EMEA Events Industry Poised for a Return to Face-to-Face Events in 2021

A recent EMEA survey among event industry professionals indicates there is an appetite to return to face-to-face events in Autumn 2021 — particularly if there is a hybrid component.

BY Michelle Russell December 2, 2020

An Interactive Tool for Planners to Determine COVID-19 Indoor Risk Factors

As gatherings move indoors during the winter months, MIT researchers have created a tool that helps people determine the risk of COVID-19 transmission based on a number of factors.

BY Casey Gale December 1, 2020

Designing a Digital-First Event Experience

Held last month in Sydney, PCMA’s Convening Asia Pacific: Global Recovery Forum provides a few lessons in hybrid event experience design that prioritize safety for in-person attendees and interactivity for digital participants.

BY Michelle Russell December 1, 2020

Meeting Professionals: What Would You Do?

Try your hand at this simulation, part of a weeks-long conference that was designed to demonstrate a new model for continuing medical education.

BY Barbara Palmer November 30, 2020

Marriott’s Hybrid Event Engages Both Audiences

In early November, Marriott International launched its “Connect with Confidence” hybrid event series to help event professionals experience the future of meetings.

BY Casey Gale November 30, 2020

Palatable Progress: The Power of Culinary Travel Experiences

Food and culture tours — both live and virtual — can make complicated and uncomfortable history lessons much easier to digest.

BY Jennifer N. Dienst November 30, 2020

How Hybrid Is Taking Center Stage in Convention Centers

To meet the evolving needs of the business events industry in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, convention centers and other meeting venues are adding broadcast studios to their list of options for event producers.

BY Barbara Palmer November 29, 2020

Hybrid Meetings: Finding Balance Between Scale and Serendipity

Large digital meetings have scale, while smaller in-person meetings can deliver serendipity. Hybrid meetings of the future have potential to deliver both, said futurist Mark Pesce.

BY Barbara Palmer November 29, 2020

Current Events Bring Guarded Optimism for Industry Recovery

Business events professionals and their suppliers responding to the November Recovery Dashboard survey indicated they were both more and less hopeful about the future — depending on which question they were answering.

BY Michelle Russell November 23, 2020