Webinar: Events as a Powerful Catalyst for Richer Intergenerational Dialogue

As event organizers focus more attention on growing Millennial and Gen Z attendance, the pendulum might be swinging too far. In this webinar, we will examine steps you can take to foster richer intergenerational exchanges to solve industry challenges, while growing attendance and loyalty across all generations.

Webinar: 3rd Quarter Membership 2019

Your membership with PCMA can put you on the right track to take your career to the next level. The information in this orientation program will help you to get started on your journey. PCMA is your gateway to the industry’s most relevant, cutting-edge information and knowledgeable leaders.

People on the Move

Your colleagues are on the move, find out who is going where.

Don’t Set an Agenda Before Important Meetings

You've probably heard this advice about meetings before: Set an agenda and stick to it. But if the purpose of your meeting is to solve a complex challenge, this advice might not be the best. (Harvard Business Review)

How to Have Difficult Conversations Virtually

Having difficult conversations is hard to do under the best of circumstances. When you must have that conversation virtually, a little extra preparation can go a long way. (Harvard Business Review)