COVID-19 and the Business Events Industry

Convene reports on how meeting professionals are navigating coronavirus. Visit PCMA's COVID-19 resources page for more information.

The Joint Meetings Industry Council Releases its Global Manifesto

The document provides an industry rationale for the use of business events as primary agents for post-pandemic economic recovery and renewal.

BY Convene Editors July 20, 2020

More Planners Than Suppliers See Hybrid Events as Most Likely Recovery Scenario

In the sixth in Convene’s COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard series, planners and suppliers are predicting the pandemic’s economic fallout will have a deeper impact in 2021 than previously thought and are honing their digital event design and marketing skills.

BY Convene Editors July 20, 2020

A 24-Hour Virtual Event Attracts Attendees From Around the Globe

One association turned its virtual event into a 24-hour marathon — and some engaged attendees pulled all-nighters. 

BY Jennifer N. Dienst July 20, 2020

Admitting You Don’t Know Is More Than Okay

A leadership coach advises managers to be transparent about uncertainty with their teams during the pandemic — and to know the difference between empathizing with them and engaging in “ruinous empathy.”

BY Michelle Russell July 16, 2020

A Sasquatch Playing Saxophone? Yep, It Made Sense at This Virtual Event.

When a tech company launched its first online event, the organizer wanted to make sure that it had the look and feel of a live event, and that included an entertaining way to welcome attendees.

BY Curt Wagner July 16, 2020

Meeting Safety’s Trust Gap During the Pandemic

Masks top the list of what event participants look for in event-safety guidelines, a new survey reveals — but trust in the behavior of other event participants is sharply divided.

BY Barbara Palmer July 15, 2020

Event Companies Share Their Visions of Live Events in the COVID-19 Era

Freeman and Shepard have released videos that walk planners through a live event with safety protocols in place.

BY Curt Wagner July 15, 2020

Tapping Multiple Tech Tools for a Virtual Event

The LEGO Group’s virtual event in May had to be delivered via Microsoft Teams, but seamlessly integrated other tech tools to create an immersive experience that felt nothing like an online staff meeting.

BY Michelle Russell July 15, 2020

Networking and Gamification at Virtual Events

One event professional recently shared her thoughts on engaging a virtual audience through networking and gamification with the PCMA Catalyst Community.

BY Convene Editors July 13, 2020

Hilton Expands Cleanliness Standards Program to Event Planning

Hilton EventReady with CleanStay will address “the whole event experience.”

BY Barbara Palmer July 10, 2020

4 More Venues Earn STAR Certification for Facility Preparedness

The Orange County Convention Center, Overland Park Convention Center, Hard Rock Stadium, and STAPLES Center follow the Georgia World Congress Center as accredited facilities.

BY Curt Wagner July 9, 2020

What Meeting Professionals Want to Know

A survey of meeting professionals who’ve attended Convening Leaders offers a look at what they expect will be most important in the coming year.

BY Barbara Palmer July 8, 2020