How to Invite a City to Your Event

How do you let the residents of a city know that not only is your conference coming to your town, but they’re also invited to the festivities? The Society of Architectural Historian’ (SAH) Director of Programs Christopher Kirbabas says that local media is key. SAH works closely with the local press, including placing ads in newspapers and pitching stories to various outlets to get the word out that the local community is invited on special architectural tours.

“Some tours really catch the local press’ ear, and then it goes from there,” Kirbabas said. A media outlet may start by covering one tour, hear about others in the process, then decide to write about those, too. “It kind of snowballs,” Kirbabas said.

SAH 2017 local chair Marina Moskowitz said SAH also recruits local partner organizations — heritage or architectural groups, businesses, universities — and asks them to spread the word through email blasts and social-media posts.

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