January 2018

Cover illustration by Justin Renteria

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6 Technological Breakthroughs That Will Change Health Care

From AI to VR, here are six technological breakthroughs shaping the future of healthcare.

BY Barbara Palmer February 13, 2018

Fiber to the Home Conference 2018

Here’s how the FTTH Conference organizers are striving to expand the scope of the event beyond attracting just C-suite-level attendees.

BY Casey Gale January 2, 2018

Not-Your-Average Medical Conferences

Six medical conferences that are doing things a little differently.

BY Barbara Palmer January 2, 2018

LA Auto Show’s Terri Toennies

The LA Auto Show has shifted its safety and security program into high gear. The show’s general manager explains how — and why this needs to be a top priority for every business-events organizer.

BY David McMillin January 2, 2018

Into the Wild(erness Risk Management Conference)

Emergency rescue drills, infectious-disease care and more at the 2017 Wilderness Risk Management Conference.

BY Jasmine Zhu January 2, 2018

Are You Ready For GDPR?

On May 25, the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) kicks in for all individuals based in the EU. The GDPR is aimed at strengthening and unifying data

BY Jasmine Zhu January 2, 2018

All Systems Go

The organizers of Cyber Security Week have to practice what they preach. Here’s how they handle data protection at their own event.

BY Jasmine Zhu January 2, 2018

#MeToo: Sexual Harassment in the Meetings Industry

Since the business-events industry is female-dominated, you might think sexual harassment isn’t an issue. But a Convene survey — plus interviews with some of the respondents — shows that’s not the case at all.

BY Michelle Russell January 2, 2018

AVIXA’s Heidi A. Voorhees on Thinking Differently

“Don’t be afraid to speak up and be your own motivator.”

BY Christopher Durso January 2, 2018

A Well-Traveled Journey

There’s a change in leadership here at PCMA, but not a change in vision.

BY Deborah Sexton January 2, 2018

#MeToo: A Closer Look at Sexual Harassment in Business Events

Exploring sexual harassment in the relationships-based business-events industry.

BY Michelle Russell January 2, 2018

How to Invite a City to Your Event

According to the Society of Architectural Historians’ Christopher Kirbabas, local media is key.

January 2, 2018

The Rights Stuff: Are You Licensing Those Video Clips?

If you’re showing unlicensed movie and TV clips at your meetings, the entertainment industry has a message for you: It’s piracy, and it’s illegal.

BY Ken Budd December 29, 2017

And Then There Were 20

‘It is our honor to recognize the excellence of these emerging innovative leaders.’ To whom else could that be referring but PCMA’s newest class of 20 in Their Twenties winners?

BY Christopher Durso December 29, 2017

Small Destinations: Where You’d Least Expect Big Events

Rapid City, South Dakota. Paducah, Kentucky. Adelaide, Australia. They’re not big names on the international-meetings circuit — but their unique knowledge economies recently helped them attract premier global events.

BY Casey Gale December 28, 2017

Forms Follow Function

The Washington, D.C., city government wanted to redesign some of its forms — and involve residents in the process. The solution: a hackathon.

December 27, 2017

Get to Know Your Conference City: Invite the Locals

The Society of Architectural Historians helps residents in its host city get to know their hometown a little better — by inviting them on exclusive tours.

BY Molly Petrilla December 27, 2017

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