Behind the Scenes

Michelle Russell, editor in chief of Convene, offers her perspective on the business events industry through stories in the latest issue of the magazine.

Report Spotlights 5 Forces Shaping Future of Business Events Industry

A new report helps event organizers design experiences that will resonate with participants today and tomorrow.

January 2, 2019

Humility Is a Virtue, Says Marketing Guru Seth Godin

The Convening Leaders 2019 Main Stage speaker shares insights from his new book, This Is Marketing, and applies them directly to the events industry.

BY Michelle Russell December 9, 2018

Behind the Scenes: ‘An Uncomfortable Position’

Event technologies can help make events run more smoothly, but that’s not the only kind of experience we should be designing for participants.

BY Michelle Russell October 24, 2018

Homelessness is a Shared Problem — and on All of Us

This summer, an article about a conference for physicians pulling out of its host city because attendees felt unsafe walking the streets of San Francisco — where open drug illness were on display among the homeless — became the tipping point for our editorial team. We had talked about covering the issue of homelessness for

BY Michelle Russell September 26, 2018

‘A Day of Reckoning’ — How Events are Changing the World

Our September cover story showcases three international events, two of which launched this year to address the challenge of human migration from completely different disciplines. All three hinge on bringing together perspectives from all over the world to focus on solutions to our most pressing issues.

BY Michelle Russell September 4, 2018

Behind the Scenes: Events Business, Tourism are Different Species

Both the role of event professionals and the business of events are being transformed. You told us so.

BY Michelle Russell August 1, 2018

Behind the Scenes: A Seat at the Table

Your participants’ F&B experience is shaped by a lot more than what’s on their plates. The good news is that it’s not beyond your control.

BY Michelle Russell July 2, 2018

Behind the Scenes: The Future of Work

The World Economic Forum has identified four megatrends for the future of work. Here’s how they apply to the business-events industry.

BY Michelle Russell June 1, 2018

Behind the Scenes: Diversity, Inclusion, and Intersectionality

How can we distinguish between those three goals for the best possible outcome at business events?

BY Michelle Russell May 1, 2018

Behind the Scenes: Take as Prescribed

If medical conferences really boil down to improving patient care, shouldn’t patients have a presence and a voice at them?

BY Michelle Russell April 2, 2018

Behind the Scenes: The Science of Learning

How new ways of providing education at events can be a tricky business.

BY Michelle Russell March 1, 2018

Behind the Scenes: The Oprah Effect

What does it take for a speaker to inspire listeners?

BY Michelle Russell February 1, 2018