Behind the Scenes

Michelle Russell, editor in chief of Convene, offers her perspective on the business events industry through stories in the latest issue of the magazine.

The Lasting Legacy of Medical Meetings

Amidst debate over intermittent fasting, release at American Heart Association of a new study underscores the crucial function of medical and scientific gatherings in sharing research with the public.

BY Michelle Russell March 29, 2024

Cultivating Better Listening at Events

Mastering the ‘language of listening’ — sometimes by simply not talking — improves our personal and professional relationships.

BY Michelle Russell February 9, 2024

Meeting Planners Struggle for Recognition

“We are so much more than layers of specs,” said one respondent to our Salary Survey who is seeking consideration from a boss.

BY Michelle Russell December 10, 2023

Some Trends We Didn’t Foresee

Here are some new developments in technology — possibly for events — that have caught our attention.

BY Michelle Russell October 30, 2023

Shelters From the Storm

How convention centers help communities recover in a crisis.

BY Michelle Russell October 9, 2023

Connecting AI, Legacy Events, and Accessibility

As we come to rely more on artificial intelligence in our everyday lives, we’ll also need to tap more often into our emotional intelligence, like listening to others with empathy.

BY Michelle Russell August 29, 2023

Why We Keep Talking About Emotions

It’s more important than ever to lead your teams and design your events with empathy 

BY Michelle Russell June 28, 2023

The Multiple Realities of Meeting in the Metaverse

Drawing inspiration from the film that swept the Academy Awards. Or maybe just its title — ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once.’

BY Michelle Russell April 2, 2023

Five Ways to Jumpstart Your 2023 in Better Form

In this time of “The Great Sorting,” Convening Leaders 2023 speaker Daniel Pink said, we have to figure things out for ourselves. Here are his tips to help us find our way.

BY Michelle Russell January 19, 2023

For the Ages

Here’s to the one thing that unites all generations of event attendees — feeling like we belong.

BY Michelle Russell December 18, 2022

Bouncing Forward With a Sense of Possibility and Purpose

We’ve restarted the business events industry without a clear linear roadmap that we had in the past.

BY Michelle Russell November 1, 2022

The Future of Event Planning: Into the Unknown

Planning for events never seemed as rife with uncertainties — including the climate crisis — as today.

BY Michelle Russell October 1, 2022

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