Mental Health and the Business Events Industry

In Convene’s latest COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard Survey, we asked planners and suppliers to share how two-plus years of working during the uncertainties of the pandemic has affected their wellbeing.

BY Michelle Russell May 16, 2022

Cynthia Serrano: ‘Creating Solutions’ at the Fort Worth Convention Center

Cynthia Serrano, general manager at Fort Worth Convention Center, shares her thoughts on leadership, challenges with staffing and labor, and the center’s upcoming expansion.

BY Jennifer Dienst May 16, 2022

Calling for a Regenerative Business Events Industry

It’s now or never. That stark assessment comes from the scientists who authored the most recent update to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, released by the United

BY Barbara Palmer May 16, 2022

Conference Shares Prague Congress Centre With Ukraine Refugees

World Environmental Education Congress organizers had no time to plan a formal community service project for the Ukrainian refugees housed in the Prague Congress Centre during the time of their conference, but participants found ways to demonstrate their support. 

BY Michelle Russell May 13, 2022

New Rules for Conference Sponsorship Pricing

Revenue recovery is an urgent priority for organizers of major conferences and trade shows, and sponsorships can help get you there.

BY Dave Lutz, CMP May 12, 2022

People on the Move

Your colleagues are on the move, find out who is going where.

BY Casey Gale May 12, 2022

News for Professionals: Career Advice and Ideas

Looking for ways to do your job better — or for the latest trends in the world of work? Here’s a roundup of career-related stories selected by the editors of Convene.

BY Convene Editors May 12, 2022

Mariana Atencio on the Importance of Authentic Leadership

At CEMA Summit, award-winning Latina journalist Mariana Atencio will take what she learned about authenticity from her experiences as a reporter and apply it to leading teams in a post-COVID world.

BY Curt Wagner May 9, 2022

Experience Columbus’ Return on (Diversity) Investment

Why a diversity apprenticeship program in Columbus, Ohio, is going all in on expanding access to management positions for people of color in the hospitality, travel, and events sectors.

BY Barbara Palmer May 9, 2022

Survey Finds the Push for In-Person Events Brings Fresh Challenges

Convene’s latest COVID-19 Recovery Dashboard responses indicate that planners are organizing more in-person-only and hybrid events in the coming months than in our previous survey, but they are finding it more difficult than ever to estimate attendance and to budget for them with escalating costs.

BY Michelle Russell May 9, 2022