Audience Acquisition & Engagement

Strategies for getting the right attendees to your meeting and keeping them engaged while they are there and after.

How VisitDallas Made the American Council of the Blind Feel Welcome

VisitDallas’ first-of-its-kind diversity and inclusion team tailored services for the American Council of the Blind’s annual conference, held in Dallas in 2015.

BY Sarah Beauchamp August 8, 2017

2 Ways to Personalize a Special Event

How do you impress destination-marketing executives with a takeaway that speaks to a destination?

BY Michelle Russell July 18, 2017

New Research Considers Human-Centered Meeting Design

‘Purposeful Meetings’ research initiative is multidisciplinary deep dive into human behavior and meeting design.

BY Barbara Palmer May 1, 2017

Austria’s Innovative Fifteen Seconds Festival Challenges Status Quo

This event gathers leaders, creatives, and curious minds together for a two-day immersive experience.

BY Michelle Russell April 3, 2017

How the International Baking Industry Expo Keeps from Getting Stale

For coal miners, it was a canary that warned of trouble. For the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE), it was the Twinkie. When Hostess, the venerable snack food’s parent company, declared bankruptcy five years ago, it was an indicator of larger forces at work, nibbling away at the triennial wholesale-baking show’s attendee and exhibitor bases. In

BY Christopher Durso January 3, 2017

How Do You Handle Special-Meal Requests?

With a growing number of special-meal requests, meeting planners are getting creative to accommodate the needs and preferences of attendees with food allergies or lifestyle and religious dietary restrictions.

BY Corin Hirsch August 31, 2016