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The Clarity Money App Can Help You Manage Your Personal Budget Seamlessly

‘Seeing how all of those smaller charges add up really made me think about what was important versus what I could cancel.’

BY PCMA Admin May 1, 2017

This App Will Help You Never Be Late Again

Is it better to walk, take a cab, or use public transportation? This free app helps you weigh the options.

BY Barbara Palmer April 3, 2017

Social Tables Pocket Planner Takes Care of the Math And Frees You Up To Think Creatively

A key quality of a business-event professional is the ability to parse  decisions that can be made on the spot versus those that need creative resolutions. An app that enables me to minimize processing power for those on-the-spot calculations for my clients is the Social Tables Pocket Planner app. Social Tables Pocket Planner is a

BY PCMA Admin March 17, 2017

An Extraterrestrial Site Visit

Lessons learned for live experiences from the second annual Virtual Reality Pitchfest in Brooklyn.

BY Barbara Palmer March 13, 2017


If keeping track of your logins and passwords is a constant challenge, you are going to like this app.

BY Convene Editors February 1, 2017

A Social Hologram

Attendees frolicked with hologram technology at Convening Leaders — and imagined potential uses.

BY Barbara Palmer January 30, 2017

7 Minute Fitness Challenge

With this app, there’s no excuse anymore for not exercising on the road.

BY Convene Editors January 3, 2017