August 2022

Cover illustration by Mike Reddy

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An Eco-Friendly Way to Repurpose Exhibit Foliage

After the 2022 New York International Auto Show crossed the finish line, 1,000 plants used in its exhibits were donated to local organizations to help green all five boroughs of New York City.

BY Casey Gale August 12, 2022

Meetings and Venues — ‘Everybody Is Having a Difficult Time Attracting Talent’

Four women who lead operations at global convention centers share their thoughts about how they and their venues are handling the talent challenge.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst August 12, 2022

How One Association is Restaffing the Events Team

What does the leader of a large professional association look for as he restaffs his events team? Digital capabilities, for sure, but soft skills — and the ability to ‘see the landscape’ — are equally important.

BY Michelle Russell August 12, 2022

Expanding the Events Industry Talent Pipeline

While the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects employment in the events industry to grow much faster than the average for all occupations, some faculty at hospitality schools are seeing a decline in interest. They have some suggestions to reverse this trend.

BY Barbara Palmer August 10, 2022

The New Events Staffing Landscape is ‘Unsustainable’

Event planners and suppliers say staff reductions have created additional responsibilities for those still on the job — and many are at the breaking point.

BY Barbara Palmer August 8, 2022

Stopping the ‘War on Talent’

Fixing employee burnout requires industry leaders to change their perspectives on what it means to value their workers by fostering an environment of wellbeing that allows employees to thrive.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst August 6, 2022

Attracting Talent to the Business Events Industry

Today’s workforce prizes purpose and flexibility. The business events industry already has one of those covered, but the other may require a shift.

BY Sherrif Karamat August 6, 2022

Wading In: Events Challenged With Another Complex Issue

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe. v. Wade, many event organizers find they have another contentious issue to handle.

BY Michelle Russell August 5, 2022

Number of Indigenous-led Startups Growing; ‘We are Just Getting Started’

A new initiative at the Collision tech conference is expanding the community-centered impact and influence of Indigenous-led tech companies in Canada.

BY Barbara Palmer August 4, 2022

Prescribing a Hub-and-Spoke Approach

A medical conference in Italy was broadcast from a main studio to more than a dozen sites throughout the country, giving participants both a broad and localized learning experience.

BY Michelle Russell August 4, 2022

Staffing Agency CEO: It’s Time to ‘Think About Talent Differently’

Soundings CEO Tracy Judge expanded the business model of her staffing solutions agency and as a result attracted more independent meeting and event organizers.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst August 2, 2022

Visual Arts — and Much More — Draw Thousands to Art Basel 2022

Art Basel returned to its June schedule for the first time since 2020, attracting 70,000 attendees to Messe Basel. The fair showed support for Ukraine by collaborating on special events in the city, and offered its first-ever night of music and other live performances.

BY Michelle Russell August 2, 2022

How UFI’s Kai Hattendorf Helped Launch the Net Zero Carbon Events Pledge

Nearly 200 events industry organizations in 2021 committed to a plan to reduce the carbon emissions created by the industry — a coalition that’s doubled in size since then. The PCMA Visionary Award honoree helped connect the dots in record time.

BY Barbara Palmer August 2, 2022

Meetings and Your Brain: Drawing a Joy Connection

In an experiment, a meeting session using the Piccles online drawing platform generated the greatest amount of happiness, validating research that connects drawing to decreased stress.

BY Barbara Palmer August 2, 2022

Navigating Rising AV Costs for Events: ’It’s Not 2019 Anymore’

Skyrocketing travel and equipment costs and a sudden talent shortage — pandemic-prompted trends have made affordable audiovisual services a challenge since the return of face-to-face events. Event organizers and suppliers talk about their pain points, how to mitigate costs, and the importance of communication.

BY Casey Gale July 29, 2022

How to Deal With 7 Curveballs Thrown at Event Organizers

Planning large conferences has gotten even more complicated. The pandemic and the subsequent Great Resignation have greatly reduced the number of skilled workers in hospitality and related industries. Here are seven areas to take into consideration.

BY Dave Lutz, CMP July 27, 2022

Cross-team Collaboration — the Most Overlooked Event Strategy

Working together across all your teams and partners can help you attract more attendees. Here are some proven tips to create a unified effort.

BY Bill Zimmer July 8, 2022

Time to Fine-Tune Your Values Proposition

Over the past two years, it’s become apparent that not all event goers are created equal and that the values of our audiences are — or should be — influencing how we define our brands, operationalize best practices, and tell our stories.

BY Kimberly Hardcastle-Geddes June 30, 2022

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