Financial Management

Webinar: 30 Revenue-Generating Ideas in 40 minutes

Join us for a fast-paced dive into 30 great revenue-generating ideas for your meetings. Whether it’s a completely new concept, or an update to an old favorite, you’ll find something here you can quickly implement and cash in on.

Business School: The Power of Influence in Negotiating

The goal of this program is to get you to think about negotiating differently, improving your negotiating skills by using the three Cs: convince, collaborate and create. This highly interactive program is designed to teach you how to apply these skills to everyday dealings both internally and externally.

Webinar: “Tame the Tiger” – The Art of Negotiation

One of the most challenging and under-taught skills in the Western business world is negotiation. Leonie will help you learn how to negotiate with knowledge and confidence using a set of highly successful strategies that were developed from ancient Chinese wisdom, known as the 36 Chinese Strategies.

Event Forecast: Larger Audiences, Slender Budgets Expected in 2018

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The latest edition of American Express Meetings & Events’ annual Global Meetings and Events Forecast suggests that rising group rates for hotel rooms and increasing airfares will result in tight budgets in 2018, even as the industry continues to grow.

REBROADCAST: Proving the Power of Digital Events with Data

The emergence of digital events signified a shift in how participants engage with our organizations. This session deconstructs the PCMA ROI report that directly tracks revenue and membership engagement secured through digital events pipelines.

Setting the Right Goals: It’s All in How You Measure

Think about how you measure your events’ strategic goals. Sparks strategists Lisette Sheehan and Lyndsay Merbach will give you tools for developing a meaningful measurement framework going beyond ROI to view the overall event impact.

Keep Hackers at Bay with a Strong Data Security Plan

Data intelligence and risk management expert Bruce McIndoe will put you in the midst of a crisis situation and test how you’d react to a real data breach. Learn how to ensure your participant data is protected so you’re not tomorrow’s headline.