldn’t add to their hurdles.

BY Michelle Russell April 17, 2019

Events Must Have a Higher Purpose

The responses to two new survey questions indicate that event professionals have an opportunity to play a bigger role in making the world a better place.

BY Michelle Russell February 25, 2019

Witnessing an Open-Heart Surgery

We peered through the glass right into the patient’s open chest as the surgery team meticulously did their work — holding the young woman’s heart in their hands, inserting a new valve, replacing a coronary artery, and stitching up.

BY Michelle Russell January 24, 2019