November 2019

Cover illustration by Painting by Dennis Wojtkiewicz

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Conference Brings Blockchain’s Possibilities to Life

With scannable food, helicopter-ride fares paid with cryptocurrency, and an on-site Bitcoin ATM, the 2019 Blockchain Futurist Conference walked and talked the block(chain).

BY David McMillin January 5, 2020

Events Industry Forecast: Exhibitions Evolve, Grow

The global exhibitions industry is healthy, experts say, and shows little signs of slowing down in the future as new markets emerge and technology evolves.

BY Convene Editors January 3, 2020

Prepping Industry Speakers for Your Events

You may think you do a good job of preparing your presenters, but there’s a lot at stake. Here are tips to help them do their best and provide the greatest value to your audience.

BY Dave Lutz, CMP November 25, 2019

Events Industry Forecast: What’s Next in Tech, Travel, Lodging, Exhibitions

In our annual Events Industry Forecast, Convene’s editors take a look at the top trends and new ideas shaping the meetings industry — and what’s on the horizon.

BY Convene Editors November 12, 2019

Events Industry Forecast: Technology Driving Change

Technology is already creating disruption and new opportunities in the events industry, but what should you be paying attention to next? Convene editors share what’s happening now and what’s coming.

BY Convene Editors November 12, 2019

Events Industry Forecast: Flight Shaming and Other Travel Trends

The travel industry faces major changes in the years to come, as more activists fight to lower carbon emissions by cutting airline travel while many millennials still desire travel experiences around the globe.

BY Convene Editors November 12, 2019

Events Industry Forecast: Disruption in Lodging

With home-sharing and new travel trends breathing down its neck, the lodging industry will have to continue adapting in surprising ways.

BY Convene Editors November 12, 2019

Registration Interrupted: Getting Potential Attendees to Finish the Form

How do you re-engage with potential attendees who only partially completed registering for your event? One trade-show marketer took a multi-platform approach to bring many of them across the finish line.

BY Jasmine Zhu November 11, 2019

On Belonging: Life-Changing Events Are About More Than Bacon Donuts

People come back to an event when they feel like they belong.

BY Christine Renaud November 6, 2019

Scaling New Heights and Changing the World

We can arrive at solutions to our organizations’ challenges — and those of the world — in many ways. A well-designed event, in my book, is the best avenue.

BY Sherrif Karamat November 5, 2019

Conference Attendees Mentor Budding Entrepreneurs

In the weeks leading up to a children’s business fair, marketing professionals at Newell Brands summit helped youngsters develop a business strategy and learn important life skills.

BY Casey Gale November 5, 2019

Bringing an Idea to Fruition

Through artist Dennis Wojtkiewicz’s paintings, we find a new way of looking at the future — and fleeting present — of food.

BY Michelle Russell November 5, 2019

Finding Serenity — and Activity — in Thailand

From bustling marketplaces to serene resorts, Thailand offers a range of experiences for groups.

BY Jennifer Dienst November 5, 2019

Consumer Trends for Event Marketers

What consumer and business trends are most relevant to events? Speakers at CEIR Predict, the Center for Exhibition Industry Research’s annual exhibition outlook conference, identified three that deserve attention.

BY Renee Goldstein November 5, 2019

Food: ‘A Powerful Tool for Change’

Dr. Gunhild Stordalen, founder and executive chair of EAT, tells 1,000 attendees at EAT Stockholm Food Forum that ‘everyone can make a difference’ in battling global issue.

BY Michelle Russell November 4, 2019

Taking Aim at Guns and the Events Industry

The threat gun violence poses to society — and specifically to face-to-face events — led Event Leadership Institute’s Howard Givner to spearhead an industry-wide campaign for reform.

BY Michelle Russell November 4, 2019

Living the Dream at the Furniture Today Bedding Conference

Annual Furniture Today Bedding Conference explored ‘rest’ in show ideas for dealing with a rapidly changing sales model in the bed industry.

BY Casey Gale November 3, 2019

5 Ways for Event Organizers to Think Like Startups

We live in an era of unicorns (early-stage companies with a market cap valued at $1 billion-plus), and a time when business entrepreneurs are touted in Fast Company and Wired as our economy’s future. How can event organizers ride the wave of the exciting and lucrative startup world?

BY Don Neal November 3, 2019

Convening Leaders LIVE Puts Virtual Attendees Up Front

PCMA is preparing for the next Convening Leaders LIVE, the livestream event that gives meeting professionals who cannot be part of the face-to-face program a glimpse of the action.

BY David McMillin November 1, 2019

What Meeting Planners Can Do to Reduce Food Waste

There are multiple ways event organizers can use their roles to lower food waste, from asking for low-waster food options to utilizing new technologies for calculating food usage to donating edible leftovers whenever possible.

BY Barbara Palmer November 1, 2019

Why Women Attend Conferences — and Why They Don’t

More research is needed on women and conferences, and whether they promote equity in the workplace, says the co-authors of one recent study. Networking with peers, finding mentors, and learning
BY Casey Gale November 1, 2019

How the Plant Based World Conference Foretold a Trend

Idea for the conference focusing on the plant-based food market first sprouted two years ago, ahead of the trend toward plant-based diets, Impossible Burgers, and sustainability efforts.

BY Casey Gale November 1, 2019

PCMA Convening Leaders’ Content Studios Return in 2020

At PCMA Convening Leaders 2020 in San Francisco, the popular immersive content studios will cover eight topics ranging from audience-acquisition strategies to what’s trending now. Three speakers tell us what to expect in their sessions.

BY Cristi Kempf November 1, 2019

Something for Everyone in San Francisco’s Neighborhoods

If you’re planning to attend Convening Leaders 2020, consider coming early or staying later to experience all the fun you can in the City by the Bay.

BY Curt Wagner October 23, 2019

Venture Outside San Francisco for Wine, Relaxation, Outdoor Adventures

Planning your trip to San Francisco for Convening Leaders? Here are three destination ideas if you want to tack on a mini-vacation.

BY Curt Wagner October 7, 2019

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