Webinar: Getting the Sequence Right: Strategy, Design, Budget!

Following the traditional model of locking in a budget before exploring design and strategic ideas can result in business events feeling the same year over year. Break the cycle by exploring a mindset and methodology that places strategy and design before final budgeting decisions. Discuss how this approach fosters the creation of unique event experiences that are not only strategically aligned, but also budget friendly.

Why to Stay Loyal

Responding to a recent Communique article on hotel loyalty programmes, CWT’s Nina Gomez says such schemes have benefits. But do your homework.

A Seat at the Table

Business events exec Ivo J. Franschitz offers a look at ways to fix the cost/value conundrum.

In Search of ‘That Magical ROI’

A new white paper offers real-life examples of how medical meeting organizers have demonstrated the value of participating in their event to exhibitors.