June 2019

Cover illustration by Edmon de Haro

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How to Tell if Your Organization is Ready for Change

The first step for shifting things at your company — before you jump in, make the commitment and the investment, or take a calculated risk — is to determine if the conditions are favorable for organizational change initiatives.

BY Don Neal June 4, 2019

Catering to Attendees’ Religious-Based F&B Requests

Four event professionals share how to put attendees who keep kosher or halal at ease, seamlessly meeting their dietary requirements without making them feel singled out.

BY Molly Petrilla June 2, 2019

Convene Salary Survey: Higher Than Average Increases

Event organizers cite stress and long hours as what they like least — and creativity, collaboration, and cultivating relationships as what they like most — about their jobs.

BY Michelle Russell June 1, 2019

Salary Survey 2019: What Tops Event Planners’ Wish Lists?

Considering their long hours, demanding travel schedules, and stressful workloads, perhaps it’s no surprise what they’d most like to ask their boss for (aside from a raise): more flexibility to work from home.

BY Michelle Russell June 1, 2019

Rethinking the Traditional Model for Your Conference’s Education Program

Organizers spend a lot of time putting together their conference’s education sessions. Models vary, but most include a 15- to 20-person conference committee (slotters) and an army of reviewers (graders). It’s time to rethink the traditional model for creating your conference’s education program.

BY Dave Lutz, CMP June 1, 2019

When it Comes to Diversity at Events, ‘Tolerance is Not Enough’

The business events industry has a role to play in halting the spread of hate.

BY Sherrif Karamat June 1, 2019

Ageism Remains a Problem in the Workforce

A truly diverse workforce embraces all ages and respects what each generation brings to the table. That’s our challenge in the workspace as well as in business event settings.

BY Michelle Russell June 1, 2019

How the Abilities Expo Breaks Barriers for Attendees With Disabilities

The Abilities Expo, founded 40 years ago by late disability activist and post-polio survivor Richard Wooten, attracts hundreds of people with disabilities, seniors, veterans, health-care professionals, and special needs professionals.

BY Casey Gale June 1, 2019

How Do You Solve the ‘Manel’ Problem for Scientific Meetings?

The grassroots organization 500 Women Scientists is creating a roadmap toward more inclusive meetings. Their “Request a Woman Scientist” database includes 10,000 vetted scientists … and it’s still growing.

BY Barbara Palmer June 1, 2019

Salary Survey: How Do You Stack Up Against the Rest of the World?

It’s helpful to put this year’s Salary Survey results in perspective by comparing our findings to the larger workplace world. Here’s a look at some key areas.

BY Michelle Russell May 31, 2019

More Work, No Extra Pay? 5 Tips to Turn That Around

Strategies from a workplace expert to make the best of the more-responsibility-with-no-pay-increase scenario many respondents cited as a challenge in Convene’s 2019 Salary Survey.

BY Michelle Russell May 31, 2019

Ashton Applewhite: Crusader Against Ageism

In general, people are living and working longer than they have at any time in human history. What if, asks Ashton Applewhite, instead of seeing age — and aging workers — in a negative light, we looked at longevity as the asset that it is?

BY Barbara Palmer May 30, 2019

Patti Temple Rocks Hopes Book Will Spark Conversations About Ageism

Her new book, ‘I’m Not Done: It’s Time to Talk About Ageism in the Workplace,’ is as much a personal statement as a sentiment shared by her entire Boomer generation.

BY Michelle Russell May 30, 2019

Chip Conley Champions the ‘Modern Elder’

Boomers can take on a critical role in the workplace as Modern Elders, hospitality entrepreneur Chip Conley says, by following a four-stage process.

BY Casey Gale May 30, 2019

Retirepreneur Startup Gives Baby Boomers New Options

After working more than 15 years in events industry, Donna Kastner isn’t slowing down —she’s focusing on new entrepreneurial project for the ‘modern elder.’

BY Curt Wagner May 30, 2019

Friday Lunches and Johnnie White’s Rise to the Top

Make sure ‘those in charge understand … what you bring to the table,’ advises Johnnie White, whose journey to the office of CEO at the American Society of Appraisers started 25 years ago, when he first set his sights on leading an association.

BY David McMillin May 29, 2019

11 Tips for Adding Child-Care Services to Your Events

Accent on Children’s Arrangements has provided child-care services at meetings and events for 28 years. Diane Lyons, CMP and president of Accent-DMC Inc., offers these tips.

BY Jasmine Zhu May 23, 2019

How Los Angeles is Becoming Even More Meeting Friendly

As the epicenter of the entertainment industry, Los Angeles is well-known for its glitz and glamour, but the city also is polishing its reputation as a premier destination for meetings and events.

BY David McMillin May 7, 2019

John Ondrasik: Work Ethic, Will, Integrity More Crucial than Talent

Before taking the stage as the opening keynoter at the PCMA Education Conference, the lead singer of Five for Fighting shared how perseverance will win out over talent time and again. It’s a message that strikes a chord for audiences of all kinds.

BY David McMillin May 7, 2019

Making Your Organization Matter Starts With an Outside-in Mindset

Rik Vera, author of Managers the ‘Day After Tomorrow’ and keynote speaker at PCMA’s upcoming European Influencers Summit, on what we can learn about serving our customers from Facebook’s failings — and how a boutique hotel chain gets it right.

BY David McMillin May 7, 2019

Lisa Block Makes ‘the Perfect Move’

Following a long career at the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM), Lisa Block is bringing her wealth of experience — including “how you treat people and the importance of culture” — to her new role.

BY Michelle Russell May 2, 2019

Making the Case for Convention Center Expansion

As an evolving events industry makes new demands on convention centers, Convene looks at the long and winding road two CVBs have been navigating to get expansion plans green-lighted.

BY David McMillin April 27, 2019

‘A Really Crazy, Big Idea’ — Taking on Plastics in the Events Industry

The Monterey County Convention & Visitors Bureau joins forces with a nonprofit to launch a global movement to reduce the use of plastics at meetings and events.

BY Barbara Palmer April 22, 2019

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