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Keeping Your Cool in Heated Conversations

At Convening Leaders 2024, marketing and communication expert Sherron Washington shared tips for deescalating tense discussions at work.

BY Casey Gale February 7, 2024

How AI Could Help Build Better Meeting Spaces — Online and IRL

VML Intelligence’s Future 100 trend forecast spotlights “Imagination Stores,” digital retail spaces created with the help of gen AI. How might that trend translate to the business events industry?

BY Curt Wagner February 5, 2024

Scientific Discovery and Diversity at ABRCMS

The hybrid Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minoritized Scientists draws culturally diverse attendees from wide-ranging scientific disciplines for a “remarkable experience.”

BY Casey Gale February 5, 2024

Digging Deeper: Inside EAA’s Conference on Archaeology and History

How the European Association of Archaeologists’ annual conference in Belfast wove Northern Ireland’s rich history — and its current residents — into its program.

BY Michelle Russell February 5, 2024

Learning to Listen

Listening is a skill essential to the knowledge exchange that takes place at business events, but how can organizers cultivate better listening behavior among our audiences? Convene reached out to four listening experts and one of the world’s top experts on coaching for their advice.

BY Michelle Russell Barbara Palmer February 2, 2024

How to Unlock the Power of Listening at Your Events

The president of the International Listening Association shares how to design events that foster listening.

BY Michelle Russell February 2, 2024

Enhance Your Event Experiences by Shutting Up and Listening

In order to listen, you first have to be quiet — or shut the eff up, as bestselling author Dan Lyon puts it in his recently published book.

BY Michelle Russell February 2, 2024

Five Practical Tips for Successful Conversations

If you talk less, you’ll get more from your interactions with others, says author Dan Lyons. Here’s his advice on how to shut up and listen.

BY Michelle Russell February 2, 2024

The Hard Work of Intentional Listening

Intentional listening is the key to effective and meaningful communication at work and home, but it seems to be a rare practice. Listening coach and educator Sandra Bodin-Lerner wants to change that.

BY Michelle Russell February 2, 2024

Event Professionals ‘Are in the Business of Soul’

The work of events organizers is more important than ever, says innovation expert Shawn Kanungo, but he asks: Are you willing to disrupt yourself to stay competitive?

BY Curt Wagner January 29, 2024

Brooke Eby’s Inspiring ALS Journey: Leveraging Social Media, Humor, Events, and Company Support

When she was diagnosed with ALS, Brooke Eby turned to social media and humor to bring awareness and research funding to the disease. Her employer gave her a much bigger platform — including the Dreamforce conference stage — to share her message.

BY Barbara Palmer January 29, 2024

One Surprising Trend Shaping Work in 2024

No, it’s not hybrid work or gen AI. It speaks to the polarized world we live in and how that is felt in the workplace.

BY Michelle Russell January 29, 2024

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