May 2017

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Pre Con/Post Con

A before-and-after look at the Institute of Internal Auditors International Conference, held in July in Sydney, Australia

BY Convene Editors September 7, 2017

A New Eventbrite Report Teaches You How To Better Utilize Email Marketing

Email is a vitally important and frequently overlooked tool for event marketing.

BY Michelle R. Davis May 1, 2017

Clean-Sport Movement: Inside World Anti-Doping Agency’s Annual Symposium

WADA monitors illegal performance-enhancing drugs in athletics more than just every four years when the Summer Olympics come around.

BY Christopher Durso May 1, 2017

Forging Deeper Connections With Destination Marketing Organizations

How planners can leverage relationships with DMOs to create better meetings.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst May 1, 2017

‘Conferences Are a Business for the Future’

Inma Martinez is one of the world’s leading digital-media strategists. At the PCMA European Influencers Summit next month, she’ll explain how, in an increasingly high-tech world, conferences help reinforce what makes us human.

BY Michelle Russell May 1, 2017

NYU Entrepreneurship Professor Luke Williams On How To Fight ‘Innovation Fatigue’

What could possibly be left to say about disruption? For one thing, according to innovation professor Luke Williams: ‘We’re far too obsessed with problem-solving in America.’

BY Christopher Durso May 1, 2017

How To Minimize Unconscious Bias At Your Meeting

Our brains are hard-wired to favor certain categories of people while doubting others. It’s called unconscious bias. How does that play out at meetings — and what can you do to minimize it?

BY David McMillin May 1, 2017

How Jacuzzi Mixes Business With Bubbles at Its International Dealer Conference

Jacuzzi’s annual dealer conference was a lot of fun and not much else. Then the hot-tub company decided to turn on the jets on its business content.

BY Christopher Durso May 1, 2017

How the NAMM Show Makes a Lasting Impact on Elementary Students

Every year, NAMM Show volunteer offer music instruction at an Anaheim elementary school — part of a partnership that’s helped the school district retune its music program.

May 1, 2017

4 Ways To Personalize a Large Meeting

Can a conference for hundreds or thousands of attendees capitalize on the mass-personalization trend — making it seem like a program for one?

May 1, 2017

Behind the Scenes: Civility Under Siege — How to Encourage a More Inclusive Meeting Environment

The incident with United Airlines suggests that we are moving away from what our society needs most — and what face-to-face events should do best.

BY Michelle Russell May 1, 2017

The Clarity Money App Can Help You Manage Your Personal Budget Seamlessly

‘Seeing how all of those smaller charges add up really made me think about what was important versus what I could cancel.’

May 1, 2017

David Cusack

‘First and foremost, I learned to be a problem solver while being calm under pressure.’

BY Christopher Durso May 1, 2017

Taking Aim at Empathy

Why psychologist Paul Bloom thinks our emotional natures have been oversold, and how too much of a good thing can steer us wrong.

BY Michelle Russell May 1, 2017

How RSA Keeps Their Annual Flagship Event Fresh

The network-security company is responding to the growing global interest in cybersecurity with innovative educational sessions.

BY Christopher Durso May 1, 2017

New Research Considers Human-Centered Meeting Design

‘Purposeful Meetings’ research initiative is multidisciplinary deep dive into human behavior and meeting design.

BY Barbara Palmer May 1, 2017

Why Face-to-Face Events Are Critical In Today’s Complex and Changing World

Now more than ever, we need live events to help us engage with new ideas and different walks of life.

BY Deborah Sexton May 1, 2017

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