COVID-19 and the Business Events Industry

Convene reports on how meeting professionals are navigating coronavirus. Visit PCMA's COVID-19 resources page for more information.

Peter Hinssen Wants You to Embrace the ‘Never Normal’

2020 was all about adapting to “the new normal.” But Convening Leaders speaker Peter Hinssen said we need to anticipate the “never normal” — a reality where change is constantly triggered by “seismic shocks” like the COVID-19 pandemic.

BY Casey Gale December 23, 2020

Don’t Neglect Those ‘Vomit-Bag Moments’

“Everything is up for grabs” in the business events industry, said ECEF keynoter Julie Cottineau, who shared in her session how to use a “twist” approach to rethink how to engage attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors in the new normal.

BY Michelle Russell December 22, 2020

Vaccines Give Events Industry a Shot in the Arm

Just as the COVID-19 vaccines began rolling out, we asked December Recovery Dashboard survey respondents, both planners and suppliers, if they’re feeling more hopeful — and if the news has changed their plans for the coming year.

BY Michelle Russell December 21, 2020

Webinar: How to Develop Metrics, Track and Analyse Data at Digital Events

Supported by TCEB, join us and learn how you should develop the right data metrics for sponsors and partners of your digital events. Also, what are the questions to ask of the event platforms to ensure you receive the data at the completion of your digital event thereby creating more value for your event stakeholders.

BY Jennifer Kingen Kush, DES December 21, 2020

Cleaning up Event Sludge

You want people to register for your event, but are you unintentionally creating friction in marketing efforts, website, and registration process? Here’s how to simplify things.

BY Kimberly Hardcastle-Geddes December 18, 2020

Virtual Event Was ‘a Chance for Us to Be Creative’

Here’s how the American College of Emergency Physicians organized a digital event that prioritized professional production, education, research — and serendipitous encounters.

BY Michelle Russell December 18, 2020

6 Ways to Boost Registration for Virtual Events

Try these ideas to boost registration on for size.

BY Casey Gale December 16, 2020

Webinar: Virtual & Hybrid Event Production: What You Need to Know to Be Successful in 2021

Join the experts from CadmiumCD, Projection, and Conference Managers for an in-depth discussion on how to plan your event production in 2021 and beyond. We’ll explore best practices, tips, and even a few case studies on how to prepare for successful virtual and hybrid events.

BY Michael Doane Maggie Pearson Josh Miller Joe Fauler December 16, 2020

What Can We Expect for Meetings and Events Next Year?

According to a global survey of meeting professionals by American Express, small in-person events will return late in the year.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst December 14, 2020

Doctors Share Pros and Cons of Virtual Medical Conferences

Physician leaders at a medical association offer lessons learned when remaking two in-person events into fully digital versions during the pandemic.

BY Michelle Russell December 14, 2020

This Virtual Medical Convention Didn’t Skimp on Production

The American Academy of Pediatrics’ annual in-person National Conference and Exhibition puts on a show each year, mixing entertainment with content and bringing “emotion to science.” How did they accomplish that with their 2020 all-virtual event?

BY Michelle Russell December 10, 2020

How to Run a Command Center for a Virtual Event

What are best practices for developing an on-site and remote command center for AV and staff to produce a virtual event? A handful of event professionals recently shared their ideas on PCMA’s Catalyst forum.

BY Convene Editors December 9, 2020