Data Tells the Story of Meetings and Events

Author: Michelle Russell       

The majority — 62 percent — of respondents to Convene’s 29th annual Meetings Market Survey said that they play a hands-on role in the collection and analysis of attendee data. Twenty-eight percent of survey respondents said that their organization has changed how it collects and uses participant data (attendee and/or exhibitor) relative to their events, slightly higher than the 23 percent who said the same in the previous year’s survey. Not surprisingly, most respondents said those changes have to do with adherence to stricter regulation regarding data privacy, including GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), Canadian privacy laws, and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act).

Here is what they said they did differently in 2019 for the current survey:

Added a check box to advise registrants of data use.”

Controls are tighter due to GDPR and related new policies.”

Due to GDPR we now do not include email contacts in our information without a signed disclosure agreement.”

EU attendees must opt-in to have data shared with exhibitors.”

We are utilizing beacons to get more information and data about attendee activities.”

Using lead-capturing app that feeds into our CRM to avoid unnecessary handling of data collected.”

We are incorporating RFID badges at our flagship conferences so that we can collect more and better data.”

We now analyze geographic data as it comes in to make marketing decisions based upon gaps.”

We now collect emergency phone and person plus allergy info or other info of medical importance.”

We are trying to improve smile sheets to get better data.”

Very carefully tracking where the data is at all times, checking with any contractors how they are using the data.”

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