COVID-19 and the Business Events Industry

Convene reports on how meeting professionals are navigating coronavirus. Visit PCMA's COVID-19 resources page for more information.

PCMA Webinar: What Does Hybrid Mean to PCMA?

PCMA has held a virtual component to their major annual meetings, Convening Leaders and EduCon, for years. However, this year, hybrid took on a new meaning for our organization.

BY Tonya Almond Stacey Shafer Justin Hartman September 21, 2021

As COVID Cases Continue to Rise, How Are You Responding?

The pandemic continues to disrupt the business events industry’s recovery. We’re asking planners and suppliers to take a few minutes out of their day to share their thoughts and plans by participating in the latest COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard Survey.

BY Convene Editors September 21, 2021

The Future of Events is Phygital and Onmnichannel

Juliano Lissoni, MCI Group managing director, Canada, on how the pandemic has accelerated the use of AI, machine learning, and blockchain technologies to boost engagement and experiences in the metaverse — “a fully realized digital world that exists beyond the analog one in which we live.”

BY Juliano Lissoni September 21, 2021

Got Empathy? Visit Oakland’s New CEO on the Rewards of Listening to Employees

Listening is a critical leadership skill, says Visit Oakland’s new CEO, Peter Gamez, especially in challenging times.

BY Barbara Palmer September 20, 2021

How the Great Resignation is Impacting Business Events

Workers are quitting their jobs in droves. A recent SHRM survey finds that more than two out of five U.S. workers are actively searching for a new job or plan to soon. We’ve mined Convene’s latest Recovery Dashboard results for insights about the Great Resignation and the business events industry.

BY Michelle Russell September 20, 2021

Vaccine Spotlight Webinar: Insights from the Event Industry

Now that we’ve heard about the science from Dr. Patel, let’s look at how our industry has been directly affected. We have brought together a panel of industry experts to discuss the different ways COVID has impacted themselves and their teams. The panel will discuss their own journeys since March 2020, and how they intend to move forward, including vaccination requirements, as the uncertainty of the future in the meetings and events industry continues.

BY John S. Gonzalez, CMP Desiree A. Knight Matthew G. Laws Anthony Maggiore September 16, 2021

Another Twist in the Road Back to In-Person Events?

A June conversation among PCMA Catalyst Community participants about a shift back to virtual events rather than an expected return to in-person meetings underscores fundamental changes in the business events industry.

BY Convene Editors September 15, 2021

12 Takeaways From HIMSS’ Successful, Fully Vaxxed Conference

Expert advice, scenario planning, and clear communication played vital roles in HIMSS’ ability to safely host close to 20,000 health-tech professionals in Las Vegas in August.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst September 13, 2021

The Dark Side of Contactless Check-in

The front desk is where hotel guests may have their only exchange with an employee. But digital check-ins, a trend that has taken off during the pandemic, does away with that interpersonal aspect — and makes it easier for potential human trafficking to occur.

BY Michelle Russell September 10, 2021

Vaccine Spotlight Webinar: Understand the Science

The COVID-19 vaccines have been out for months, but some are still skeptical. Misinformation surrounds us at every turn, so returning to face-to-face events with confidence can be difficult. That is why we have asked Dr. Robin Patel, the Director of the Infectious Diseases Research Laboratory, back for a PCMA webinar.

BY Robin Patel, M.D. September 9, 2021

Don’t Skimp on Images in Your Event Marketing During COVID Times

During the pandemic, the strategic use of images can do everything from conveying your event’s welcoming-to-all culture to quelling participants’ concerns over health and safety — as long as you follow through on those messages.

BY Kimberly Hardcastle-Geddes September 9, 2021

PCMA Future Event Masterminds: Brand Presence

Join us for a new PCMA series connecting you with like-minded individuals who are determined to be the best in business. This session with industry expert, Ameerah Saine was part of a new PCMA series, Future Event Masterminds, that connects you with like-minded individuals who are determined to be the best in business.

BY Ameerah Saine September 1, 2021