March 2020

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How Haute Dokimazo’s Secret Family Reunion Took Flight

In November 2019, 80 event pros and others who “work in or around human-to-human experiences” boarded a flight to a destination that had remained a mystery until a few hours before, in order to participate in a professional development event that they would make up as they went along. Here’s how it worked out.

BY Curt Wagner March 2, 2020

When Working Out Conference Room Sets, Sweat the Small Stuff

When it comes to making your event more attendee-centric, even adding a few inches between chairs can go far.

BY Dave Lutz, CMP March 1, 2020

Meetings Market Survey: Starting From a Good Place

Going by the responses to Convene’s 2020 Meetings Market Survey, the business events industry is on solid footing — which should help it better withstand the negative impacts of COVID-19.

BY Michelle Russell March 1, 2020

Floating Solar Conference Dives Into Pioneering Tech

The first global conference dedicated to floating solar panel technology set sail in Amsterdam in 2019, and the organizers are predicting a bright future.

BY Casey Gale March 1, 2020

Managing the Epidemic … of the Imposter Syndrome

What the widespread incidence of the imposter syndrome has to do with Convene’s 29th Annual Meetings Market Survey.

BY Michelle Russell February 28, 2020

Email Is Not Free: Here’s What Email Saturation Can Cost You

As event marketers, one of the most important pieces of data we need to collect is our audience’s contact email address — and even more critical is permission to send them communication. Don’t abuse it.

BY Maggie Stevens February 28, 2020

Meetings We Like: Conscious Capitalism CEO Summit

With its annual CEO summit, Conscious Capitalism Inc. seeks to build a community of global network of leaders who will elevate humanity.

BY Casey Gale February 28, 2020

The Rise of the Experience Economy

It has been 20 years since The Experience Economy, a seminal business book that identified the emerging consumer demand for experiences over things, was first published. How has that trend shaped our world — and event design — over the last two decades? Who better to ask than the book’s coauthors.

February 28, 2020

Startup #Meet4Impact Helps Groups Measure Their Legacies

As more business events consider the legacy they leave for destinations, this Montreal-based startup is looking to turbocharge its efforts with tools borrowed from the startup culture.

BY Casey Gale February 28, 2020

What Planners Can Do to Make Events More Sustainable

Here are some ways meeting organizers and venues can embrace the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals for more sustainable events.

BY Ken Budd February 27, 2020

All Female and FAB: Culinary Conference an ‘Incredibly Safe Space’

There’s no male bashing at this all-women conference for professionals in the F&B industry, but workshop leaders must also be prepared to put all their ‘cards on the table.’

BY Kinsey Gidick February 27, 2020

Harness 5 Core Traits to Create Resilient Meetings

Has there ever been a live event, conference, or annual meeting without glitches, choke points, or even downright hair-on-fire problems? You can mitigate them by designing your event to follow the path of least resistance.

BY Don Neal February 27, 2020

Event Planners Rank the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Of the 7,000 event professionals who responded to a survey about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, 89 percent said they were committed to choosing small-scale and local food producers for their events.

BY Ken Budd Barbara Palmer February 27, 2020

Sustainable Development Goals Popping Up in Meeting Agendas, More

Here are some recent and upcoming examples of how the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are being incorporated into business events.

BY Barbara Palmer February 27, 2020

Data Tells the Story of Meetings and Events

According to responses to Convene’s 29th annual Meetings Market Survey, many organizations have changed how they collect and use participant data (attendee and/or exhibitor) relative to their events.

BY Michelle Russell February 27, 2020

Who Responded to Convene’s 29th annual Meetings Market Survey

More than half of respondents to Convene’s 29th annual Meetings Market Survey said meeting planning is their primary job responsibility and 12 percent said it was a secondary job responsibility.

BY Michelle Russell February 27, 2020

Event Venues Going Upscale with Vertical Farms

As the planet’s population grows and its farmlands shrink, indoor vertical farms are rising up to help meet the need for sustainable, fresh food production — and some event venues are leading the way.

BY David McMillin February 25, 2020

Overcoming a Global Crisis

The lessons our industry learned from SARS can help us as we face the COVID-19 outbreak.

BY Sherrif Karamat February 13, 2020

Events Industry Experts Weigh in on the Coronavirus

The Events Industry Council (EIC) held a webinar on Feb. 7, “Industry Discussion on Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV): Identifying Reliable Sources and Factors for Informed Decision-Making.” Here are some takeaways.

BY Michelle Russell February 10, 2020

Contracts: The ‘Quiet Enjoyment’ Clause May Disappoint

If you want to protect your meeting from a noisy neighboring event, the typical contract language will not cover you. Here’s how to address that potential problem.

BY David McMillin January 31, 2020

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