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October 2022

Cover illustration by Gérard DuBois

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Do Conference Attendees Really Need More Bags and Water Bottles?

Looking at event swag through the lens of sustainability.

BY Barbara Palmer October 13, 2022

Room Set: Acknowledgement Through Art

ICC Sydney wears its commitment to Indigenous populations on its sleeve — through programming, a reconciliation plan, and the artwork and messaging that shape its campus.

BY Curt Wagner October 10, 2022

3 Shifts in Event Sustainability

Meeting professionals aren’t going back to planning exactly the same events they held in 2019, and they aren’t returning to the same conversations about sustainability they were having before the pandemic. Here are three ways industry experts in sustainability say the landscape is changing.

BY Barbara Palmer October 10, 2022

Community, Connection Draw Artists Together for ICON Event

Picture this: a conference that brings together professional illustrators, art directors, designers, educators, and editors to explore the business side of artistic life.

BY Casey Gale October 7, 2022

Choosing an Event Model — No Straightforward Approach

Zoom fatigue, carbon footprints, financial constraints, and health concerns are just some of the factors that challenge planners as they decide between holding a digital, in-person, or hybrid event.

BY Michelle Russell October 4, 2022

Touch and Go Time for Business Events

The Business Events Industry need to keep moving forward even as we redraw our map.

BY Sherrif Karamat October 3, 2022

The Future of Event Planning: Into the Unknown

Planning for events never seemed as rife with uncertainties — including the climate crisis — as today.

BY Michelle Russell October 1, 2022

A Show of Hands Can Make Video Meetings More Productive

Hand gestures are “the leading edge of our thoughts,” one author says, while participants of a recent study who used hand gestures in video meetings reported that they had a better experience, learned more, and felt closer to others in their groups.

BY Barbara Palmer September 30, 2022

How This CVB Executive Is ‘100-percent Focused on Inclusion’

Hilina Ajakaiye draws on her experience as an immigrant — and conference organizer — to invite everyone to the table in the Boston hospitality and events industry.

BY Barbara Palmer September 28, 2022

5 Ways to Turn Uncertainty Into New Opportunities

Those who embrace uncertainty — or at least get more comfortable with it — will be better positioned to survive and thrive. Here’s how.

BY Beth Surmont September 22, 2022

Junk Kouture — Turning Trash Into Fashion Treasure

The founder of Junk Kouture is on a mission to reuse rubbish while simultaneously changing teens’ mindsets about themselves and the environment — and to set that all on the global event stage. 

BY Michelle Russell September 21, 2022

Pandemic-Caused Changes Strengthen Chicago Business Group

Executives’ Club of Chicago changed its membership model and event strategy during the pandemic — and found success. ‘We really leaned into our purpose,’ group’s CEO said.

BY Michelle Russell September 19, 2022

Avoid a Recovery Mindset When Marketing Your Events

A recovery mindset could be limiting you: Perhaps you’re more focused on replacing what was lost in the past than seizing future possibilities. Instead, here’s how to adopt a growth mindset. 

BY Kimberly Hardcastle-Geddes September 19, 2022

Cracking the Code on Hybrid

A breakout session at CEMA (Corporate Event Marketing Association) Summit shared topline takeaways from a recent study among event marketers on the next iteration of events. Here’s a deeper dive into the results.

BY Michelle Russell August 29, 2022

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