Career & Leadership

What will it take for you to create career that you want? Here are ways to develop leadership and cultivate other essential skills, plus hacks that can make a big impact on anyone's day-to-day work. And we look at ethics — how do your colleagues draw the line on everything from freebies to food waste?

All Eyes on the Future of Work

Reskilling and workplace flexibility are among the trends getting attention as the world looks at what’s ahead.

BY Angela Campiere March 4, 2019

Making the Case for DMCs

In a new white paper, Aim Group International outlines what it believes a destination management company can offer the events industry and spotlights trends for 2019.

BY Lane Nieset March 4, 2019

Why Joy Matters at Events

Participants’ experience at an event is shaped more by their emotions than you might think. Joyful author Ingrid Fetell Lee thinks planners have an opportunity to interject moments of joy into their event environments — and she shares easy ways to do just that.

BY Michelle Russell February 27, 2019

Does Implicit-Bias Training Fall Short?

It has become a go-to method as organizations seek to create more inclusive workplaces, but Cornell Professor Neil Lewis says implicit-bias training doesn’t change thoughts and behaviors in the long term. Here’s what he suggests instead.

BY Casey Gale February 27, 2019

Buildings Designed for Comfort, Joy, Human Performance

The WELL certification, awarded by the International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) in New York City, is measured not in water-saving “flushometers” or kilowatts of electricity, but in such human responses as comfort and calm.

BY Barbara Palmer February 27, 2019

WeWork Aims for Fulfilling Spaces at its Coworking Sites

WeWork designs shared workspaces around the world to meet an emotional as well as professional need among members.

BY Casey Gale February 27, 2019

Happy Spaces: How to Bring the Outside Inside

The restorative properties of biophilia — the idea that human beings have an innate desire to connect with nature — can be used to make people-friendly workspaces, including meetings venues.

BY Barbara Palmer February 27, 2019

Should You Expand the Gender Categories in Your Surveys?

After considering a respondent’s request, Convene added more gender identity options to its Annual Salary Survey. We’ve got a few reasons why — including these latest survey best practices.

BY Barbara Palmer February 27, 2019

Braindate Lounge Design Inspires ‘The Linger Effect’

Steelcase Event Experiences planned a Braindate Lounge environment at Convening Leaders 2019 that would maximize collaboration and create a sense of ease and well-being.

BY Barbara Palmer February 26, 2019

Tech Companies Suggest Solution to Gender Pay Gap

Tech companies see AI as a way to help solve pay inequity, but it’s not a silver bullet. Humans — and therefore unconscious bias — still enter into the equation.

BY Jasmine Zhu February 26, 2019

People on the Move

Your colleagues are on the move, find out who is going where.

BY Casey Gale February 26, 2019

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Your Inbox?

If you care about being good at your job, “your inbox should be a priority,” says author and professor Adam Grant. Here are five tips to keep email from overtaking your life.

BY Barbara Palmer February 20, 2019