May/June 2022

Cover illustration by Martin Sati

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Hawaii Canoe Festival Making Cultural Waves

Through its Waʻa Kiakahi Canoe Festival, the Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Association is teaching many about the ancient cultural practices, celestial navigation, and ‘who the Hawaiian people are.’

BY Casey Gale August 15, 2022

Coaster Con — An Event With a Twist

When it comes to interactive conferences, few do them better than the American Coaster Enthusiasts, who get their thrills on amusement park rides during member events.

BY Casey Gale July 25, 2022

Workplace Mental Health: ‘A Collective Priority’

It is commonly understood that our emotional wellbeing was challenged during the pandemic. A study conducted last year bears that out.

BY Michelle Russell June 9, 2022

Championing Connection and Community in Minneapolis 

Meet Minneapolis’s CEO Melvin Tennant shares how the DMO is addressing stress from the pandemic, George Floyd’s murder, and other world events with strategies and policies designed to support employees and the community.

BY Barbara Palmer May 31, 2022

Chicago and Midwest Meetings and Hospitality Groups Unite

Eleven meetings and hospitality groups in the region have created the Midwest Meeting and Event Collective (MMEC) to combine advocacy efforts, support each other, and develop a richer community.

BY Curt Wagner May 27, 2022

How Taking a Walking Break Can Help You Think

Wellness entrepreneur Rebecca Thomas says walking outdoors during work hours is not only good exercise, but can help us unlock problem-solving powers. And science backs her up.

BY Barbara Palmer May 27, 2022

World Championship of Magic Conjures Thousands of Attendees

The International Federation of Magic Societies event, taking place every three years, offers attendees masterclass education, workshops, lectures, and a competition involving various forms of stage and close-up magic.

BY Casey Gale May 27, 2022

A Safe Space to Talk About Work and Mental Health

Why event entrepreneur Janice Cardinale is leading conversations about boundaries and burnout for meeting professionals.

BY Barbara Palmer May 20, 2022

Mental Health and the Business Events Industry

In Convene’s latest COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard Survey, we asked planners and suppliers to share how two-plus years of working during the uncertainties of the pandemic has affected their wellbeing.

BY Michelle Russell May 16, 2022

Calling for a Regenerative Business Events Industry

It’s now or never. That stark assessment comes from the scientists who authored the most recent update to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, released by the United

BY Barbara Palmer May 16, 2022

What the Business Events Industry is Saying About Mental Wellness

In our recent Recovery Dashboard, we asked planners and suppliers about workplace culture, the need for flexibility, social connection, and other issues facing organizations. They had a lot to say.

BY Convene Editors May 15, 2022

Conference Shares Prague Congress Centre With Ukraine Refugees

World Environmental Education Congress organizers had no time to plan a formal community service project for the Ukrainian refugees housed in the Prague Congress Centre during the time of their conference, but participants found ways to demonstrate their support. 

BY Michelle Russell May 13, 2022

New Rules for Conference Sponsorship Pricing

Revenue recovery is an urgent priority for organizers of major conferences and trade shows, and sponsorships can help get you there.

BY Dave Lutz, CMP May 12, 2022

Mariana Atencio on the Importance of Authentic Leadership

At CEMA Summit, award-winning Latina journalist Mariana Atencio will take what she learned about authenticity from her experiences as a reporter and apply it to leading teams in a post-COVID world.

BY Curt Wagner May 9, 2022

Experience Columbus’ Return on (Diversity) Investment

Why a diversity apprenticeship program in Columbus, Ohio, is going all in on expanding access to management positions for people of color in the hospitality, travel, and events sectors.

BY Barbara Palmer May 9, 2022

Mosaic Elevates Recycling to an Art Form

The Monumental Mattie mosaic art installation at the Salt Palace Convention Center puts equal rights, local history, and the power of repurposing on full display.

BY Casey Gale May 5, 2022

4 Strategies to Guide Your Return to Live Events

With COVID-19 cases down at the time of this writing, we are now largely mask-free, back in offices — and planning furiously to deliver in-person events. Here’s a framework.

BY David Saef April 20, 2022

Nice to Meet You, I’m … How to Remember Names

As in-person events return, former U.S. Memory Champ Chester Santos shares science-backed tips for putting names to faces.

BY Barbara Palmer April 7, 2022

5 Lessons for Planners From the SXSW In-Person Experience

Attending this year’s SXSW in person gave Beth Surmont, vice president of event strategy and design at 360 Live Media, some ideas that any organizer can adapt to optimize their events.

BY Beth Surmont March 24, 2022

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