May/June 2024

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Making Space for Makers in Portland

Portland’s My People’s Market has created opportunities for local makers and entrepreneurs who need a platform — and the events, tourism, and hospitality industries are a part of the mix.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst June 12, 2024

Planning for Conflict at Your Events

The policies you create to respond to potential harassment and discrimination at your meetings are a strong foundation for handling a variety of conflicts, says workplace harassment expert Paula Brantner.

BY Barbara Palmer June 12, 2024

Artisans Craft Ribbon Into a Unifying ‘Social Fabric’

A work of crochet that began as a religious offering has put a town in Jalisco, Mexico, on the map, in the Guinness Book of World Records, and center stage at expo events.

BY Michelle Russell June 11, 2024

Cowbells and Woolen Slippers — Cherished Handmade Gifts From Events

Event goers prize the handcrafted amenities they receive at conferences that convey a sense of place or a personal touch — and provide a lasting memory.

BY Magdalina Atanassova June 11, 2024

Events Industry Veteran Reflects on 40-Year Career

Carolyn Pund is retiring from her job in global strategic meetings and digital events management at Cisco Systems, but plans to stay involved in the industry that has given her so much — and to do what she can to contribute to what is yet ahead.

BY Michelle Russell June 10, 2024

Discovering Indigenous Culture Through Crafts and Stories

Marc Forgette, founder of Makatew Workshops, uses Indigenous crafting sessions at meetings and events to help participants focus on the story he shares about his Indigenous heritage.

BY Casey Gale June 10, 2024

How Knoxville Became a Model for Supporting Local Makers

As Etsy’s first official U.S. ‘Maker City,’ Knoxville, Tennessee, is growing the local economy through arts, crafts, and entrepreneurship.

BY Casey Gale June 9, 2024

Bringing AI to Life — as a Conference Presenter

An AI-powered robot named Ameca co-presented part of the Welcoming Session at the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) 2024 in Las Vegas, where artificial intelligence in many forms was a hot topic.

BY Barbara Palmer June 6, 2024

Bringing the Maker Movement to Events

The founder and president of Make: Community reflects on why people become makers and the role the maker movement can play in events.

BY Michelle Russell June 3, 2024

Tech Company’s AI Reporter Helps Meeting Attendees Be in Two Places at Once

Siemens AG used AI to spread key insights from an internal leadership meeting to participants — and remote global employees — in record time.

BY Barbara Palmer May 23, 2024

When Lower Room Rates Affect Your Attendees

PCMA’s Catalyst community offers ideas on how planners can work with a conference hotel that is undercutting room-block rates.

BY Convene Editors May 23, 2024

Conference Illuminates the Art of Medicine

The Annual Conference of the Association of Medical Illustrators draws on advances in science, technology, and medicine to keep attendees up to date on techniques to explain the science of life.

BY Curt Wagner May 23, 2024

The Tortured Event Planners Department

Remember, you bring more to the table than well-organized logistics. Events are a platform that can further goals and advance the industry you serve.

BY Beth Surmont May 13, 2024

Navigating Political Polarization at Your Events

Political divisiveness has increased dramatically in the U.S. in recent years. How much have you thought about the impact that may have on participants at your events — or what you can do to manage its effects?

BY Barbara Palmer May 13, 2024

Drawing People Together

New research shows that visual art can do more than add beauty to your events — it can help build connections.

BY Barbara Palmer May 13, 2024

Help Out Your Exhibitors

The Exhibitor Advocate recently released its 2023 Annual Survey of Exhibition Rates. This report compares material handling, labor, and equipment costs across 24 major U.S. destinations. Here are two takeaways you should consider.

BY Dave Lutz, CMP May 9, 2024

Filling in Staffing Gaps With the Right Talent

A new initiative in Boston aims to solve two problems at once: the shortage of highly qualified professionals in the hospitality industry and the lack of diversity in managerial and senior leadership roles.

BY Barbara Palmer May 6, 2024

Lessons in Event Marketing From Taylor Swift

Regardless of whether you’re a Swiftie or a non-believer, as an event marketer, you can learn a lot from the megastar’s wildly successful approach to promoting her music, her shows, and herself.

BY Kimberly Hardcastle-Geddes April 30, 2024

Moving Your Meeting Amid Rising Reproductive Rights Concerns

Post Dobbs decision, the destinations where the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine can safely meet have dwindled to a select few. Here’s how the association has navigated increasingly tricky legal contracts, member dissonance and advocacy, and the difficult decision to relocate the meeting at the last minute.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst April 25, 2024

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