Heather Seasholtz’s Unconventional Path to Personal, Professional Fulfillment

The director of meetings and events at Talley Management Group reflects on how her decision to avoid burnout helped her find a new sense of passion for planning meetings and events.

BY David McMillin December 11, 2018

Business Events Trends for 2019

What do experts see on the business events horizon?

December 11, 2018

Dealing with Risks and Threats

What steps should event strategists take to make sure they are prepared for a crisis?

December 11, 2018

Be Smart About Gift-Giving

Across Asia, gifts can symbolise the beginning of meaningful relationships, but ‘it is important to ensure the right gifts are presented at the right time.’

December 11, 2018

Ascent: Why Elizabeth Shoesmith Launched The Inclusive Foundation

It took a bad conference experience — at which her husband was excluded — for Elizabeth Shoesmith to launch The Inclusive Foundation. Shoesmith is one of PCMA’s Ascent Luminaries, a series made possible by VisitDallas

December 10, 2018

Why to Stay Loyal

Responding to a recent Communique article on hotel loyalty programmes, CWT’s Nina Gomez says such schemes have benefits. But do your homework.

December 10, 2018

Gamble on These Fun Things to do in Atlantic City

If you find yourself in Atlantic City, New Jersey, with some time but little change to spare, don’t worry — hitting up casinos isn’t the only way to pass the hours in the resort town. Here’s how Convene suggests having a great day in Atlantic City. Morning To start your day off feeling, enjoy a leisurely

BY Casey Gale December 10, 2018

Calgary’s Dedication to Clean Energy Attracts Top Industry Meetings

The city welcomes the Canadian Wind Energy Association Conference and Solar Canada. (PCMA Partner news from Meetings + Conventions Calgary.)

BY Sarah Beauchamp December 10, 2018

Humility Is a Virtue, Says Marketing Guru Seth Godin

The Convening Leaders 2019 Main Stage speaker shares insights from his new book, This Is Marketing, and applies them directly to the events industry.

BY Michelle Russell December 9, 2018

Malaysia Looks to Business Events for Growth

This Southeast Asian nation sets an ambitious timetable for wooing events, with goals set for 2020.

December 9, 2018

Tasty Team-building: Using F&B to Bring Attendees Closer Together

Forget delivering plates to a table. When organizers put participants in charge of part of the meal, the experience feels more educational, fun, and memorable.

BY David McMillin December 7, 2018

What Beyoncé and Jay-Z Can Teach You About Digital Strategy

Instead of giving the online audience the full concert experience, the most famous couple in hip-hop offered a small glimpse of the stage at a recent performance in South Africa. Event organizers can take a cue from the FOMO-inducing approach.

BY David McMillin December 7, 2018